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So, what exactly is this?[edit]

This is a custom made campaign, created by me, Yossarian. It incorporates features from the Command and Conquer Tiberium series, modified for a D&D 3.5 game. It answers the question, 'what would happen should Tiberium appear in an average D&D world?' What happened was a world where technology advanced rapidly, using Tiberium to accomplish tasks that before could only be accomplished through magic. However, three world wars between the Knights' Templar and the Brotherhood of Nod have thrown the world into conflict for decades, allowing Tiberium to spread almost unchecked.

A note about the campaign[edit]

This campaign is best for players who don't particularly care for magic and want more advanced technology than what is available in the typical D&D setting. This campaign is great in particular for players who want to work for large, world changing organizations. The characters will be hard pressed not to join either the Knights' Templar or the Brotherhood of Nod as the two fight for control of the world and of Tiberium. When the characters join an organization, you can place them into pivotal roles in the history of Vasuda. Just watch out for players who love magic or who don't care for advanced technology. One of my own players eventually grew to dislike the advanced technology and urge for me to return to a more standard D&D campaign (I managed to appease him by giving him and his party a greater role in the history of the world; he was Kriss Amucire).

I encourage you to modify this campaign setting for your own use, but refrain from editting the wiki pages, so that others may have access to the original content. Feel free to share your ideas for technology, alternate histories or anything else here, in the discussion of this page.

Have Fun!!!

The DM's Note[edit]

Throughout this Setting, I have placed 'DM's Notes.' These are my notes to the DM, explaining the reasons I have changed certain things, or giving ideas on how the world could be modified.

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