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College of Fury[edit]

Bard subclass

You ever have that? You hear it. That part in a song symbolising that moment when your so angry and you have momentary lapses of consciousness where you make poor decisions based solely off of violence? That. That is my favourite genre of music, VIOLENCE.

Rip and Tear

They are rage, brutal, without mercy. Starting at 3rd level, you may use a bardic inspiration die to give a reckless attack to a friendly creature.

Until it is done

But you? You will be worse. Starting at 3rd level, you may make a concentrated effort to play a song that whips up a friendly creature into a rage. Whilst under concentration, the creature is enraged and has all the bonus’ and benefits from said rage.

Flesh and Metal

War Cries are the songs most sweet. Starting at 6th level, you may give an ally an extra attack once per short rest. You gain the ability to give another extra attack every 3 levels from here.

Blood like Fire

Whenever you concentration is lost on an ally, sparks fly, in the literal sense. Starting at 14th level, when your concentration is lost, both you and your ally cast fireball centred on your positions. If the Dex saving throw vs YOUR spell DC is made by both you and your ally, you take no damage. It works as a standard fireball for all other creatures in the radius.

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