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I am currently maintaining the campaign setting of Tirr on this wiki, and I do a bit of editing whenever it happens to come up, usually in the form of getting compatible OGL content up or diffusing balance issues in classes. I am always willing to assist in any matters concerning the wiki, however, and so, you may count on me.

If you need to contact me offsite, the following are my public contacts:

  • Email -
  • Steam - jwguy
  • Discord - Silver#0002


Applied Rules[edit]

  • Rule 0 - DM Discretion, meaning that the DM has full say over whether something shall or shall not occur. For example, whether you get that free bonus feat from taking a useless flaw.
  • Rule 1 - Rule of Bygones, meaning that if you forget to apply a bonus, or a particular effect after the fact, it is unfortunate, but will no longer be considered, or retro-acted. Keep playing forward. Remember it next time.
  • Rule of Cool - Also known as the Rule of Awesome - If it's cool enough, it will be done, providing you can make all the crazy rolls involved. Subject to Rule 0.
  • Rule of Fun - The most important rule, don't play for stats, for effectiveness, but for fun. If it's not fun for you, then likely, it won't be fun for the people next to you. Enjoy your insane halfling with a penchant for backstabbing, or your extremely noble but extremely oblivious Dragonkin, for all the marbles.
  • Rule QQ - Please don't Powergame in campaigns. It is almost ridiculous how each and every campaign has one: The guy who will make a bow that can do triple the damage rate of each and every other character in the party, besides the one-shot sorcerer. Try to adhere to the level of the campaign, and don't make DMs babysit you because you don't understand that having a Dragon as your level 5 Ranger pet is mind-bogglingly dense.


Personal Items[edit]

D&D 3.5e[edit]

Variant Rules[edit]

Alternate Class Features[edit]

Campaign Settings[edit]















Pantheon of Tirr[edit]

Greater Deities[edit]
Intermediate Deities[edit]
Lesser Deities[edit]

The Aesir[edit]

Greater Deities[edit]
Intermediate Deities[edit]
Lesser Deities[edit]

Other Deities[edit]


D20 Modern[edit]


Items of interest[edit]

This is where I keep a list of useful tools that I've used in past adventures. All of it's available to public use, besides Fantasy Grounds requiring you to purchase a license, so no worries.

Excel Sheets[edit]


  • [Ye Olde Map Maker], a flash-based, printable miniature style creation site. It's squares are generally considered 5'in width and height, but I imagine if you try, you can scale it with no problem.
  • [Maptools], Java-based program that allows players to connect to the game you create inside of it. Assign ownership to tokens, create macros to expedite some functions, and even create your own content for it, Maptools can do just about anything but accurately depict Z-Levels.
  • [Dungeon Painter Online]: A program that allows you to make quick, detailed maps with stock images. Given the detailed bit, it can increase filesize a bit, but is still nice.

Virtual Table[edit]

  • [Fantasy Grounds II]: A virtual table-top program that is good for running all kinds of table tops. There are a few licensing options, including the Ultimate License which is a lifetime buy and allows unregistered users to connect and play via your own license. Has detailed databases on rules and items and other things depending on which game you play, including 3.5e!
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