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Domain Psion[edit]

Lose Discipline, Gain one domain's spells as powers

Class: Psion

Level: 1st

Replaces: Discipline

Benefit: The domain psion has all the standard Psion class features, except as noted below.

Psionic Domain[edit]

At 1st level, a domain psion selects a domain provided by a deity he serves. Once selected, the domain may never be changed.

A domain psion automatically adds each new domain spell to her list of known powers as soon as she becomes able to cast it. These powers do not count against powers he gains at each new psion level. These spells act normally and require the same components usually required to cast them, but draw from the psion's power points. Domain spells cast as powers are considered both divine spells provided by a deity and psionic powers, and benefit/suffer from effects that affect either. A domain psion can lose access to these spells if his deity refuses to provide them.

In many cases, a psionic domain includes spells or powers not normally on the psion's class power list. These spells are treated as being on the character's class power list (and thus he can use wands or divine scrolls that hold those spells).

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