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"Blank" the Human[edit]

For those attempting a campaign in the essence of the television show, Adventure Time, in which few to no known humans remain.

You are a human, presumably the last one left. A young child with no one to really truly help you. You were left in the forest as a child and found by strangers who took you in and gave you a home. But where are the other humans? Who are your parents? Are you really the only human left in the world?

Skill Proficiencies: You are proficient in the acrobatics and survival skills.

Tool Proficiencies: One musical instrument of your choice, Cook's Utensils.

Equipment: One musical instrument, Cook's utensils, Common clothes

Feature: Friend of the Forest[edit]

As a young boy, you were raised by forest creatures. At least that's what you remember. Either way, you have grown accustomed to the forest and forest to you. Forest creatures like squirrels, rabbits, birds, and other small critters won't flee when they see you. They may also bring you food such as a handful of berries or tree nuts.

Alternate Feature: Hero to all[edit]

Should you have a heroic nature, having a good alignment, then you may have noticed that people like you and the work you do. As a reward for your good deeds, citizens may offer you aid in providing a bed to sleep or a good hot meal.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I often jump around and run everywhere.
2 I use words that often don't sound like real words.
3 I have little regard for table manners when eating.
4 I've searched every part of the land for a "special someone".
5 I'm always ready to help others in trouble.
6 I'm quick to make jokes, especially ones at the expense of my enemies.
7 I'm kind to everyone I meet, at least until they try to kill me.
8 I find it difficult for me to understand others' customs.
d6 Ideal
1 Hero. I'll help anyone, no matter how small their problem. (Good)
2 Law. Rules are made for a reason, and I hold myself and others to them. (Lawful)
3 Answers. I want to find the other humans. They might have the answers I want. (Any)
4 Righteous. It's my duty to fight against the evil of this world. (Good)
5 Life. I don't want to change the world. Just live in it. (Neutral)
6 Cruel. The world is awful, so why should I be different. (Evil)
d6 Bond
1 I owe the people who found me everything. They saved my life.
2 I want to find my people and learn what other humans are like.
3 My friends mean the world to me and I would protect them with my life.
4 I want to know my real family and why they left me all alone.
5 There is a great hero I look up to. I hope to be like them one day.
6 I will protect the innocent, no matter what.
d6 Flaw
1 I have a fear of the ocean. It makes sea travels almost impossible.
2 My anger gets out of control, sometimes making me irrational.
3 I bury all my emotions. It gets unhealthy at times.
4 I can't help but fall for someone pretty, even if I have no chance.
5 I show off sometimes and it proves to be one of my worst traits.
6 I'll often take huge risks and step outside my comfort zone.

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