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This creature was created as part of the Player Equivalent CR variant rule using the Naruto: Shinobi (5e Class) class and Genin (5e Background) background, and as such does not follow traditional CR.

Anko Mitarashi[edit]

Medium humanoid (Mitarashi), lawful neutral

Armor Class 18 (Natural Armor)
Hit Points 99 (18d8 + 18)
Speed 65 ft.

10 (+0) 16 (+3) 12 (+1) 16 (+3) 12 (+1) 10 (+0)

Saving Throws Dex +8, Int +8
Skills Acrobatics +8, Intimidation +5, Perception +6, Sleight of Hand +8, Stealth +8, Survival +6
Damage Immunities poison
Condition Immunities poisoned
Senses passive Perception 16
Languages Common
Challenge 16 (15,000 XP)

Chakra. Anko has 42 chakra points which she can expend. All chakra points are regained at the end of a long rest.

Evasion. When Anko is targeted by an effect that allows her to make a Dexterity saving throw to take half damage on a success, she takes no damage on a success and half damage on a failure.

Ninja Speed. Anko can take the dash, dodge, and disengage actions as a bonus action, and can move along vertical surfaces.

White Snake. Anko counts as one size smaller while squeezing.

Binding Snake Glare Spell. Creatures Anko is grappling become restrained, and she may grapple up to 4 creatures at a time.

Serpentine Resistance. Anko is immune to disease and has advantage on saving throws against poisons.

Black Chakra. Some of Anko's features grant her "black chakra". Black chakra can exceed her maximum chakra, and is lost at the end of a long rest. Anko can spend black chakra as if it were normal chakra, but if she chooses to do so she must spend an equal number of normal and black chakra. While Anko has more black chakra than regular chakra, she must attempt a DC 15 Charisma saving throw at the end of each of her turns. On a failure, she becomes berserk until the end of her next turn.

Cursed Mark. When Anko thinks about or comes within 120 ft. of Orochimaru, Anko must attempt a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, she gains the following until she ends this effect as an action:

  • Anko's maximum hit points are decreased by 3 (1d4 + 1) at the end of each of her turns, and she gains an equal number of black chakra. Anko's hit point maximum returns to normal at the end of a long rest.
  • Anko's Dexterity increases by 2 to a maximum of 24, and thus any non-jutsu attack and damage rolls and her AC are increased by +1.
  • In order to end this feature, Anko must succeed a DC 15 Charisma saving throw as an action.


Multiattack. Anko can make 3 unarmed strike or kunai attacks.

Unarmed Strike. Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach 25 ft., one target. Hit: 11 (3d4 + 3) magical bludgeoning damage.

Kunai. Thrown Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, range 30/60 ft., one target. Hit: 5 (1d4 + 3) piercing damage. Anko may spend up to 3 chakra when she takes this action, making one additional attack per chakra point spent. Each additional kunai deals 3 (1d4 + 1) piercing damage on a hit.

Chakra Absorbing Snakes (8 Chakra). One creature within 25 ft. must attempt a DC 16 Dexterity saving throw, becoming restrained on a failure. They may attempt a DC 16 Strength saving throw at the end of each of their turns, ending this effect early on a success. On a failure and when they use jutsu, they lose 2 (1d4) chakra, and Anko regains an equal number of chakra points or increases the DC of the next saving throw of this kind by an equal number.

Twin Snakes Mutual Death (20 Chakra). One creature within 25 ft. must attempt a death saving throw at the beginning of each of their next turns until they succeed or fail 3 times. If they fail, regardless of their current hit points, they die. If they succeed, they permanently have disadvantage on Strength and Dexterity checks and Saving Throws. Regardless of the outcome, Anko dies instantly. This can only be cured with a Wish Spell or a cast of the Creation of All Things Jutsu.

Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands (4 Chakra). One creature Anko is grappling must attempt a DC 16 Strength saving throw. On a failure, they become poisoned for 1 minute. They may retry this saving throw at the end of each of their turns, ending this effect on a success.

Basic Taijutsu Technique (3 Chakra). As a bonus action, Anko makes two unarmed strikes

Leaf Gust (8 Chakra). Anko makes an unarmed strike against every creature within 5 feet.

Leaf Great Flash (5 Chakra). Melee Spell Attack: +8 to hit, reach 25 ft., one target. Hit: The target moves 30 feet in a direction of Anko's choice.

Shadow of the Dancing Leaf (3 Chakra). As a bonus action, Anko gains the ability to move across any liquid surface— such as water, acid, mud, snow, quicksand, or lava— as if it were harmless solid ground (creatures crossing molten lava can still take damage from the heat) for 1 minute. If Anko casts this Jutsu while submerged in a liquid, the jutsu carries her to the surface of the liquid at a rate of 60 feet per round.

Leaf Rock-Destroying Rise (4 Chakra). As a bonus action, Anko's unarmed strikes deal twice as much damage to objects, and half as much damage to creatures, until the beginning of her next turn.

Heaven Spear Kick (2 Chakra). Melee Spell Attack: +8 to hit, reach 25 ft., one target. Hit: 11 (3d4 + 3) magical bludgeoning damage. Anko may fly up to 30 feet before making this attack.

Peregrine Falcon Drop (2 Chakra). Anko leap up to 20 feet into the air, grabbing one creature she could grapple. The target must make a DC 16 Strength saving throw. On a failure, they take 12 (2d8 + 3) magical bludgeoning damage as she and the target return to the ground. On a success, they take half as much damage.

Fire Dragon Flame Bullet (22 Chakra). Every creature in a 150 ft. long, 10 ft. wide line must make a DC 16 Dexterity saving throw, taking 38 (10d6 + 3) fire damage and catching on fire for 1 minute on a failure. On a success, they take half as much damage and are not ignited. At the start of its turn, it takes 11 (2d10) fire damage. At the end of each of its turns, a creature must make a DC 16 Constitution saving throw. On a success, it's no longer on fire. If the target or a creature within 5 feet of it uses an action to put out the flames, or if some other effect douses the flames (such as the target being submerged in water), it is no longer on fire.


Orochimaru Style Substitution (3+ Chakra). When Anko is hit by an attack and would take damage, she decreases the damage by 23 (2d6 + 16). Anko can reduce this damage by an additional 6 (1d10) points per chakra point spent over the initial cost.

Substitution (3+ Chakra). When Anko is targeted by a saving throw and would take damage, she decreases the damage by 21 (1d10 + 16) and teleports up to 25 ft. in any direction to an unoccupied space, during which she takes the Hide action. A generic object is left in her place and she takes any remaining damage from that attack. Anko can reduce this damage by an additional 6 (1d10) points per chakra point spent over the initial cost.

Binding Snake Glare. When a creature within 25 ft. makes an attack, Anko attempts to grapple them.

Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands. When Anko is targeted by a ranged attack, she contests a Sleight of Hand check with the attack roll. On his success, the attack fails. Anko may do so up to 3 times after using this reaction.


Once a talented genin in the Hidden Leaf Village, Anko, along with her classmates Saburo and Machiya, were recruited onto Team Orochimaru. Taking interest in her tenacity and malleable morality, he took her in as a protégé, granting her his snakelike powers and discussing notes with her regarding his quest for immortality. While at first shocked by his brutal human experimentation, he manipulated her into believing it to be the only way to advance ninjutsu for the benefit of the village, despite being the subject of his experiments. Becoming more loyal to him than her village, she was the only member of her squad to remain a within Orochimaru's inner circle when he went rogue. Continuing his experiments, she was among the first subjects for his experiment with implanting the Cursed Mark of Heaven, one of his two most powerful cursed marks. Of the ten, she was the only survivor. Awakening to see the other subjects, many of whom he had claimed to trust as well, she realized how manipulated she had been, fleeing back to the Leaf. Knowing how valuable of a resource even a rogue experiment bearing the Cursed Mark of Heaven is, and potentially being a bit sentimental, he allowed her to defect, though he locked away many of her memories, convincing her she wasn't strong enough to fully utilize the mark's power.

As she grew, she became a brash and stubborn special jonin, being kept from true jonin rank due to her criminal record. One of the proctors of the Chunin Exams, she kept a close eye on reports of Orochimaru infiltrating the exams, even attempting to use Twin Snakes Mutual Death on a clone that attacked her, and assisted in fighting off the Sound and Sand's attempted invasion. A month later, following a lead to the Land of the Sea to unlock her stolen memories, she tracked down Amashi and his lab, destroying it and arresting him after he proved to have no information on their old master. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kabuto kidnapped her for her Cursed Mark's information, and Sasuke removed it to revive Orochimaru, returning her memories in the process. Having years of peace to finally cope with nearly two decades of trauma, she decided the best thing she could do to heal is raise the next generation without what she went through, becoming an Academy teacher.

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