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Silver Palm [General, Regional]

You grew up in a culture based on haggling and the art of the deal.
Prerequisite: Must be from Kerrigan, Fairus, or Sol. Alternatively, must be a Kaori or a Water Genasi.
Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on all Appraise, Bluff, and Sense Motive checks. Furthermore, one of these (player's choice) is considered a class skill at all times.

Many people grow up in mercantile backgrounds, but few grow up in cultures that are composed of them. This is because the aristocratic nature of most nations in the world usually prevents the free access of business and to business that would make such a thing commonplace. In societies such as Sol's or Kerrigan's, mercantilism is all around, and many learn to wheel and deal at a young age. Likewise, the bridge city of Fairus's lack of government or a ruling class usually allows trade to precipitate down through the social structure.

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