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Hello there! Welcome to my slightly less barren user page.


My first, and currently only system that I'm familiar with is 5e, and I probably started around a year and a half ago. A little while later, I decided to start making homebrew, and only by May I had become less of a coward and actually made an account here, or at least started posting then.

What am I good at?[edit]

That's a very bad question. As you can probably see, a majority of my submissions have been spells and magic items, mostly because those are smaller projects that I can complete within a day or two.

While I haven't posted any classes here, I've got a good few in the (kinda)works, so I have a decent idea what I'm doing there. Again, that's mostly to do with cowardice.

Honestly I just felt like filling out this page more because I've actually started making things more. So here we are.

Also I'm the same SwankyPants on the discord server.

Projects in the Works[edit]

  • The Thri-Manipulus race, a wacky group of genetically engineered super soldier bug people.
  • Batheron's Heel setting. Essentially monster hunter but DnD. The Thri-Manipulus, a few magic items, and hopefully dozens of creatures are a part of this.
  • Uncountable amounts of magic items.
  • The Trion, a more sci-fi setting I can use to justify MMEaR and other less DnD-y articles.
  • A few classes, namely a Manakete (5e Class) variant, a martial type that uses their hitdie to do techniques, and a beholder composite race/class. None of these are actively being worked on but maybe at some point they'll see the light of day.

Creations and Contributions[edit]

Wobzrem (5e Creature) (Creator)

Bullet-Kin, Serious Edition (5e Race) (Contributor)

Gun Domain (5e Subclass) (Creator)

PMPU (5e Equipment) (Creator)

Acquire Attendant (5e Spell) (Contributor)

Shotgun Shell (5e Equipment) (Creator)

Cerg's Glorious Right Hook (5e Equipment) (Creator)

Cerg's Icy Gambit (5e Spell) (Creator)

Marvelous Magitech Enhancements and Replacements (5e Sourcebook) (Creator, added 6 items)

Raddik's Plasmatic Tear (5e Spell) (Creator)

Laborer's Bane (5e Spell) (Creator)

Cerg's Fortification Fortification (5e Spell) (Creator)

Lead Face (5e Race) (Contributor)

Precog Frog (5e Creature) (Creator)

Futuresight (5e Equipment) (Creator)

RUINER (5e Subclass) (Creator)

Batheron's Scourge (5e Equipment) (Creator)

Thri-Manipulus (5e Race) (Creator)

Axe of the Hoardsmen (5e Equipment) (Creator)

Theron Enslavers (5e Creature) (Creator)

Repugnant Impalers (5e Creature) (Creator)

Soul Chain (5e Equipment) (Creator)

Greg's Gruesome Gibber (5e Spell) (Creator)

Sharpened Slaughterfly (5e Creature) (Creator)

Batheron's Heel (5e Campaign Setting) (Creator)

Sharpened Chitin Armor (5e Equipment) (Creator)

Garold's Glandthrower (5e Creature) (Creator)

Nathaniel's Undead Army (5e Spell) (Contributor)

The Sentinel's Hatred (5e Equipment) (Creator)

Pyrestone Mutant (5e Creature) (Creator)

Undead Armament (5e Feat) (Contributor)

Rune Scarred Bones (5e Equipment) (Creator)

Mirrorwyrm (5e Creature) (Creator)

Mirror Scale (5e Equipment) (Creator)

Jarenhäg, the Killing Light (5e Equipment) (Creator)

Artifact of Glass (5e Equipment) (Creator)

Karsus’ Dream (5e Equipment) (Creator)

Paradox Ends (5e Equipment) (Creator)

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