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Academy Huntsman/Huntress[edit]

Generations ago, many of the kingdoms of this world were devastated by a Great War, not only from the fighting between the nations, but from the creatures of darkness the war attracted. The surviving kingdoms vowed not to repeat their mistakes, and as a show of peace, the Huntsmen Academies were forged. The academies would be a place where warriors could be taught, not to fight for the political struggles of a kingdom, but for the survival of civilization against the creatures that aim to destroy it.

Huntsmen and huntresses are trained in the art of combat from a young age at regional academies before finishing their training at the singular main academy of the kingdom. Huntsmen are often tasked with designing and crafting their own weapons before they begin training, resulting in a great diversity of the huntsmen' arsenal at large, but also giving each huntsman a deep, personal connection to their weapon.

Alongside the training of combat skills and knowledge of the dark creatures they will be fighting, huntsmen and huntresses are given a formal education, in all subjects from history to science to art. If a person is meant to defend civilization, they had best know what they are defending intimately.

Now that you have graduated the academy, how do you plan on defending the world? Did you even graduate, or did you leave the academy before your education could be finished, whether voluntarily or against your wishes? Why did you set off as a child to learn to fight monsters? Do you still believe your childhood tales after your time at the academy?

Skill Proficiencies: History and Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Tinker's tools and smith's tools

Languages: Any two languages of your choice, including exotic languages

Equipment: 1 Foldable Weapon Frame, tinker's tools or smith's tools (one of your choice), a school uniform or fashionable clothes, a book-bag with school supplies and old textbooks, a wallet containing 8gp

Feature: Networking[edit]

You are a part of the network of huntsman and huntresses established by the academies and their alumni. Fellow huntsmen are likely to alert you of news of monster sighting in areas you venture to or are planning to visit. You also have access to the academy request board, with listings of more minor task requiring the aid of an adventurer for financial gain.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d6 Personality Trait
1 My weapon is my life and lifeline. I treat it with care more befitting a pet than a piece of equipment.
2 I hide my emotions behind a veil of professionalism and coldness. Emotions do not play into doing your job effectively.
3 I talk a mile a minute and will talk on about sloths, pancakes and anything I can think of.
4 I was the class clown, and must repurpose everything into a groan worthy pun.
5 I was a straight A student, and have memorised and still spout endless academic trivia.
6 I was assigned a leadership position as a student, and now always try to lead any group I'm apart of.
d6 Ideal
1 Peace-Keeper. It is my duty to defend the light of civilization from the encroaching darkness. (Lawful)
2 Hero. my only wish is to help the people and help turn this nightmare of a world into a fairytale. (Good)
3 Thrill-Seeker. I'm in it for the adventure, the far off places. The bigger the monster, the better. (Chaos)
4 Fitness. Only the strong survive, and I will survive. (Evil)
5 Paycheck. it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it. (Neutral)
6 Expectations. I never thought why I am doing this, I just do what is expected of me. (Lawful)
d6 Bond
1 I come from a line steeped in honored tradition, and must uphold the image set forth and expected of me.
2 Someone close to me was taken by the dark forces. I will not rest until they are recovered or avenged.
3 The academy was my chance at redemption and I owe the institution my loyalty.
4 The friends I made at the academy will be cherished and close as long as I live.
5 I was a bully, and those I tormented still have it out for me.
6 I am now the under the command of a former teacher and follow their orders still.
d6 Flaw
1 I'm hot-headed and focus too heavily on my strengths, ignoring my shortcomings entirely.
2 I ignore the harshness of the world, preferring to live in a bubble of naïveté, innocence and high adventure, and willfully ignore my troubled past.
3 I flee my problems. Whenever a personal responsibility or a reminder of my history appears, I avoid it.
4 I'm a perfectionist, and anything less than absolute is a smear on my image.
5 I am a sham, entering or graduating the academy under false pretenses and am unprepared for the actual trials of the world.
6 I do everything by the books and struggle when plans go awry or improvisation is needed.

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