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Follower of Dices [General, Roleplaying]

You worship Dices, the God of Chance; Your fervor allows you to see the infinite possibilities of any action, and possibly make them a reality.
Prerequisite: Must be Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Evil, or Neutral; Must worship Dices
Benefit: Three times per day, you can attempt to gain a +20 luck bonus to any one roll. This effect has a 15% chance of taking effect once declared.

The evermore ambivalent deity of probability and chance, Dices is a strange presence in the Pantheon of Tirr. He is almost always in direct opposition to Fate, as much as one can be to a deity who embodies a neutral position, and his stance on any one matter is often disputable, to say the least. Mortals of all brands, however, know his name, and his name is cursed and praised in the same breath in the millions of gambling dens across the world.

Followers of Dices are a strange and unpredictable thing; They serve, with complete devotion, the God of Chance, after all. They spend their entire lives banking on chance, no matter how unlikely their gamble is to come to fruition. The truly devout of these followers are said to have trained their mind's eye to be able to, at any one instant, see every possibility that can result from the current action... and in some cases, draw a favorable reality from the infinite results. During this time, they appear as if they're proficient with any weapon, an expert in any skill, or capable of great feats - all as a matter of chance.

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