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Song of Overwhelming Valor [Music]

Even when all hope seems lost, facing overwhelming odds, your music can summon the deep wells of pride and valor in your allies, giving them the courage to fight on, and fight harder still.
Prerequisite: Bardic Music, Perform ranks 5, Knowledge (History) ranks 3
Benefit: As an immediate action, Whenever you or an ally within range of your musical ability is under the effect of a morale penalty, such as when stricken by fear, or when under stress or suffering overwhelming odds, you may spend one of your daily Bardic Musics in order to counter it's effect. The effect entirely negates the initial morale penalty, and replaces it with a Morale bonus equal to the bard's Charisma modifier (If positive). This effect can continue as long as necessary or willed, and must meet a Concentration check (DC 15) on each of the bard's turns if so. If stopped or the check is failed, the bard can begin the song again, but must use another daily music in order to start it.
Special: Only allies suffering a morale penalty may receive this bonus. The song, while beautiful and inspiring alone, only truly brings out the nature of those who are failing against the odds presented to them. This restriction applies to the bard, as well. No other penalty may be countered with this effect, only morale.

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