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Follower of Fate [General, Roleplaying]

You worship Fate, the Goddess of the Time and Destiny; Your fervor leads to exceptional knowledge of past events.
Prerequisite: Must be Neutral; Must worship Fate
Benefit: You gain a +4 racial bonus to Knowledge (History) and Knowledge (Local). Furthermore, both are considered class skills, no matter your actual class.
Normal: A creature typically receives no racial bonuses to knowledge checks, and their class skills are determined by their class.

Fate sits upon the High Throne in the Pantheon of Tirr, and governs over the rest of the gods from Common Ground with an even and innate neutrality that can temper and inflame tempers, alike. One of the most powerful deities, she governs over time and destiny, and is often depicted as weaving an elaborate thread that depicts the events of the world as they shall be.

Those who worship Fate devoutly are often incredibly knowledgeable on past events and local lore. They excel in studying the tides of time in order to better commune with their goddess, who governs over all of time and fate, themselves. While unusually fatalistic, these individuals are an asset to anyone looking for legendary artifacts, lore on local ruins and sites, as well as information on general history.

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