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Secret Art: Burning Falcon[edit]

Taking the Stance of the Burning Falcon, your punches become fiery, and your legs become more swift. You are formidable, but only as long as you maintain the stance.
Prerequisite: Strength 15, Stunning Fist

Benefits: This is a combat feat that scales with your Base Attack Bonus.

  • +0: Burning Falcon Stance:

Entering the Burning Falcon Stance is a swift action. While active, the stance provides a −2 penalty to AC and to all attack rolls, and a bonus to base land speed of 10 feet. Half of all damage done by unarmed attacks while in this stance is considered fire damage. No other Secret Art: Burning Falcon benefit can be used without being in the Burning Falcon Stance, nor can one character utilize two stances at one time. Disengaging the stance is considered a free action.

  • +1: Falcon Punch:

Utilizing the Falcon Punch is a Full-Round Action, and uses up a Stunning Fist use. The user must draw back his fist and shout loudly "Falcon!..." as he prepares to strike, incurring Attacks of Opportunity from all enemies within melee range. Afterwards, the user completes the attack by thrusting his fist forward, shouting "...Punch!", causing a fiery explosion to erupt from his fist, with a range equal to his melee attack range, on a single target. The target takes twos times the damage of the user's unarmed attack damage roll, with the damage being considered half fire damage and half force damage. Additionally, the target is knocked back a distance equal to one-fourth the damage taken. A successful Reflex Save halves both damage and distance, rounding up.

  • +6: Falcon Uppercut:

Utilizing the Falcon Uppercut is a Full-Round Action, and can only be done on targets at 10-25 feet, due to need to build up momentum, and the rate at which it dissipates. Dashing towards the target, the user moves adjacent to his mark, and attempts a unarmed attack roll. If unsuccessful, the attack ends, and he is flat-footed until his next turn. If successful, roll for unarmed damage. The target is thrust upwards by the force of the attack, by a number of feet equal to double the damage dealt, rounded to the nearest 10 feet. This attack has a cooldown, and can only be used once every 1d4 rounds.

  • +11: Falcon Dive:

Utilizing the Falcon Dive is considered an attack of opportunity, therefore an immediate action, and can only be done when targeting an enemy that is airborne, falling or flying, at 20 feet or less, and otherwise adjacent to the user. This cannot be done immediately after performing a Falcon Uppercut. The User must make a successful attack roll with an unarmed attack, and move adjacent to the airborne enemy; In doing so, he grabs the enemy in the air, and rolls with the target, before thrusting him towards the ground with a single strike. The target will hit the ground in this turn, and takes damage from the unarmed strike, as well as falling damage which is amplified as if the target had fallen 10 feet more than normal. The user remains in the air, and begins falling.

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