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Wondrous item, Legendary (Requires attunement by a Ranger or Fighter)

This storm cloud like quiver contains a single arrow, seemingly made from a stabilised arc of lightning. When you put your ear near the quiver you can hear the sounds of rain and thunder rolling by.

Consuming Storm.
When you add a mundane piece of ammunition to the quiver it is consumed by the storm.
Adapting Storm.
When you add a Magical piece of ammunition to the quiver it is consumed by the storm as the storm takes on its properties. only the most resent properties are held by the storm.
Coming Storm.
When you remove the arrow from the quiver, the quiver disperses with a slight gust upwards, meanwhile the arrow starts to warp staying mostly stable until fired from a bow. when the arrow is fired it disappears and a storm cloud starts to form above the direction you you were facing for 750 feet, 1d4 minutes after the arrow is fired it starts to rain the ammunition consumed by the storm(as by the consuming storm property) from the cloud. This ammunition has the same magical properties as that held by the storm from the adapting storm property and deals damage appropriate to the type of ammunition using your bonus with your bow for both the hit and damage. After the storm comes to an end all of the magical ammunition returns to its mundane state while the cloud lingers for 1d6+2 hours with a 5 percent chance of natural rain to occur.

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