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Follower of Fir [General, Roleplaying]

You worship Fir, the God of Spite; Your fervor has made you more resistant to most effects.
Prerequisite: Must be Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil, Lawful Evil, or Neutral; Must worship Fir
Benefit: You gain +4 bonus to all saving throws, but gain one less hit point per level.

Often taking the form of a great white wolf in the glacial planes of the north, Fir is the aesirean God of Spite. Somewhat strange among the various deities of Tirr, Fir actively harasses and chases away any would-be followers, often speculated to be because of his ideal of Spite.

The Followers of Fir constantly strive to interpret their God's curses, and persevere through them still. They attempt to follow and pursue their deity in opposition to his actions, as that is the nature of spite. In doing so, they naturally become more resistant to many things, becoming hardier, quicker, and mentally sound in the pursuit of their deity. The path takes a toll on them, however, often leaving them with lasting injuries.

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