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Follower of Era [General, Roleplaying]

You worship Era, the Goddess of Sexual Love; Your fervor makes you more fascinating to members of the opposite sex.
Prerequisite: Must be Chaotic Good, Neutral Good, or Chaotic Neutral; Must worship Era
Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus to all charisma-related checks made against or with regard to adult members of the opposite sex.

The third goddess in the Pantheon's trinity of love deities, Era represents the more sensual and carnal side of love, but also of beauty and attraction. Some more prudish types often attempt to downplay the deity's promiscuity, or her emphasis on acts of physical love and temptation, but there is no denying that her ideals play a large part in the lives of many in Tirr.

Those who fully devote themselves to Era's philosophy and principles are often very beautiful; Not necessarily physically beautiful, although this is often the case, but they are beautiful. Every act and word is made to be pure and sultry in a manner which can hardly be described with words, sufficiently. They can be found in brothels, temples, hovels and mansions, as their operating theater does not affect them, so much as their ability to operate does. These individuals typically are found appealing by members of the opposite sex, and therefore can easily find good company with others.

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