Self-Sufficient Dead (5e Spell)

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Self-Sufficient Dead
5th-level Necromancy
Casting time: 10 minutes
Range: 20 feet
Components: V, S, M (tentacle of a mind flayer)
Duration: 24 hours

Target up to 4 corpses or piles of bones within range, each becoming a zombie or skeleton respectively. However, they have an Intelligence of 10, and can speak your languages. They are wholly loyal to you, and take commands given to them, acting at the best of their ability. Unlike those created by animate dead, they won't default to dodging and standing in place if left alone, continuing the tasks given to them. When a command is completed, they return to you.

After the spell ends, the undead remain but are no longer under your control. Additionally, they lose the benefits they would gain from this spell. Instead of using this spell for it's normal purpose, you may use it to reassert control over 6 undead created in this way for the duration of the spell.

At Higher Levels. When cast at 6th level or higher, you create or reassert control over 1 additional undead for every level above 5th.

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