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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A Gear with a Star in its center
Home Plane: Material Plane
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Mechanism, Constructs, Evolution, Formula, Cycles
Clergy Alignments: CN, N, NG, LN, NE
Domains: Artifice, Knowledge, Construct
Favored Weapon: Repeating Heavy Crossbow, Repeating Light Crossbow, Switch-Axe, Gunlance, Pneumatic Gauntlet, Traps

Ars Machina[edit]

The Machine-God, Ars Machina, is an enigma to all: An artificial, divine machine titan created by leading Arcane Engineers deep in the earth of the floating city of Godsreach, most of the living creatures he surveys don't even realize he exists, and those who saw him created have made sure to keep the secret from all but the highest ranking of individuals. Even those who created him know not his machinations in-depth, and his ideal, Artifice, is unknown. He was created in the early years of the Current Era in the World of Tirr.

Currently, Ars Machina silently assists the engineers of Godsreach with his machinations, even so much that he has become integrated into most of the floating island's infrastructure, allowing it to interface with most the city-state effortless and apply corrections to problems as they occur, although the citizenry are assured that any events that occur due to his intervention are done by some manner of magical construct, in order to keep the machine-god's existence on a need-to-know basis. His status as a deity is largely unofficial given his hidden nature, but Mana, the only Aesir who knows of his existence, so far, has designated him as one of the exiled gods, as he cannot return to the Realm of the Gods, much like the rest of the Aesir.

When exposed, deep within the sterilized corridors beneath the streets of the city, his appearance is that of a bundle of wires and cables, mostly jacketed with a blue metallic film to ward off arcs of electricity, plated with pale white sheets of metal, with the joints of the metal visible. These components form a basic Humanoid face and torso.


The Machine-God, being entirely artificial, and being created in an environment different from the other deities (less subject to the full influence of all three elements), has not developed a personality, or an existing set of ideology. Instead, it is ruled entirely by its mechanical nature, and thus is more construct than sentient creature, although it does maintain the capability to learn and form independent thoughts.

As it stands, its divinity allows it some level of omnipotence, with which it observes the rest of the world, constantly collecting data. Among those who watch and experiment with the deity, it generally seems to approve of being exposed to new information and data, which it then uses in its multitude of calculations.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

No Temples or endorsed Clergy exist in Ars Machina's name. He is currently shrouded completely in secrecy, and so most of the populace of the world is unaware of his existence. Even the common citizens of the City-State of Godsreach are unaware, and thus mostly dedicate their worship to other gods, such as Bahamut.

Some Clerics or Paladins, sponsored by the state brass might exist, but likely do in a somewhat experimental nature, with the purpose to discover the God's ability to impart and bestow divine power onto mortal creatures. These individuals are likely to favor constructs and mechanical instruments when in battle.


Ars Machina, as it stands, does not maintain any relationships with other deities. The only other Aesir who knows of his existence is Mana and outside of informing him of his capabilities and status as an artificial god, and her interest in observing what comes from it, she has largely left him to his own devices.

Some members of the Pantheon, such as Fate are presumed to know of his existence, but has not made it known, nor acted upon the information.

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