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Return of the Believers[edit]

The Brotherhood returns from exile to fulfill the final prophecy, with dire consequences.


Unbeknownst to the Church, the Nod were far from gone. Gruesome public executions of known Brothers and Sisters of the Nod galvanized the remaining members to strike back against the faith that had abandoned them. Slowly, quietly, they infiltrated nearly every aspect of the Church of Lord Cuthbert, particularly the Templar. While they caused some havoc early on, tampering with the Tiberium containment networks, 'accidentally' killing Knights who played key roles in the war, they largely kept their efforts quiet. Slowly, they had rigged much of the Church's military infrastructure to be disabled on command.

Beginning in early 1456, the Brotherhood began tampering with key resources for the Templar, slowly sabotaging transportation networks and arms manufacturing plants. Slowly but surely, the Order of the Stars caught onto the sabotage, and began piecing together. They were certain the seemingly random acts were connected; however, they could not quite make the connection between the attacks and the Nod. For the better part of a year, the Order of the Stars began to set the ground work for a new inquisition, seeking to find those who would dare defy the Church.

The Strike[edit]

On July 27, 1457, the Nod finally struck in full fervor. Key components of the Templar's infrastructure were crippled, and its military effectiveness was severely hampered. However, while the Order of the Stars did not predict the Nod's involvement in the preceding sabotage, they had prepared well enough to avoid sustaining crippling damage to the core leadership of the Church and Templar. The Brotherhood's first strike failed to topple the Church, and the military preparations they had made were not enough to triumph in any sustained military campaign. However, with their existence exposed, they could not go back into hiding, forcing them to fight at every turn.

The next three months were a brutal slog. The Nod stuck to guerrilla tactics, but the Templar had the resources and the public support to rain down holy fury on any location with the slightest possibility of harboring Brotherhood soldiers. Using their Ion Cannon, they would decimate acres of land at a time. By November, however, Templar resources were wearing thin. It was at this moment the Brotherhood saw the chance to fulfill the penultimate prophecy of Kane.

The Final Gambit[edit]

The Brotherhood's time in the Red Zones, while arduous, were not without reward. In the deeper regions in the Jungle Heart of Madagai, they had found the single most volatile form of Tiberium: Liquid. This thick, syrupy muck, if transformed into an aerosol, could be detonated with a single spark, unleashing a firestorm akin to napalm. The Brotherhood created a bomb with this substance, and placed it at the single most obvious source of the Templar's superior military might: the Ion Cannon. They reasoned if the aerosol released by the bomb were struck by the potent blast of the Ion Cannon, the reaction just might be powerful enough to destroy the weapon and the surrounding region.

In the dark predawn of November 29th, 1457, saboteurs of the Brotherhood's Black Hand planted the bomb just in front of the portal aperture of the Ion Cannon, located in the heart of Evega. The device was rigged to release the aerosol as soon as magical reverberations were detected. That day at noon, the Templar unleashed the might and power of the Cannon on a quiet Nod outpost, just outside of the Caspian Sea. The Liquid Tiberium Bomb did not aerosolize as designed, and the full force of the Ion Cannon struck the stored Liquid Tiberium in the bomb. The devastation that followed was beyond the predictions of anyone. The explosion laid waste the to large swaths of the Califon Forest and the Desert of Nod, and shock waves rippled through the continent. Experts later theorized the Tiberium's reaction with the Ion Cannon's blast was powerful enough to destroy the portal that was integral to the Ion Cannon, creating a cataclysmic explosion that nearly tore the continent asunder.

In the wake of the destruction, the war was forgotten. Both the Nod and the Church had been decimated, and could only strive to feebly recuperate from the devastation. However, the worst was yet to come.

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