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Follower of Mana [General, Roleplaying]

You worship Mana, the Goddess of Knowledge; Your fervor has made you a veritable scholar, with the ability to read magical writings.
Prerequisite: Must be Neutral Good, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Neutral, or Neutral; Must worship Mana
Benefit: You gain +2 in all Knowledge checks, and are considered to have one Knowledge skill of your choice as a class skill, at all times. Furthermore, you can cast Read Magic as a spell-like ability once per day.

As the Goddess of Knowledge and the creator of Arcane Magic, Mana is the scholar of the Gods, and has made many potent efforts to understanding the nature of the universe and the entities of those within it, including other deities. Ever the meddling neutral party, Mana is a balancing agent of unimaginable power among the Aesir, although she fancies herself to be a rather charming one.

Followers of Mana are often scholars, usually arcanists, who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and of scholarly learning. While many often lead dual lives of uncovering both arcane mysteries and more mundane ones, they value the fruits of each labor, and eagerly look forward to pursuing their deity's ideal with renewed vigor.

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