Shattering Threads (5e Spell)

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Shattering Threads
Casting time: 2 Actions
Range: 120 feet
Duration: Instantaneous

Gathering all of your power, you attempt to rip another target creature's life out of the flow of time. Roll an ability check using your spellcasting modifier. The DC equals 10. If you succeed on your ability check, cracks in the fabric of reality spread from the creature, dealing 20d6 Time damage to each creature within 30 feet of it (as well as the target). The target rolls a Wisdom saving throw. If the target fails the saving throw and has less than 150 hit points, it instantly dissolves as it ceases to exist or have ever existed. Otherwise, it takes 20d10 Time damage and is knocked unconscious for one round.

After using this spell, you gain 5 levels of exhaustion.

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