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Follower of Serberus [General, Roleplaying]

You worship Serberus, the God of the Chaos and Destruction; Your fervor grants you great strength and rage.
Prerequisite: Must be Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral, or Neutral Evil; Must worship Serberus
Benefit: You gain an additional use of the Rage class feature. Furthermore, you gain proficiency with Greataxes.
Normal: The rage class feature is normally restricted to Barbarians.
Special: If you do not have the Rage class feature, this feat grants a single use of it, per day.

A widely feared and brutal warrior deity, Serberus is the god of chaos and destruction, representing a particularly chaotic and evil side of the Pantheon, and one of great power, no less. He is the last of the four Major Thrones who debate among the gods in Common Ground. He is worshiped particularly among the warrior tribes of the Orc tribes, and others like them, although many lawless and wild individuals do often find kinship with him

True believers of Serberus are so in tune with their deity that they are prone to flying into a vicious rage, becoming a ludicrously powerful engine of destruction against the environment around them and their foes. These individuals are unpredictably violent, and have a rather hard time fitting into society, but often do make do as mercenaries and enforcers, or other professions where such potential can be used effectively.

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