Way of the Toxic Palm (5e Subclass)

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Way of the Toxic Palm[edit]

Monk Subclass

Monks as a whole are incredibly in tune with their bodies and souls, the entire existence of ki as a reinforcement of that fact. Anything from beliefs to training allows them to change and hone this force, especially things like trauma, and unchecked rage.

When these emotional scars manifest themselves in a monk, dangerous things occur. They are significantly less capable of controlling themselves, their other emotions clouding their judgement. While most can manage these feelings at some point, some seek to hone them. Those who follow the Way of the Toxic Palm find the source of this rage, their trauma, and dominate it, but do not truly rid themselves of it. For them, these emotions can be turned on like they flip a switch, and the effect on their souls, their ki, is frightening, manifesting itself as a genuine sickness they inflict upon others.


You have begun to manifest your violent emotions within the physical realm. Starting at 3rd level, when you make an unarmed attack, you may choose to enter the loathing stance, releasing that which you contained. While in this stance, a creature you hit with an unarmed attack has disadvantage on saving throws until the start of your next turn, but you have disadvantage on all saving throws. This stance ends if you have not attacked or been attacked since your last turn, or if you end it as an action. Additionally, you have resistance to poison damage.

Secluded Thoughts

Your training has enhanced your mind, making it nothing less than a steel trap. At 6th level, while not in the Loathing stance, you have advantage on Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws, and your mind cannot be read unless you allow it to be.

Dread Aura

While your feelings are unchained, they flow through the air like a noxious gas. At 11th level, while in the loathing stance, you no longer have disadvantage on all saving throws, only Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws. Also, instead of just having disadvantage on saving throws, they are poisoned until the start of your next turn. Additionally, you are now immune to poison damage instead.

Vengeful Strike

At 17th level, when you land an unarmed strike against a creature that has damaged you, you can spend 5 ki points to force them to make a Constitution saving throw versus your Ki Save DC. On a success, they take 2d10 Poison damage, on a failure, they are poisoned for an hour, and at the start of their turn while they are poisoned in this way, they take 2d10 poison damage. If the creature that fails the save is immune to poison damage, it is instead acid damage. This ignores immunity to the poisoned condition.

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