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In my reading of the Fifth Edition, creatures and players operate on completely different levels. No matter how powerful a wizard becomes, they alone will never be equivalent to a lich; even the greatest champion among fighters would lose in single combat against a planetar. Players are cogs in a larger world of power. This kind of thought just doesn't fly in shonen settings, however. The foes a creature faces are no different from themselves, warriors growing in power by their own means whom they are meant to overcome personally. To reflect this, CR and level are relatively equal for the sake of this setting.

All creatures should be built from the ground up as player characters using the classes listed in the Creating a Character section, allowing for legendary resistances and higher ability scores for end-of-series tier characters (i.e. any JoJo or main villain).

Categories Hmm[edit]

The (JJBA Supplement) identifier helps a bit, but should the categories for pages that are not balanced for regular games not also be removed? So a supplement creature with lower than normal HP compared to CR would only have the supplement category, not the ones for 5e creatures.--Yanied (talk) 14:47, 21 February 2021 (MST)

The setting is still a 5e supplement built around the mechanics of 5e, and the supplement category should keep them from showing up where they shouldn't, so I don't really see the problem? If having 1 non-standard element is that big of a deal, should we remove categories from mythic monsters, or creatures using anachronistic equipment, or creatures that can spend non-spellcasting resources through actions? As far as I'm aware, the supplement category explicitly indicates that a page isn't meant for typical play, thus why pages with it are or should be excluded from all main pages. --Ref3rence (talk) 16:55, 21 February 2021 (MST)
Oh my bad. The supplement tag seems to work a bit differently than the 4e one then for creature list.--Yanied (talk) 11:08, 25 February 2021 (MST)

Character Requests[edit]

My name is Pablo, and I'd like to use this part of the discussion page to request potential additions to this supplement, as I believe there are certain corners of the JoJo franchise that could offer some interesting things to use. I would try to make these pages myself, but I don't actually know how to play D&D and thus don't know how to properly adapt these characters.

First off: I'd like to suggest implementing characters and concepts from the PS2 adaptation of Phantom Blood, most notably the characters of Winzaleo, Eijkman, and Caineghis. These characters did exist in the original manga, but were simply used to supplement the backgrounds of Bruford and Tarkus. The PS2 would expand on these three characters, giving them distinct personalities and weapons, and I feel they could work in D&D's setting. I also suggest implementing the fighting style that was given to Tompetty in said game as well, as he didn't really fight much in the manga so the game gave him an original moveset that could also work.--Pablo 20:46, 24 March 2022 (EST)

There are two characters that were created by David Productions for JoJo-themed escape rooms, Dija Maker and Scatola, and both of their stands, while similar in ability, could be interesting to adapt. I could definitely see them being used as framing devices for puzzle-based missions.--2 April 2022 (EST)

After a few months of not saying anything, I'm back again with another character request; this time, I'd like to request the addition of Remote Romance, a character created by Araki for a JoJo art exhibition. Its main gimmick is that the stand has no specific user, but rather can only be accessed by people through a very specific computer server. This could allow for players without stands to get involved in stand-related matters, particularly those that require a more tactical approach given its general lack of battle strength.--11:10, 25 June 2022 (CEST)

Character Requests but for Jojolion[edit]

So Part 8 wrapped up recently, and now the Part 8 section is extremely outdated. Now, I (GR593) know about as much about creating D&D monsters as a tea bag knows the history of the East India Company, so I'm putting in a request for that section to be updated. Thank you.

Oh, and by the way, I don't just mean creating new monsters to represent the new Stands and Users, it also includes updating existing monsters.

Character Requests but for completing the remaining Parts[edit]

Hey, it's GR593 again with another idea. This time, it involves creating monsters for some characters that haven't gotten them yet. Now, the current list is good as is, but some others might want some more content. So, I propose the following: -Jack the Ripper (Part 1) -Adams (Part 1) -Page, Jones, Plant, and Bornham (Part 1) -Donovan (Part 2) -Wired Beck (Part 2) That is all. I'd make them myself but I suck at making DND monsters.


With the most recent edits to make playing this setting more balanced, accurate, and varied, this setting's bestiary is currently in the process of being overhauled to match, as well as bind them to PECR rules more. Below is a simple roadmap of creatures and their new PECRs.--Ref3rence (talk) 06:44, 22 August 2023 (MDT)

Level Character
1st Bruiser
2nd Thief, Police Officer
3rd Soldier
4th Hamon Initiate
5th Assassin
6th Zombie (wang chan, jack the ripper, adams, page, jones, plant, bonham)
7th Speedwagon, Spin Initiate
8th Elite Zombies (doobie, winzaleo, eijkman, caineghis), Donovan
9th Jonathan (post-training), Vampire (vagrant vampire, mansion fight dio, wired beck, vampire horse)
10th Dio (jack the ripper recruitment), Black Knights (bruford, tarkus), Zeppeli
11th Straits
12th Dire
13th Jonathan (end of part 1), Tompetty
14th Dio (end of part 1 and immediately post-coffin), Straits (vampire)
15th Joseph (beginning of part 2 (sideshow + 1 hamon))
16th Santana, Hamon Coach (loggins, messina)
17th Caesar (beginning of part 2)
18th Stroheim, Lisa Lisa
19th Caesar (post-training)
20th Joseph (post-training)
21st Esidisi
22nd DIO (beginning of part 3)
23rd Wamuu
24th Joseph (Kars fight)
25th Kars
27th DIO (end of part 3)
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