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The Day the Stars Fell[edit]

In the immediate aftermath of the tragic Liquid Tiberium/Ion Cannon blast, the Invaders strike.


As the various factions of Vasuda struggled to recover from the devastating blast, Vasudan's finally learned a horrible truth: not only did other beings exist in the stars of the night sky, they came to the world bearing death and destruction. In the space of a few hours, dark shadows swept over the land, as terrible flying machines finished the work the Liquid Tiberium/Ion Cannon blast had only begun. All obvious marks of civilization were destroyed as the machines rained down unholy hellfire from above. Soon, all population centers were decimated, the only signs of life the charred ruins of villages and their occupants. The machines showed no mercy, destroying all signs of sentient life without compunction. Afterwards, several machines landed throughout the world. Without pause, strange constructions materialized around them, and new constructs emerged from within their dark underbellies. Neither completely organic nor completely machine, the shock troops of the Invaders scoured the areas surround the landing sites for life, destroying most, and carrying the rest back to the alien structures. Other machines began to seed Tiberium in the surrounding regions. The crystal, rather than hampering the Invaders, seemed to invigorate them. Sentient life had lost its dominance in the world, and the Invaders began construction of their towering monolith on the remote island of Heraklios.

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