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Return from the Shadows[edit]

The sentient life of Vasuda is driven into hiding by the Invaders. Over the course of 50 years, they prepare to take back their world. Meanwhile, the Invaders transform the world in the image of Tiberium, and construct a massive monolith of unknown purpose.

Life in Hiding[edit]

All obvious signs of civilization were destroyed within hours of the Invasion, from large metropolises to tiny homesteads. With life on the surface slowly being exterminated, and the Invaders ruling the skies, Vasudans took the only path left: underground. Thanks in large part to the tireless efforts of dwarves, thousands of Vasudans from every cast, class and clan were able to make it underground, apparently hidden from whatever means the Invaders used to find them. There they began to learn from the Invaders, watching their patterns and adapting stolen technology. Progress was slow, always curbed by concern of discovery by the Invaders. Within two generations, with life on the surface only a legend amongst a majority of Vasudans, they found their time underground was coming to an end, as Tiberium began spreading closer and closer to the core of the world. Recognizing their window was closing, the final preparations were made to take back their world.

The Return[edit]

Vasudan soldiers emerged on the surface, taken aback by what the Invaders had done to their world. Gone were the verdant forests and grasslands of their forefathers, replaced with the sickening green of Tiberium. Even the air seemed tinged a dark green, and what life remained had been permanently altered by constant exposure to radiation. Few despaired though, certain they had the tools to bring down the Invaders: a liquid Tiberium bomb and an Ion Cannon. FOr decades, they had watched as a dark citadel flew over the skies of the world. Invaders skittered to and from it, constantly feeding it the crystal the creatures cultivated.

A brave team of three hijacked one of the aliens' craft, and delivered the bomb to the hovering stronghold. None are sure what happened to the team, but all are convinced their sacrifice allowed Vasuda to be freed. As the silent citadel fell from the skies, each and every Invader froze, never to move again.


While survivors were few, the shared horrors of their lives beneath the Invaders had forged a bond between them. As a community forged in cataclysm, they slowly retook the world, clearing Tiberium from large swaths of land. With alien technology synergized with the ancient art of magic, they forged a new world, fueled by the careful cultivation of Tiberium. None would be forced to work, as automatons took over the mundane tasks of daily life. Vasudans were free to do as they pleased, and many looked on to the towering monolith the Invaders had erected, wondering what mysteries, what powers lay in its dark heart.

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