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Smooth Talk [General, Regional]

You grew up in a land where the people are accustomed to dealing with strangers without needing to draw their weapons to make their point. There are few problems that you can't talk your way out of.
Prerequisite: Must be from either Kerrigan or the Ashen Coast. Alternatively, must be a Halfling, Kaori or a Water Genasi.
Benefit: You take only a -5 penalty if you attempt a Diplomacy check as a full round action. Normally, a diplomacy check takes 1 full minute, and rushing it imparts a -10 penalty.

In some areas, the youth grow up in tough neighborhoods, typically in lower castes. Others simply have lifestyles that tend to find them on the wrong end of a sword. In either case, the ability to speak, and quickly, often saves many lives; These individuals know that much to be true.

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