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Granted Powers[edit]

A Cleric with the Hunt domain can cast Sense Life as a spell-like ability a number of times equal to their cleric level per day.

Hunt Domain Spells[edit]

  1. True Strike: +20 on your next attack roll.
  2. Web: Fills 20-ft.-radius spread with sticky spiderwebs.
  3. Keen Edge: Doubles normal weapon’s threat range.
  4. Locate Creature: Indicates direction to familiar creature.
  5. Mage's Faithful Hound: Phantom dog can guard, attack.
  6. Repulsion: Creatures can’t approach you.
  7. Phase Door: Creates an invisible passage through wood or stone.
  8. Sympathy: Object or location attracts certain creatures.
  9. Foresight: “Sixth sense” warns of impending danger.

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