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Hello there! Welcome to my slightly less barren user page.


My first, and currently only system that I'm familiar with is 5e, and I probably started around May 2019. A little while after, I decided to start making homebrew, and about a year later I had become less of a coward and actually made an account here.

What am I good at?[edit]

Well, I consider myself pretty familiar with the mechanics of 5e, so just about anything that isn’t fluff. I’m probably best with spells and magic items, slightly less familiar with creatures, races, and subclasses, and past that point I’m just pretty average. I can probably provide help on most things though, if need be.


You can easily contact me via any talk page for something I’ve made(all of them are on my watchlist), my user talk here, or through the discord, my username is the same as it is here. Lately I’m on here more than discord, so if you want a faster response I recommend talk pages.

Projects in the Works[edit]

  • The Great Monastic Crusade, as I have so poorly titled it. So far, going pretty well.
  • Batheron's Heel setting. Essentially monster hunter but DnD. The Thri-Manipulus, a few magic items, and hopefully dozens of creatures are a part of this. I wouldn’t call it a dead project, but my focus on it has wained a bit. Creativity is a cruel mistress.

The Backburner[edit]

My attention span ain't too hot, so sometimes projects fall apart. Here's where they go. If I'm unlikely to keep working on it, I'll post a link here to the unfinished documents. Do what you will with them.


Races, Classes, and Subclasses[edit]

Not numerous enough to warrant seperate sections.

Gun Domain (5e Subclass) No idea where that drive to make Gungeon stuff came from.
Thri-Manipulus (5e Race) Bug super soldiers.
RUINER (5e Subclass) Another idea. I guess playing games makes me want to turn parts of it into homebrew.
Necron (5e Race) Initially I figured these dudes were way too ridiculous to make a race, but then I thought about it more, and then realized that someone else might do it, and do a much worse job balancing it.
Creator Soul (5e Class) My most recent class idea, somehow the first one I put into an actual page. Wild.
Chaplain (5e Subclass) Considered making this for a long time, just never got to it. Yes, chorus of hate is made up, but I felt like the thing needed a round 6 so 18th level dudes still miss some options.
Outrider (5e Subclass) The way Cavalier was made genuinely angers me. I've also been on something of a space marine... thing as of writing. So, now there's a rapid assault cavalry subclass. The concept is pretty general and only related to 40k in name(primaris bikers) so I'm not tagging it.
Urchkin (5e Race) Yeah, yeah, it’s another anthropomorphic animal. Get your laughs out now. At least it’s something more interesting than “feline/lupine/vulpine mammal”


Plenty of these though.

Wobzrem (5e Creature) Pulse Demon. Hehe.
Precog Frog (5e Creature) The entire reason Batheron's Heel exists in the first place.
Theron Enslavers (5e Creature) Tsathagguan idols.
Repugnant Impalers (5e Creature) Covid actually helped rhinos apparently. So...
Sharpened Slaughterfly (5e Creature) Wacky bugs.
Garold's Glandthrower (5e Creature) A weird one, even by my standards.
Pyrestone Mutant (5e Creature) Conquistadors aren't the smartest.
Mirrorwyrm (5e Creature) Still not the smartest.
Dun Rhashuul (5e Creature) Personally, this is one of my favorites. Went from "hey what if i make a creature with low attack bonus but a clause that amps it up" and "what scares early humans", turned into this beautiful mess.
Horrid Chimera (5e Creature) Actually one of my first ideas for BH, a sorta mishmash of creatures with variable attacks. Sorta based on possessed CSMs.
Sanctuary Guardian (5e Creature) A sign of things to come.
The Waking God (5e Creature) Thought this would come a lot later. Guess not.
Reaper King (5e Creature) Well, it's not from Batheron's Heel but it is still an aberration. Might port some more Ark creatures.

Magic Weapons[edit]

Seperate to other items, too many.

Shotgun Shell (5e Equipment) Didn't notice this was my first. Huh.
Batheron's Scourge (5e Equipment) Yes, the rest recharges are on purpose.
Axe of the Hoardsmen (5e Equipment) An idea.
Soul Chain (5e Equipment) We need more magic flails.
Jarenhäg, the Killing Light (5e Equipment) I wanted to make a regular cursed items, but I guess the giants have nukes now.
Paradox Ends (5e Equipment) Thanks, anomalous items.
The Bulwark (5e Equipment) An idea I had in two parts...
The Fracture (5e Equipment) ...both pretty similar.
Fiendseeker (5e Equipment) Originally, this was just supposed to be a replacement for another item. I figured it was good enough to stand on it's own.
Caelium Arrows (5e Equipment) Maybe making a new sourcebook is a bad idea.
Staff of Light, Variant (5e Equipment) And here I am complaining about variants.

Wondrous Items[edit]

Plenty of these, too. MMEaR gets to be here too, because that's all wondrous items.

PMPU (5e Equipment) Arcane artillery, baybee.
Cerg's Glorious Right Hook (5e Equipment) Cerg was my first ever DnD character, and he's still in play. Yet to make this, though. Soon.
Marvelous Magitech Enhancements and Replacements (5e Sourcebook) 7 items added. Figured there wasn't enough unique prosthetic, so I set out to fill that hole.
The Sentinel's Hatred (5e Equipment) Also Cerg, or at least where I see Cerg ending up. Probably.
Rune Scarred Bones (5e Equipment) Worked on Undead Armament, figured there wasn't enough racial magic items.
Artifact of Glass (5e Equipment) Stupid, real stupid.
Confused Binoculars (5e Equipment) Narry but a goof.
Monastic Charm (5e Equipment) Figured “hey, maybe since I’ve got all these reworks happening I can recycle ideas when they come up”. Here’s hoping this goes well.
Spine of the Unkillable (5e Equipment) This does go in the sourcebook, but I love this one so much it goes here too.
Rings of the Arch-Heretic (5e Equipment) Le gestalt consciousness has arrived.
Canoptek Cloak (5e Equipment) Mechanical Enhancement doesn’t quite cover everything I guess. Could add more necron stuff.

Other Magic Knicknacks[edit]

Ain't a weapon, ain't wondrous, so it goes here.

Futuresight (5e Equipment) Frog drugs!
Sharpened Chitin Armor (5e Equipment) Knife bugs for armor. Struggled to come up with what to give this thing, so I did this.
Mirror Scale (5e Equipment) Shiny lizard for armor.
Envies Rest, Martyr's Death (5e Equipment) Potentially broken. Potentially.
Karsus’ Dream (5e Equipment) Almost made a wizard subclass around this idea.


My first character was a wizard. This is possibly unrelated.

Cerg's Icy Gambit (5e Spell) Not my first spell, but the first one I posted here. This idea was brewing for a long time before.
Raddik's Plasmatic Tear (5e Spell) Believe this one is even older than the one above. Weird.
Laborer's Bane (5e Spell) Ever played a Lego game?
Cerg's Fortification Fortification (5e Spell) Dorn.
Boreale's Deep Strike (5e Spell) The Codex Astartes names this maneuver...
Raddik's Weakest Link (5e Spell) Kinda forgot about this one for a while somehow. Wonder how many other spells I’ve forgotten to take ownership of.
Goldweaver's Ray (5e Spell) BRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTtttt at least at first. A little easier to do less attacks.
Sky-Pierce Lance (5e Spell) Thinkin’ about warlock, kinda.
Raddik’s Focusing Blast (5e Spell) Believe that’s 4/4 for the Raddik set.


Batheron's Heel (5e Campaign Setting) Originally just an excuse for wacky creatures. Little more than that now.
Honor Guard (5e Feat) Mutation! OOOoooOOooooOO!
Level Adjustment (5e Variant Rule) After making this page, I immediately feared that I would be the cause of masses of unbalanced races using this rule as a justification. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.
Ark-Like Mounts (5e Variant Rule) Seemed fitting. Haven’t seen another rule for it, so I tried to fill the gap. Also includes a leveling system, for some reason.
Mechanical Enhancements (5e Feat) Just slightly weird. I like it though.


Listen, I’ve made minor edits to hundreds of pages. Anyone could’ve done those. I’m taking credit for the things I’ve actually put serious effort into, at least enough effort. Y’feel me?

Races, Classes, and Subclasses[edit]

Oh hey, I've done a few of these.

Bullet-Kin (5e Race) Mmyup.
Lead Face (5e Race) Oh wow, more gun related things.
Wither Skeleton (5e Race) Polished some traits and fluffed it out. Pretty mediocre job if you ask me but not a whole lot to work with.
Space Marine (5e Race) Basically rewrote the whole thing from the ground up. Well, at the point of writing I haven't, but I also forget sometimes so I'm putting here in advance.
Terminator (5e Race) Who would’ve known removing post-terminator 2 material would make this a much better page. Well, it is back now, but at least it’s more under control.

The Great Monastic Crusade[edit]

One day I got kinda bored of just looking at recent changes all the time, and other people seem to do loads of page adoption type stuff. So I guess some part of me just unconsciously decided to rework every iffy monk subclass on the wiki. Not so bored anymore, I guess. In order of date reworked/worded/worked on. A lot of stuff, open at your own risk.

Astral Hand. Nothing too interesting.
Star. Reworked. Probably my best job as of yet.
Masked Hero. Minor work.
Iaiken. Lots and lots of wording type stuff. Think this was start of that miserable trend of removing levels from class feature names.
Spear. Minor work. Might do more, to be honest.
Frenzy. Think this one was mostly wording, some balance. Removing the references to the barbarian class. It’s just less of a pain to deal with, not having it.
Dueling. Almost redid this whole thing, if I remember right. Quality is debatable.
Iron Shirt. This one was alright, just making it read easier.
Silent Death. Used to just almost be a lore rewrite, now very little of the original remains. Probably for the best, since it was basically a weirder way of shadows.
Lightning. Lore rewrite, feature swaps. Another Silent Death situation, I think.
Dissipating Palm. Made this thing easier on the eyes. Also the eeniest meeniest balance bits.
Leech. A bit of wording, other tweaks, I think.
Avoidance. Lore redo, some wording type stuff. Nothing too huge.
Time Slip. Removing words, oh so many words. You can now read it in one sitting.
Beast. Could be better but it's less weird now. Feels very familiar.
Long Blade. One of my favorite concepts, hopefully not butchered.
Unending Assault. God, I cannot put into words how much I hate early 5e format. Also some balancing, I believe.
Miko. Less of a rework, more of a "make-it-look-nice" deal. Still some balance, as per above.
Sacred Form. Second one I've saved from deletion. I should probably do more of those.
Toxic Palm. God, this one is edgy. Pretty decent job though, I think. Basically rewritten, only the original concept remains somewhat intact.
Harbinger. An interesting lil’ one. Almost rewrite.
Void. Bits of rework, a few wording changes, but mostly formatting.
Watchful Gate. May have been an unwarranted rework. Not sure, but it was a little on the weak end for a monk subclass, and that's just a bit sad.
Frost Soul. Minor stuff, bit of lore.
Chainweaver. A little like Long Blade, which is a little like Kensei. Almost complete rewrite, but trying to keep the themes around.
Mentor. Small things, a bit more lore.
Ki Thief. Close to a rewrite, almost entire. Removing the feature from Mentor, which is now kinda retroactive, I guess. Gotta keep these things unique or else there’s no point.
Inner Flame. May be a hypocrite, because this is fairly close to Sacred Form. Oh well, it’s unique enough.
Broken Thief. Not too awful of a rework, I don’t think. And Ana, don’t harass me over the name again, I tried to have it make sense but the original really didn’t want to either.
Abandon Ache. Has to be the weirdest name I have ever seen for a subclass. Decent rework though, thanks to the stolen feature from Godslayer.
Frozen Fang. Yes, the original was supposed to be wolf-esc, but the lore and features basically contradicted eachother. Went on and on about honor and not betraying others, so I tried to go super heavy into that, making them a “too angry to die” monk subbclass with a bigger emphasis on actual survival, more than Iron Shirt and Abandon Ache.
Thousand Fists. In my attempts to not do the same thing twice, monastic auxillaries. Seems good to me.
Nightfury. Made me think of the Exorcists, if you’re at all curious where that lore came from. I know I should avoid bonus damage at 3rd-6th level, but the damage over time to yourself kinda counteracts it.
Erratic Destruction. Wondered when I’d get around to this one.
Forgiven. Man, this one took WAY too long. Thanks User:Endermage77 for the idea on that 6th level feature.
Glowing Rose. The original may have been based on something, and I tried to keep the general spirit of it around while still unjankening.
Lynx. Getting real tired of all these sneaky Shadow alternates done poorly. So, this is now the primitivist’s version. I guess.
Zen Archer. A little like Chainweaver, which is a little like Long Blade, which is a little like Kensei. Probably my least favorite one. Currently my stopping point. Will come back to this.

Total: ~38, ~19% of all untagged monk subclasses.


Not much with individual creatures. Nothing major, at least.

Dinosaurs (5e Creature) I haven’t made any of em, but I’ve done some work to help with formatting and such.

Magic Weapons[edit]

Took me long enough to put something in this column.

Black Prince (5e Equipment) Rocket-jumping sword. Only after I finished this did I notice that’s what it was. Mostly just a rewrite.

Wondrous Items[edit]

no way.

Other Magic Knicknacks[edit]



Helped with a few.

Acquire Attendant (5e Spell) Added the statblock, might've made it more confusing.
Nathaniel's Undead Army (5e Spell) Less confusing, potentially more broken. Dunno.


Undead Armament (5e Feat) Forgot to add this for a while. Basically just rewrote the whole thing in an attempt to make it less confusing. The whole reason rune-scarred bones exists.
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