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Magical Training [General, Regional]

You come from a land where cantrips are taught to all who have the aptitude to learn magic. Every crafter and artisan, it seems, knows a minor spell or two.
Prerequisite: INT 10 or CHA 10, and must be from Tirasus or Godsreach
Benefit: You can cast three 0-level arcane spells per day as either a sorcerer or wizard (your choice, as long as you have a score of at least 10 in the ability that controls the spell casting for that class). You must make this decision when you first take the feat. Thereafter, you have an arcane spell failure chance if you wear armor (for wizards) and are treated as a sorcerer or wizard of your character level for the purpose of determining level-based variables of the spells you cast.

If you choose to cast spells as a sorcerer, the DC for saves against your spells is 10 + your CHA modifier. You know two 0-level spells of your choice from the sorcerer/wizard spell list.

If you choose to cast spells as a wizard, the DC for saves is 10 + your INT modifier. You have a spell book with all 0-level spells written in it, as any wizard, and can freely choose which three to use on any given day.

Some nations have a particular affinity for the arcane arts, devoting large parts of their culture towards them. While not every part of these nations can afford to have the same service for all those wanting, large portions of these states still manage to train the next generation in the magical arts. For those lucky enough to grow up in such a setting, they learn to cast minor cantrips freely, no matter what their profession in the future.

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