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Hel's Attention [General]

Due to the many deaths and resurrections you've endured, your body has begun to show the effects of distorting the natural cycle of life and death. Hel is taking notice.
Prerequisite: Must have died and been resurrected five times.
Benefit: 10 additional hit points, as well as a +2 bonus to Constitution.
Drawback: The character's body now exhibits an aura that is detectable by Detect Dead, Detect Undead, Sense Life spells, similar to a Paladin's aura, except that this aura represents a distortion in the natural cycle, caused by multiple resurrections over time. Applied on the fifth death a character recovers from, immediately. Some sects may not take favor with someone who has this distortion, such as clergy of Hel, who believe such resurrections are unnatural and a defiance of their goddess. Alternatively, in campaigns that do not use Tirr deities or rules, resurrection is beginning to become less effective in reviving the character, and must succeed at a Will Save (DC 15 + Character's HD + Number of Resurrections to date) for all subsequent resurrections.
Normal: A Character normally has no aura due to death.
Roleplaying Ideas: This trait is assigned by the DM immediately after pre-requisites are met, and can therefore fit any character archetype.

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