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Hi! I'm a big fan of D&D 5e and I love creating homebrew content for my campaigns. I often have players who come to this wiki in search of races or class archetypes that better fit the character they're trying to build, so I use this site quite often.

Quite a bit of homebrew content is unbalanced with the base game, so I end up having to nerf and modify the content my players want to use before they actually use it (which I do in a separate document, unless the wiki page is horrendously in its wording/balance). This way, they aren't making their choice purely for the stats: they're choosing for the flavor, and to better fit their character concept.

If I encounter a page that wants someone to clean up the wording or to balance the stats, I usually try to do so as soon as I can, often while I'm re-balancing it for my players. I haven't actually done this for very many pages as of yet, the key modifications being to the Tsukumogami "race". Everything else I've done has only been minor edits for wording.

Thank you for reading this page, and I wish you good luck, good health, and a fine rest of your day!

D&D 5e Homebrew[edit]

This is the system I know and love, and was the first TTRPG I learned to play. For now, it's the only system that I can do homebrew stuff for.

My Creations[edit]

These are the things that I created myself!


The Awakener

This class is all about transforming plants into useful minions to help in every way possible. The puzzles you can solve with an extra pair of... vines? Branches?? Eh, they're still useful. The class also comes with 6 creature stat blocks attached. I'm not posting them separately because they are intended to be used with the class, so if you want them, check out the class!

Variant Rules[edit]

Negative Hit Points

Ever thought it was stupid that the only representation of continued attacks against a downed target was through the automatic gain of death saving throw failures, and that theoretically an unconscious PC can take 100 damage from an AoE effect and (assuming their max HP is 101 or higher) suffer nothing more than a single death saving throw failure? Well, with this variant rule that same character probably would have died because it's likely that the damage that made them unconscious in the first place was more than their remaining hit points, and the extra 100 negative hit points would have been just enough to send them over the edge and into the dark abyss of DEATH!

Deadly Falls

I didn't like how inconsequential falling great distances was for even low-level characters. Sure, people can jump off 3, 4, even 6 and 8-story buildings in the real world and walk away as though they had taken a step of the curb, but they can also freaking die! So, this basically increases the damage taken from each additional individual set of 10 feet fallen. Falling 20 feet is not twice as dangerous as falling 10 feet: it's three times as dangerous with this rule! Also some other stuff, but as with all homebrew you should pick and choose what makes the most sense to you.

Weaker Smaller Creatures

Ever thought it was weird that a strong enough gnome can lift boulders just as easily as a half-orc? If you didn't, then this isn't the rule for you, because if you like your itsy bitsy little house cats strong enough to drag entire poodles (average poodles are not as small as you think and weigh a lot more than you might imagine, especially compared to domesticated cats) then you aren't going to like this nerf. If Tiny homebrew races were already considered too weak to be good adventurers for the standard adventure or campaign, then they would be considered useless if you apply this variant rule to them! Basically, a lot of values are halved, but that can be a good thing! After all, smaller bodies need less food and water to survive, making it easier to live off the land.

Level 40 Expansion

DO you like power trips? Then you're going to love becoming a freaking GOD!!!' At least, that's what the 40th-level features I've designed all do. First, you are considered a demigod and become a celestial. If you don't like that a character who has progressed beyond mortal power is no longer considered a humanoid, then go away: we celestial beings don't want you here anyways! Beyond that, the maximum values for your ability scores increases, and every core class with every core subclass has been expanded upon. While the majority of the features were designed to merely be upgrades to or upgraded versions of features that were granted 20 levels earlier in the same class, that doesn't mean the new effects aren't interesting, cool, or simply powerful. The whole idea is to make the character feel like they are slowly becoming a god-like entity as they gain these last 20 levels, and I hate to break it to anyone who still isn't liking this but has read this far, but god-like being are no longer human(oid) and should no longer be considered as such. Anyways, hope you enjoy these!

Major Contributions[edit]

I've only recently gotten into contributing to wiki pages, but here's the stuff I've done quite a bit of work on.



Changes: A lot of small things, but they all added up to a whole world of difference. I was even thanked on my talk page for the work I did! :D


The Critical Warrior

Changes: Pretty much everything. I took the core concept and expanded on it. Also completely changed the Lvl 20 feature, because relegating every outcome to the flip of a coin is stupid and would grow very old, very fast. Could use more content and polishing, but at least it works and, on paper, is balanced.

The Rune Smith

Changes: Complete rework of the entire system. It appeared to be for a completely different game system, and a lot of the class features revolved around exceedingly difficult DCs or punishing you for doing the very thing you're supposed to do. Still a WIP, but it's a major improvement from what it used to be. This is not to be confused with the YouTuber Runesmith.


Phoenix Bloodline (Sorcerer)

Changes: Balancing, wording, streamlining, and some thematic stuff.

Hydric Bloodline (Sorcerer)

Changes: Similarly to the rune smith, it needed a complete rework. Since the lore it seemed to be based off wasn't in line with 5e lore, I also changed that so that the features would make more sense thematically. I also managed to keep the old idea of the subclass while adding in new, useful stuff and making it overall far more interesting.



Changes: Completely reworded everything to make it balanced and fair. Otherwise, you'd be casting three 1-action spells of any level every round!

Pact Leader

Changes: Got the name and idea from MasterMJR on the Discord server, wrote the mechanics for it, they made the page on the wiki and added the content.

Minor Contributions[edit]

I still did stuff for these, but nowhere near as much (in relation to the amount of content there was to begin with, of course).


Awakened (5e Race, not to be confused with the awakened plants from my Awakener class)

Changes: Removed unnecessary stubs since they didn't actually apply to the page. Also added the in-traits race summary.


Oath of Aid (Paladin)

Changes: Added 20th-level feature, slightly changed another feature.



Changes: Balancing and polishing.

Destructive Strength

Changes: Balancing and restriction on usage.

Dragon's Ageing

Changes: Balancing and grammar.


Changes: Wording.

Orcish Power

Changes: Balancing. I also made it cooler! Yeah!

Night Hunter

Changes: Someone else has also been working on this, but I balanced it. Now it's just a matter of balancing via exact wording.

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