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Axethrower [General, Regional]

Your people favor the axe, and have learned how to hurl such weapons to deadly effect.
Prerequisite: Must be a human from Indus. Alternatively, must be an Orc, Half-Orc or a Kerani.
Benefit: When you make a ranged attack with a thrown weapon, you may add your Strength bonus instead of your Dexterity bonus to the attack roll.

Several hundred individuals value thrown weapons, but very few societies actually tend to use them often or even efficiently. The humans of Indus have taken a liking to the axe, however, and thus often outfit their infantry with throwing axes to great effect, allowing them to handle ranged units and be more versatile in combat. Likewise, the Kerani and Orc tribes often use implements such as Javelins in their daily lives, both for hunting and combat.

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