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The Great Mother's Grace; Its incredible healing power is legendary.

Great Mother's Grace: This staff is a long, ivory staff that ends with a clouded orb, pale and white, with wings flanking either side; Golden bars of metal surround the orb and similar bands appear at some intervals all the way down the staff, culminating in a smaller, spaded orb at the bottom. When wielded in melee, it is treated it as a +6/+6 Holy Defending quarterstaff. It is blessed by the Great Mother, a deity of good alignment, and thus any creature of evil alignment attempting to wield it gains two negative levels for the duration that it is held. Creatures of neutral alignment suffer no detriment, but cannot use the spells housed within the staff.

Imbued with Divine Energy, the staff holds the equivalent of 50 charges when it is first blessed by the Great Mother, which can be expended in the form of spell-like abilities at the staff's caster level, but only in the hands of good characters. The staff, when wielded by a character of good alignment, allows for the use of the following spells:

In order to recharge the number of charges the staff has, the bearer must visit a shrine attuned to the Great Mother or any other good-aligned deity, and plea for them to recharge the staff, often only at the cost of performing a service in their honor. Otherwise, the bearer can use a Limited Wish, Wish, or Miracle in order to restore the staff to it's previous maximum of 50 charges.
Strong; (DC 21) Conjuration(Healing)/Evocation; CL 10th;
Activation: Standard Weight: 5

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