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Empire of Warriors[edit]

General Jujube Cookie vs Durian Cookie. Devsisters and Ganbare-Lucifer.

It is the year 2021 AW (After The Witch), in which the once glorious Warrior Empire of East Earthbread is on the verge of collapse. The new emperor, Bayberry Cookie, enthroned at the age of eight, was manipulated by the warlord Rambutan Cookie, whose oppressive rule leads to chaos. New warlords rise and form alliances to start the fight against Rambutan Cookie.

With each warlord having personal ambitions and allegiances constantly shifting, however, this doesn't help much, as the Durian Empire conquest expands, and with the three Warrior Kingdoms in the middle of a civil war, they take the chance of them being busy to lead The Entire Warrior Nation, crumbled into ruins into their hands. Durian Cookie leads the Durian Empire's chaotic conquest.

General Jujube's task is to gather his great warriors and have the option to enlist an alliance with the other warlords or to end them, he also must defeat Durian Cookie and drive the Durian Empire away.

Myth of The Ancient Workshop[edit]

Somewhere below the town where most cookies live, there is an ancient, but still functioning, magical workshop and smith, which is capable of creating weapons, armor, and clothing, not seen anywhere else. However, no one knows of its existence, as it's been around longer than a millennium.

The reason is that it's such a secretive place, that the past occupants wouldn't want to be overwhelmed, and only accepts those who are trusted to keep the visitors down. The way in and out requires a curved onyx key, and it's for a trapdoor that's located at the, now in ruins, armory. But, as they are now no longer around, the workshop now lies underground, just there with no activity.

Though...there is one intact key that just lays around somewhere in the town...waiting...and, even if one finds the key today, they will know that the key doesn't fit on any keyhole...except for one, but even then, they won't know where the key goes until adventuring around for the trapdoor, where the forgotten workshop lies...waiting to reignite once more.

The Cookie Prometheus[edit]

Graveyards all around Earthbread are being ransacked, especially tombs with large amounts of leftover crumbs. The perpetrator is unknown, as well as the reason why they're stealing the remains of Cookies, and so far they haven't been caught.

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