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Addiction can happen to anyone. While genetics can help increase or decrease the chances of addiction, everything that causes pleasure can become an addiction.

You've became dependent on some sort of substance or activity. You become jittery and unreasonable if you don't feed your addiction for a while. You may be working to rid yourself of the addiction, became numb to it, or revel in it.

When you pick this background, talk with your GM about any addictive substances in the campaign. Is there support for addicts or is knowledge on addictions vague or nonexistent? How long have you been addicted? Is your addiction deadly? What are your withdrawal symptoms and when do they start occurring? And do you do anything to help subdue withdraw and/or the addiction itself?

Skill Proficiencies: Choose between Deception or Persuasion, your 2nd skill must be related to something you've learned from your addiction (ie: sex or drugs could be medicine, gambling could be sleight of hand).

Tool Proficiencies: 1 tool set that facilitates your addiction (ie: alchemy lab for drugs, game set for gambling, a bondage set for sex.)

Equipment: Medical diagnosis papers, paraphernalia that relates to your addiction (usually the tool you are proficient in), common clothes, and a pouch containing 5gp.


Not all addicts are the same. Anything can become addictive with the right person; even symptoms can vary from addict to addict.

d6 Addiction
1 Drugs (can be recreational or medicinal, be sure to know the drug and its intended effects)
2 Food (whether this shows up as a crazy chocolate hunter/lover type, or an unhealthy reaction to purging and unhealthy diets type, is up to you)
3 Gambling and/or gaming.
4 Sex and/or masturbation.
5 A certain activity (maybe you just REALLY love climbing trees, perhaps your fingers tingle and shake to knit scarves, you just can't go very long without needing to do that activity)
6 You have a rare genetic disorder that makes anything remotely pleasurable addictive.

Feature: Strong Highs & Lows[edit]

When you feed your addiction you get a strong high. Under this high you start to feel euphoric and powerful. You might make risky decisions or become stupidly cockamamie. The high gives you +1 on saves and checks with which you are proficient.

On the other side of the spectrum, if you don't feed your addiction you start to feel withdrawal. You might feel anxious, jittery, weak, and may even become dangerously erratic. The withdrawals cause -1 on ALL checks and saves.

Talk with your GM about your high and the withdrawal symptoms. How long do they last? Do you suffer madness without your fix? How much of your chosen addiction do you require to get high? Is it getting worse?

ALT Feature: Enabled[edit]

You have an enabler that feeds your addiction. This could be a drug dealer, a sex friend, a goblin with 3 cups and a ball, or whoever might be feeding this addiction. Somehow the enabler always finds you, and it is up to you whether you like this. This keeps you fairly stable, because bankrupting or killing you would not be in the enablers' interest.

Discuss the enabler with the GM. Are they abusive? Are you in their debt? How often do they appear? Are they a help or hindrance to party activities? Are they, in fact, another party member?

ALT Feature: Recovering Addict[edit]

You have seen the error of your ways and are trying to quit. When in the presence of your addiction you must make a save to resist based on what the addiction is (ie: wisdom for drugs, constitution for food) and make the save with disadvantage.

Should you pass the save you will then have advantage on that kind of save for the rest of the day. You also gain one d4 inspiration die.

Work with the GM to determine your road to recovery. How hard is it? Is it worse over time? Will you ever fully recover and if so, when? What benefits might you gain when you finally quit for good?

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I think constantly about my choice of substance/Activity.
2 I will do anything to get more of what I want.
3 I try to get other people addicted as well.
4 I believe my addiction is normal for everyone.
5 I hate myself but can't seem to stop.
6 I frequently twitch and babble about my addiction.
7 I am prone to random and frequently inappropriate emotional changes.
8 I spend most of my earnings on my addiction.
d6 Ideal
1 Love and Betterment I'm trying to get a better handle on my addiction so that I can be better for someone I love. (Good)
2 Magic Cure I'm chasing the cure for my addiction because the process to quit is WAY too much work. (Chaotic)
3 Self Improvement . I am determined to get my life in order. (Lawful)
4 Ambrosia I believe my addiction is the key to happiness and spiritual transcendence. (Neutral)
5 Improvement I can make my addiction even better, with the right tweaks I could reach new highs. (Neutral)
6 MORE I want more, I want it all to myself, I can never get enough, and no one can stop me. (Evil)
d6 Bond
1 My addiction is my choice, if I want to let it run my life, that's my prerogative.
2 I am trying to get better for the sake my family and friends.
3 I will never stop trying to relive that first high.
4 my addiction was the only thing that kept me going in trying times.
5 I owe someone a mountain of debt.
6 I made a tidy sum from other addicts but can't use the money (guilt or the law)
d6 Flaw
1 I'm allergic (to the material, substance, food, drink, activity, etc, required for my addiction)
2 I've become a bit defined by my addiction.
3 I have to bring the supplies to aid/sustain my addiction and sometimes people say it's more trouble than it's worth.
4 I have an uncontrollable twitch that never stops, not even when I sleep.
5 When going through withdrawal, I become very violent and aggressive to everyone around me.
6 When I don't get my addiction satisfied I can barely sleep.

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