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Follower of Hel [General, Roleplaying]

You worship Hel, the Goddess of Death and the practitioner of the great sleep; Your fervor allows you to detect disturbances in the aura of living and un-living subjects
Prerequisite: Must worship Hel
Benefit: You can cast Detect Life and Detect Undead as spell-like abilities, once per day.

Hel holds one of the Lesser Thrones of the Pantheon of Tirr, and is revered across the planes as the Goddess of Death, and the practitioner of the fabled Great Sleep. She is often regarded as one of the more active deities in the material sphere, though this is only somewhat true; She is primarily only active with the dark, quiet Plane of Souls, watching over the souls of the departed in their sleep, as well as leading armies of inevitables, as well as her faithful, to reclaim lost souls and those that seek to cheat death.

Those who devote their lives to worshiping Hel regard the place of death in the world as something of necessity; A natural end that should be celebrated and not deterred. While most priests of the cold goddess frown upon the use of resurrection and necromancy, as each disturb the natural process of death and the great sleep, the truly devout learn to detect such abnormalities, as they call them. Some sects are even devoted to destroying the undead and hunting down necromancers, while they leave the pursuit of the still-living to their goddess's faithful Maruts.

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