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Secret Art: Rising Dragon[edit]

Taking the Stance of the Rising Dragon, you become the lightning as it streaks across the sky, and your fists become the gale that assaults those caught in the wind, completely focused on the enemy in front of you.
Prerequisite: Dexterity 15, Stunning Fist

Benefits: This is a combat feat that scales with your Base Attack Bonus.

  • +0: Rising Dragon Stance:

Entering the Rising Dragon Stance is a swift action. While active, the stance provides a −8 penalty to all sensory perception checks (Spot, Listen, etc.) due to intense concentration, and provides a +8 bonus to all Concentration checks. Furthermore, . No other Secret Art: Rising Dragon benefit can be used without being in the Rising Dragon Stance, nor can one character utilize any two stances at one time. Disengaging the stance is considered a free action.

  • +1: Gale Pillar:

Utilizing the Gale Pillar is a standard action that can only be made against a target from within a 5 foot radius. The user makes an unarmed melee attack roll against the target, and if successful, rolls for unarmed damage. After dealing damage, the user is thrown upwards 1d6 x 10 feet, and begins falling. If the target collides with an obstruction, such as a ceiling, it is subject to falling damage rules.

  • +6: Thundersault:

Utilizing the Thundersault is considered an attack of opportunity, and therefore subject to the same limitations as these actions, and it uses up a use of the Stunning Fist ability. This can only be performed against an enemy who is directly above the user and within 50 feet of the user, vertically. Upon designating the target, the user must perform a Jump check with the DC equal to half the number of feet of distance between the target and user. If successful, the user moves into the position of the target, and rolls for unarmed damage. Half of the damage dealt to the target in this manner is treated as sonic damage, and the target is thrown 1d6 x 10 feet away, laterally, in the direction opposite of the user's facing.

  • +11: Sonic Blitz:

Utilizing the Sonic Blitz is a full-round action, and can only be performed while airborne. This action uses up a use of the stunning fist ability. The target of this action must be within 30 feet of the user. The user must roll a Concentration check with DC of 15 plus half the target's hit die. If successful, the user moves adjacent to the target and initiates a full-round attack upon the target, or a flurry of blows if available.

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