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Follower of Jubila [General, Roleplaying]

You worship Jubila, the Goddess of Revelry; Your fervor makes performance come naturally to you.
Prerequisite: Must be Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good, or Neutral Good; Must worship Jubila
Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus to Perform checks. Furthermore, you always have Perform as a class skill.

Some deities and their aspects are universally understood and employed all across the world, and in every culture. Jubila is one such deity, as she embodies the ideal of Revelry, and celebrations of all sorts can be found in almost every culture in Tirr. As the proverbial free spirit, Jubila's one request of those who follow her is that they simply allow themselves to be taken in by the desire to dance, sing, drink, and laugh the night away; Some may confuse her philosophy as simple hedonism, but most accept that it is more pure than simply debauchery.

Those who devote themselves to Jubila with fervor are often skilled dancers, singers, and musicians, and as such, have a lifetime of experience to hone their abilities in these fields. They find that such actions always come naturally to them, no matter what they devote themselves to, otherwise; Even great fighters who spend the days in heavy metal armors wielding great weapons can sing a solemn verse filled with the spirit of victory, itself, when they dedicate their passions to the Goddess of Revelry. Such devotees gain a +4 bonus to all Perform checks, and can be considered to always have it as a class skill.

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