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Follower of Undine [General, Roleplaying]

You worship Undine, the Goddess of the Ocean; Your fervor has made you no stranger to the water.
Prerequisite: Must be Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, or Neutral Good; Must worship Undine
Benefit: You gain a Swim Speed equal to half of your Base Land Speed, along with the bonuses to Swim checks that this implies.

A towering leviathan in form, and the Goddess of the Ocean and all within it, Undine commands quite the amount of respect and admiration within Tirr. As a good natured deity, she actively helps those who travel across her domain, and is therefore somewhat less active than other elemental deities such as Vok.

Followers of Undine typically seek to immerse themselves in the elements of their goddess, and most are introduced to swimming at an early age. They seek to become like the water, which allows its currents to move around any and all obstacles. In time, those who follow Undine become at home in the water, able to swim and move about among the currents with aptitude that could be mistaken for a beast of the sea.

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