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Secret Art: Crane Step[edit]

Taking the Stance of the Graceful Crane, your body becomes like the water, flowing and reacting to its surroundings fluidly. In a moment, you are but the faintest ripple; When disturbed, you become a torrent.
Prerequisite: Wisdom 15, Stunning Fist

Benefits: This is a combat feat that scales with your Base Attack Bonus.

  • +0: Crane Step Stance:

Entering the Crane Step Stance is a swift action. While active, the stance provides a −8 penalty to all attack rolls, except attacks of opportunity which receive a bonus equal to the user's Wisdom modifier, and a −20 penalty to movement speed. If the user receives a bonus to his AC from his wisdom modifier, that bonus is doubled. No other Secret Art: Crane Step benefit can be used without being in the Crane Step stance, nor can one character utilize two stances at one time. Disengaging the stance is considered a free action.

  • +1: Reprisal of Tides:

The tides ebb and flow with the moon, and the waves move back and forth with the shore. Like the tide, the user sways with the motions of battle, striking at those inept at dealing with the fluid motion. Performing a Reprisal of Tides can only be done as an immediate action when an enemy has attacked and missed the user. Upon an enemy's inaccurate attempt at striking, the user is entitled to an attack of opportunity upon that enemy, presuming that the user is able to perform the attack of opportunity. If the Reprisal is successful, the enemy is flat-footed until his next turn.

  • +6: Whirlpool Sweep:

Like a devastating whirlpool, the user of this ability becomes a sweeping force of disorientation, spinning and kicking at multiple enemies' legs at once. Utilizing the Whirlpool Sweep exhausts a use of the stunning fist. When this attack is initiated, the user performs a single trip attack against all adjacent enemies as a Standard action. This action does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

  • +11: Step of Waves:

With a quick, powerful stomp, the user generates a wave of force that harms and pushes nearby entities away. Utilizing the Step of Waves is a complicated maneuver, requiring that the user raise his leg into a "crane style" posture, gather all his mental and physical essences, and stomp fiercely into the earth, causing a shockwave. This provokes an attack of opportunity from all those within melee range. Any targets adjacent to the user when this occurs suffer 2d6 force damage, and are knocked back 1d4 × 5 feet.

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