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Follower of Isis [General, Roleplaying]

You worship Isis, the Goddess of Refuge; Your fervor has made you able to summon shelter, and the means to defend it.
Prerequisite: Must be Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Good, or Neutral; Must worship Isis
Benefit: You gain proficiency with glaives and scimitars, as well as the ability to cast Land Womb (SpC) as a spell-like ability, once per day, on any type of terrain.

As the Goddess of Refuge and the Patron Deity of the nation of Sol, Isis is one of the Aesir who truly cares for her followers, and for those who depend on her. She carved the entire region of Sol out of the hills by writhing her titanic body against them, creating the home that her charges, and her daughters, live in and defend, to this day.

Followers of Isis first learn to give shelter and compassion to those who need it, and then learn to defend their shelter. This is because though Isis first gave her daughter and her people the region of Sol, many thousands of years ago, she then gave them the divine glaives to defend it from those who might seek to conquer it.

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