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Follower of Tirros [General, Roleplaying]

You worship Tirros, the God of Territory; Your fervor has made you capable of creating and seeing Arcane Marks at will. Furthermore, they can determine the proper and rightful owner of any object or structure that isn't protected against scrying.
Prerequisite: Must be Lawful Good, Lawful Evil, or Neutral; Must worship Tirros
Benefit: You gain the ability to cast Arcane Mark, and detect Arcane Marks, at will. You can also determine the rightful owner of any object or structure, so long as the item nor its owner is not protected against scrying or other divination.

Very few people are truly dedicated to the God of Territory, Property, and Boundaries. Those who do follow Tirros know of his ideals and philosophies regarding these things, and often seek to protect and defend the rightful territories and properties of others, and often are called upon to arbitrate fairly in disputes regarding these items. They are not above the martial defense of nations if one is being invaded without a proper casus belli.

Those who devote themselves to the philosophy of Tirros tend to find themselves drawn toward the benefits of such magical effects as arcane marks, and thus often learn of and use them in their clerical duties. Furthermore, they train themselves to detect and read these special marks without the aid of magical sight or detection, making them truly exceptional in that regard. Finally, the truly devout of Tirros can, with a prayer offered to Tirros, possibly determine the rightful owner of any item or structure. This act can be performed once per day, and has a 50% chance of success. If the item, structure, or owner are protected against magical divination or scrying, or something similar prevents the supernatural effect from taking place, then the attempt fails.

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