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d10 Hit Die Classes[edit]

Classes that have a d10 hit die.

Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Aberration A creature cursed by powerful entities. half 10
Abomination Adventurer with a dark secret. 10
Abyss Knight A fighter who exchanged its soul to gain demonic powers. 10
Abyssal Dragon Lord Nigh-unstoppable warriors who combine the powers of dragons and demons. half 10
Aetherborn Aether. A magical energy that bears life giving energies. When utilized, Aether can be used to heal or empower yourself or your allies. Control these energies and show your enemies the power they squander. half 10
Alcoholic An somewhat self-sustaining DPS with evenly distributed benefits and negatives. 10
Amalgam Amalgams aren't spellcasters in the traditional sense. They don't learn many spells, if any at all. But rather they focus on a very particular magic, one that had long been forgotten by the wizards of Faerun. The strange practice of magically fusing parts of other creatures to themselves. 10
Arcane Blade Arcane blades merge combat ability and elemental magic to defeat their enemies, casting spells and empowering their bodies using the power of mana. 10
Armed Infantry A soldier with access to simple firearms. 10
Armed Infantry, Variant A soldier with access to firearms. 10
Arrowsmith The Arrowsmith uses custom arrows to create chaotic and useful effects on the battlefield from afar. 10
Attacker A specialist in quick and devastating strikes in combat 10
Aztec Warrior 10
Battle Alchemist Warp the battlefield to your every desire. 10
Battle Hedgehog A warrior who uses their spiky armor to protect themselves and hurt their foes. 10
Battle Medic Battled hardened frontline fighter who also specialize in healing. half 10
Battlemage, Variant A magic-wielding combatant that uses the weave of raw arcane energy to enhance their martial capabilities half 10
Battlesmith A weapons smith that forges their own powerful equipment to augment their combat abilities 10
Beast Master A warrior who specializes in taming vicious creatures to do their bidding. 10
Beast Tamer A scholar who prefers the company of beast over others of their kind. 10
Behemoth What barbarians and fighters wish they could be. 10
Black Knight half 10
Blade Dancer A fighter who uses their Dances, creating devastating combos 10
Blade Master, Variant A warrior with an inseparable bond to their blade. 10
Blade Singer A graceful fighter that mesmerizes foes with a mix of magic and swordplay. 10
Bladedancer 10
Blademaster, Stance and Combo A martial melee class that uses stances and successive attacks to build combo points to unleash stronger and stronger attacks. 10
Bladescribe 10
Blood Caster You're not a regular Mage, you are a Caster. You are what those pesky Wizards are striving to be. What those Mages do with their Charisman you do with pure Intelligence. 10
Blood Hunter, Variant Their methods sometimes blur the line between themselves and the evils they hunt, calling their own humanity into question. 10
Blood Knight A bloodthirsty warrior, fighting and killing for the glory of the sinister entity, gaining benefit as the blood sheds from either the self or the enemies. 10
Blood Siphon Warrior specialized in draining blood from its enemies. 10
Bloodguard A dark knight who receives powers through sacrifice to a higher being half 10
Brawler As a brawler you gain the following class features. 10
Brawler, 2nd Variant 10
Channeller A martial spellcaster that can Infuse spells into their weapons to deal massive burst damage. half 10
Chimera A monstrous beast that might be a hybrid of lions, dragons, eagles, snakes and humans. 10
Clairvoyant A perceptive warrior 10
Combat Tactician Fighters who use their battlefield knowledge to complete the mission. 10
Commander A front line warrior who specializes in giving orders. 10
Corrupted Soul A soul whose rot spreads to the body 10
Corsair The corsair is a vicious pirate under the service of a patron, deadly and intimidating, capable of shooting or cutting an enemy's head clear off without hesitation. Not for the faint of heart. 10
Cosmic Swordsman Guardians who call upon the powers of the cosmos for power 10
Cuisiner The cuisiner is a chef who is ready to take down any opponent in the name of food. 10
Curse Bearer 10
Cursed A individual cursed by powers of darkness, who learned how to take control over it. 10
Daring Swashbuckler A whimsically roguish martial class, en garde! 10
Dark Knight A knight who obliterates enemies through the powers of darkness. So like a paladin, but so very different. half 10
Dark Knight, Variant Individuals that harness the power of Darkness. half 10
Dark Lord Opposite of "Bright Lord". third 10
Death's Incarnate Beings beyond reasoning of normal people, that embrace Death as their life, goal and means of justice. 10
Demigod A half breed between a god and a mortal, gifted with godly powers derived from his bloodline. 10
Demolitionist Makes things go boom. 10
Demon Heir half 10
Demon Hunter A demon hunter is one who has made a pact with a devil or vengeful angel to exterminate demons. 10
Dino Rider Let’s Ride Dinosaurs. 10
Divine Hunter A warrior focused on the destruction of unholy creatures in devotion to a deity or other powerful being. half 10
Dragon Blade A swordmaster that fights with deadly grace, skill, and power 10
Dragon Kin Those who's ancestry can be traced back to the dragons, similar to sorcerers, but unlike sorcerers who use their ancestry for magic the Dragonkin use it for strength. Warriors who's skin is as hard as armor and who's teeth are as sharp as daggers. Those are not mere mooks but true dragonkin who make their ancestors proud! 10
Dragon Knight Warriors utilizing dragon cohorts to decimate their opposition. 10
Dragon Lord A battle commander that possesses a powerful bond with dragons 10
Dragon Rider, 2nd Variant Dragon Riders and their partners are a fearsome duo. They share their minds and powers to defeat their foes and defend their allies. third 10
Dragonbound 10
Dragonsoul Warrior A warrior able to channel the power of the dragon souls. 10
Dragoon A polearm user endowed with the arcane for greater physical abilities 10
Dragoon, Variant One who uses a dragon's blood to enhance their physical capabilities. 10
Drunken Brawler Masters of the Drunken Fist 10
Eldritch Cathar 10
Empowered Born with a special power known as the Spark, you bring enemies to their knees and allies from their graves. 10
Enkindler A Dark Souls inspired class. Burn your enemies alive. half 10
Evocatus The best in their fields Evocatus train in anything they can 10
Evolved Seeking for advancement and perfection of their own bodies, an evolved is constantly changing and mutating, becoming abominations and living weapons. 10
Extended Fighter Levels 20 additional levels for the fighter class. 10
Extended Paladin Levels 20 additional levels for the paladin class. 10
Extended Ranger Levels 20 additional levels for the ranger class. 10
Familiar Master A warrior who puts a more powerful form of familiar to use in battle. 10
Fanatic a being who has been stained in blood through battle or trickery 10
Fell Rider Dark riders on mounts, who fell into darkness 10
Fencer An ultra-basic melee focused class 10
Fey Warrior A warrior with otherworldly powers to destroy his enemies. 10
Flowing Blade Slice Enemies to Pieces 10
Follower of Marutuk A beefy frontline fighter that's especially effective when in combat against dragons of all kinds. 10
Football Player Prideful warriors pushing themselves beyond their limits. 10
Force-User, Variant 10
Frenzied Warrior A warrior that blends instincts and tactical combat to gain the upper hand on the battlefield. 10
Frost Bringer One touched by the the Plane of Ice, bound with great power. 10
Frozen Revenant third 10
Fundamental Force Fighter Harnessing the fundamental forces of nature to enhance your combat prowess. half 10
Gem Knight A warrior able to use the mystical power of gemstones in combat 10
Gier Do you have a desire you can feed to the ultimate greed? 10
Gier Variant Do you have a desire you can feed to the ultimate greed? 10
Glacial Knight 10
Gladiator A warrior for entertainment, much like those in the Roman Colosseum of yore. 10
Gladiator, Variant 10
God Seeker A largely two-handed melee-based fighter who can lead or go it alone. 10
Godbinder A warrior who binds the power of gods to their will to help in combat, exploring, and produce amazing miracles 10
Godslayer One forsaken seeks revenge on that which hath left them stranded 10
Grave Walker You have died. You know this. You felt the blood draining from your wounds, and then you died. But you have awoken once more, cast adrift between the worlds of light and dark, forever bound within this world, unless your curse be lifted. You have been bound to a wraith, once powerful in life, who was summoned by this curse. You and this wraith are now one, and forever will roam the lands, until your second death. 10
Gravitonic Master This indomitable warrior wields and manipulates the force of gravity. 10
Gravitonic Master, 2nd Variant This indomitable warrior wields and manipulates the force of gravity. 10
Gravitonic Master, Variant This indomitable warrior wields and manipulates the force of gravity. 10
Gri-Gri Mystic (Wokan) A primitive casting class, able to learn casting spells through sacrifice, spellbooks or scrolls, or by being taught. full 10
Guardian Guardians are durable melee fighters who develop nature based spellcasting abilities. half 10
Guardian Chronomancer A defender, or corrupter, of time tasked by the gods of Time and Fate to maintain the Prime Timelines 10
Guardian Knight A protector of the forest that follows the laws of nature above the laws of man. 10
Guardian, Variant A construct built to serve as a protector. 10
Gunlance Wielder 10
Gunslinger, 4th Variant Another gunslinger class based on single shot weapons more fitting of a medieval setting. 10
Hallowed Hunter A very specialized huntress that excels in combat against otherworldly foes. 10
Heavyweight Boxer Beefy brawlers who fight for fame and glory. 10
Hemomancer Bend the blood of your enemies to your whims. 10
Hemomancer 1.0 Bend the blood of your enemies to your whims. 10
Herald Champions of greatness who use their raw force of personality to empower their allies. half 10
Hunter A hunter is a more favored enemy focused ranger. 10
Hurricane Knight A warrior capable of controlling the power of wind. 10
Ice Warrior A combatant capable of controlling ice with magic. 10
Inquisitor, 2nd Variant Holy warrior who is entrusted with the task of rooting out heresy. full 10
Inquisitor, Variant Holy warrior who is entrusted with the task of root out heresy. full 10
Iron Chef, Variant The cuisiner is a chef who is ready to take down any opponent in the name of food. 10
Jester A master of chaos, it's unknown whether they will harm their enemies, their friends, or themselves. 10
Jumper A fighter that has the innate ability to teleport over distances, and uses this to achieve the upper hand on the fight 10
Kickboxer A melee fighter who utilizes ever part of their body 10
User:Killer Queen/Vampire A normal creature, twisted by an artifact of great power. 10
Knight Warriors of nobility and valor who fight for either their lady's hand or for fame and honor. 10
Knight of the Fey Knights who have pledged themselves to the service of a specific archfey or a Fey court as a whole in return for magical power. 10
Legionnaire Soldiers who rely on standard combat prowess in battle, rather than magic or maneuvers. 10
Light Mage A mage with destructive light powers 10
Living Armor An unfortunate soul, bound to a suit of armor for all eternity half 10
Living Weapon One who becomes their own arsenal 10
Lodestar half 10
Luchador Honor, Family, Tradition. That is the Way of the Luchador: the masked wrestlers of Hispanic origin. 10
Lycanthrope Shapeshifters empowered through their lycanthropic curse. 10
Mage Hunter We kill magic users 10
Marrow Knight Individuals with special armor made of their own bones which grants them a variety of magical abilities. half 10
Marshal A battlefield commander experienced in inspiring and ordering their companions 10
Martial Artist Warriors to seek to master the art of combat. 10
Master of the Arcane Sword A warrior specialized in a way of combat that blends the use of mundane weapon techniques with arcane magic. half 10
Master Puppeteer A person who uses a puppet as a tool to amplify their abilites. half 10
Mender Heal Your Party Members, Then Find Out You Should've Healed yourself. 10
Mercenary 10
Meteor Knight The Meteor Knight is a heavily armed combatant, who moves through enemy lines with ease. 10
Musketeer A fencer and sharpshooter task with the duty of protecting the realm and the king. 10
Nightbringer The nightbringer is freedom, darkness, and chaos incarnate half 10
Nordic Warrior A warrior that comes from the north, protected by magical runes and by the gods themselves, and imbued with lust for pleasure, adventure and war. 10
Northern Ranger These are rangers that have been living in the north, learning to endure harsh conditions and fighting skills, as they are the first line of defense of the north. They show a great mastery on sword and combat skills as they train almost non-stop, as well as others such as tracking or survival in the wilderness. There aren't many northern rangers left, but those that still survive are considered to be brothers. 10
Ouroban half 10
Overlord, Variant A tyrant, an oppressor, and a dictator. These are all words to describe some of what an overlord really is. half 10
Phoenix Knight 10
Plague Doctor A healer who specializes in treating the suffering of patients, and increasing the suffering of enemies 10
Plaguetouched 10
Planerider Wanderer of Worlds, Master of Travel, a Planerider uses their natural energy to travel between planes, and bring a little something with them. 10
Prince Royal heirs with incredible skill and intellect, that descend from the "Exalt" the true royal family. 10
Psychopath, Variant A crazed killer or manipulative murderer. 10
Puppeteer, Variant A person who uses a puppet as a tool to amplify their abilites. half 10
Quietus A versatile class that uses taunts and takes advantage of those suffering around him. 10
Random Dice A Dice Caster rarely ever combats their opponents. Only through the power of their dice will they prevail. 10
Ranger, 2nd Variant Acting as a bulwark between civilization and the terrors of the wilderness, rangers study, track, and hunt their favored enemies. half 10
Ranger, Variant An extensive rework of the classic Ranger class of 5th Edition. 10
Reaver A humanoid whom lives for the fight, and uses the blood of other creatures to their own benefits. 10
Runepriest One who uses the divine alphabet of the gods 10
Runeseeker Runeseekers are researchers of ancient runes, they carve them on their weapon to use it as a spellbook and arcane focus. half 10
Runic Knight A warrior that engraves its weapon with magical runes to enhance its fighting capabilities. 10
Runic Warrior 10
Samurai As a Samurai you gain the following class features. 10
Samurai, Variant A warrior who fights with deadly grace and skill 10
Scourge Warlock Half Demon of the race you choose half 10
Scythe Master Scythe Masters who uses arcane magic to augment their martial prowess. half 10
Sentinel One bound to duty of the guard 10
Shadow Knight A secret demonic knighthood. Using shadows as the source of their strength to combat any who oppose. 10
Shielder As the name implies, shielder's specialize in protecting themselves and those around them. 10
Shroomancer A class for a fungi or those who wield them. 10
Siege Warrior A melee combatant specialized in mass skirmishes, war and siege battles. 10
Skald An adaptation of the pathfinder hybrid class (Bard and Barbarian) half 10
Skiódi A worshipper of Erebus. The Greek God of darkness. 10
Slasher A forsaken revenant, a deranged murderer, or sometimes just someone with a very, very crooked sense of justice. 10
Slinger These men and women make masterful use of the humble Sling, raining death upon their enemies with stones or lead bullets. 10
Sniper half 10
Solar Knight "Praise The Sun!" 10
Soldier A modern combatant. 10
Soldier, Variant A modern combatant. 10
Soul Knife Never caught unarmed, the Soul Knife is the literal interpretation of using the power of the soul as a weapon. 10
Soul Manipulator Individuals who can draw forth the power of souls. 10
Soul Vessel Warriors who have learned to harness the power of soul, a magical force which resides within them. 10
Soul Weaver You channel the souls of dead men into your lantern and the light unleashes powerful energy to defeat your foes or aid your allies. 10
Space Marine A soldier from a far off world who has been stranded on a planet full of magic and fantasy . 10
Spartan, Variant Spartan Warriors are strong fighters of war that use spears, swords, and shields. 10
Spectral Slayer Duel wielding fighters that cannot be manipulated among friends and foes alike. 10
Spellblade, Variant An arcane warrior able to cast powerful spells while remaining true to its nature as a melee fighter, thanks to a simple and innovative mechanic. full 10
Spirit Guardian Guardians of the spirits. half 10
Spiritual Blacksmith A warrior capable of creating weapons made of spiritual energy. 10
Storage Magician A magician that summons her powers to quickly store away and retrieve items from her own plane of existence known as the Spectral Plane. half 10
Storm Knight Warrior capable of using storm and lightning powers. third 10
Storm Razer As a Storm Razer, you gain the following features: half 10
Stormbreaker Smash, break, break, break enemies! 10
Strider A deadly hunter, a killer of men, with no morals but those he chooses for himself, and an endless debt to Death itself. 10
Taoist Warrior Spiritual warriors who find a balance between serenity and chaos in both war and magic. half 10
Taser Shocking! It's a maniac, probably. 10
Theurgist Those who use force of will to control outside powers. third 10
Tonberry Knight A brave knight who cleaves a path for their allies half 10
Twinmind Two heads are better than one, as are two bodies. 10
Valkrym A Chosen One imbued with darkness by the Gods to deliver their Judgement. half 10
Valkyrie, Variant The beautiful battlemaidens descend from Asgard to collect the souls of fallen soldiers. half 10
Vampire Assassin Variant third 10
Vampyre Knight You are one of the last descendants of old these Vampyre's use their blood to empower them selves and show true fear. half 10
Vanguard The ultimate symbol of sturdiness. 10
Variant Ranger, Commando Non-magical Ranger with emphasis on infiltrating and surviving in hostile territory 10
Vindicator Holy warriors that seek to turn evil towards the righteous path. 10
Warden Wardens are durable melee fighters who can change stances and evolve to specialize in an element. half 10
Warpriest A divine warrior that manipulates radiant energy to assist friends or harm foes. half 10
Warrior of Fenris 10
Warrior Poet 10
Weapon Master The Weapon Master is a skillful soldier who handles weapons as if it were an extension of their body. 10
Wielder of a Legendary Weapon An even more versatile fighter, with some resemblance to monk and a huge reliance on one magical item. third 10
World Strider World Striders are the fastest humanoids to exist, darting around the world with no chance to be caught. 10
Wrestler Whether through brute strength or incredible skill, the wrestler is a charismatic melee fighter adept at dishing out pain, soaking up punishment, and controlling the flow of battle. 10
Wrestler, Variant Whether through brute strength or incredible skill, the wrestler is a charismatic melee fighter adept at dishing out pain, soaking up punishment, and controlling the flow of battle. 10
Zephyr A fighter who uses the power of wind to enhance their movements and attacks. 10

d10 Hit Die Classes Based on Existing Fiction[edit]

D10 hit die classes which are based on characters or archetypes from other works of fiction.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Abomination, Variant ever been unable to contain stress? let it consume you 10
Apostle In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control; even over his own will. 10
Aura Swordsman A strong and skillfull swordsman. Has infinite potential with the sword and a strong body due to strict training. 10
Biskmatar half 10
Blacklight Mutator Once a normal creature, exposed to an aberration/cursed virus you are more than just the creature, you are an infected hybrid. 10
Blacklight Virus A genetically enhanced mutation which allows the user access to alter their genetic code for biological weapons. 10
Blaster A warrior who uses a magical weapon called a Pile Bunker, a weapon which deals massive explosions and can shred through any obstacles. half 10
Blood Quirk A quirk that incorporated blood in a major way. 10
Cavalier Fearsome and courageous knights that ride their steed into battle. 10
Cosmos User Powerful Knights that uses the cosmos of the universe to fight. 10
Covenant Soldier A force of conquest throughout the galaxy. 10
Crusader You are a valiant champion whose goal is to smite evil. 10
Custom Stand User Variation A Class of Stand User with a customized stand. No Star Platinums or The Worlds over here. 10
Daemon Eater Individuals that suffer from the Daemonblight, causing their soul to emit a toxic aura simply called Malevolence and slowly turning them into Daemons. 10
Daemon Eater Variant Individuals infected with a blight that grants them power. 10
Death Knight, 2nd Variant half 10
Demon Slayer A swordsman/swordswoman who's joined the ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps. 10
Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Being a Demon Slayer involves placing your life on the line to stop the spread of the demon plague. As part of your training, you will need to learn a stance of combat and a breathing technique to engage your enemies in battle. 10
Demon Wielder Fighters who utilize the power of demons to assist them in battle. 10
Devil Hunter, 2nd Variant Style on your enemies, Devil May Cry style. 10
Devil Hunter, Variant Style on your enemies, Devil May Cry style. 10
Dovahkiin half 10
Dragon Rider A warrior possessing magical powers by being bonded with a dragon. (Based on the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.) 10
Dragonsmith A warrior with a size-changing dragon and nifty smithy skills third 10
Driver 10
Espada 10
Fable Wolf Beings who have struggled to integrate into society due to their bestial nature. 10
Force Master A powerful warrior who can use the force. 10
Force Sensitive As the name implies, Force Sensitive's specialize in using the force to protect themselves and those around them.. 10
Force Sensitive, Variant A being with a rare connection to the force 10
Frost Demon (5e Race) An all-out offensive class with powerful energy attacks, transformations, and telekinesis. 10
Ghoul, Variant A Humanoid monster with powerful Natural weapons that have plenty of power, and utility. Very helpful especially when you need to sate a diet that consists of human flesh. 10
Golden Eyes Dances with Wolves 10
Greatcoat 10
Green Lantern Peacekeepers of green light 10
Grimoire User 10
Gungeoneer A dungeon delver who uses their wit and intellect to dip dive and dodgeroll through traps and enemies. 10
Gungeoneer, Variant A dungeon delver who uses their wit and intellect to dip dive and dodgeroll through traps and enemies. 10
Hallownest Knight A class based around the Hollow Knight lore. 10
Hand of the Kraken A religious warrior that summons tentacles to control the battlefield. half 10
Huntsman A versatile fighting class that makes use of a transforming weapon and mitigates damage with Aura (RWBY). 10
Huntsman Variant A versatile fighting class that makes use of a transforming weapon and mitigates damage with Aura (RWBY). 10
Huntsman/Huntress, Variant A highly customizable warrior who protects people and slays monsters. Based on the show RWBY. 10
Hyrule: Fighter You are a master of traditional combat. Few can match your training and talent on the battlefield. 10
Imperial Guardsman The regular infantry of the Imperial Guard, whom are ready to die for the Emperor. 10
Insect Glaive Hunter The Insect Glaive hunter is an unique warrior who takes down the enemy with mobility and his loyal Kinsect companion. 10
Iron Solari 10
Jedi/Sith A powerful warrior, who using a strange mystic energy, known as, The Force. 10
Kamen Rider Heisei ¿Are you ready? ¡Henshin! half 10
Keyblade Guardian half 10
Keyblade Master A fierce warrior wielding immense and unique power. 10
Keyblade Master, Variant The ancient keyblade legacy has awakened inside you. Use it wisely, as it will be more than just a weapon. 10
Legendary Swordsman Swordsman chosen by the gods. 10
Legionis Elite officers who use the power of spectral entities called Legions. 10
Living Weapon, Variant Inspired by Kantai Girls, Azure Lane, and the Military. 10
Manakete Beings who have a connection to dragons whithin their blood. They gain strength and power from it, shapeshifting their body into draconic forms. But they must be wary to not let it consume them. 10
Monado Wielder You are one of the rare people able to wield the power of the legendary fate-altering sword, the Monado. 10
Monkey King A class based on God of highschool 10
Monkey King (Rebalanced) A class based on God of highschool 10
Monster/Beast Hunter A Guardian of nature and people equally. 10
Nomu An unnatural fusion of quirks. 10
One for All Wield a powerful quirk passed down from hero to hero 10
Operative A strategist, both fighting and providing utility. 10
Plumber An adventurer with superhuman jumping abilities. 10
Quirk User A person whose unique power has 10
Reishi A warrior that has mastered the art of Reiki channeling (Yu Yu Hakusho) 10
Revenant Revenants channel the spiritual energy of powerful souls in the spirit realm. half 10
Rider, Variant A specialized class based of the Rider Servants from the Fate series 10
Saber A specialized class based of the Saber Servants from the Fate series 10
Shifter Creatures with the ability to transform into other creatures. 10
Shinigami, Variant A class based on the hit anime and manga series, Bleach. 10
Shovel Knight A knight that lives by a holy code and uses a sacred blade: The Shovel Blade! 10
Sin of Wrath, Variant 10
Sith A true warrior of the dark side, you are above all others in power and status. 10
Soul Reaper 10
Soulbringer Adaptable spellswords with conviction and arcane senses. 10
Spellbreaker A Spellbreaker is both a destroyer and protector of magic. 10
Spider Rider A warrior from a far-flung world who fights alongside a battle spider. 10
Stand User (Custom) A Class of Stand User with a customized stand. No Star Platinums or The Worlds over here. 10
Stand User (Custom) Variant A Class of Stand User with a customized stand. No Star Platinums or The Worlds over here. 10
Stand User, 2nd Variant 10
Steel Stringer An assassin of eloquence third 10
Survivalist A wily character who makes up for offense with out of the box animal tricks 10
Survivalist, Fallout Variant A lonesome watchman. 10
Swordsman, Variant A dex-based weapon fighter based on swordsman from one piece fiction. 10
Tager A person who has inextricably bonded themself with a being from the Far Realm, gaining a shifted form in the process. 10
Tech-Priest 10
Tokyo Ghoul A mutated monster that just wants to live. 10
Vampire, Stone Mask Variant A normal creature, twisted by an artifact of great power. 10
Vein Revenant Revenants can be played in a variety of ways. The can stay back and cast powerful spells using Ichor, or charge in head-first with giant weapons in hand. 10
Vein Revenant, Variant A species of vampire that was born from the Miasma disease. 10
Witcher, Variant Monster Hunter Class based on Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski's books. 10
Wonderful One A masked hero, fueled by their Wonder-Pendant. 10
Wukong A class based on the character Jin Mori from God of highschool 10

d10 Hit Die April Fools Classes[edit]

D10 hit die classes with a more comedic twist.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Bud Light Knight, Variant A warrior in service to a kingdom that uses the power of Bud Light to attack their enemies and help their allies. 10
Corpse Just a dead corpse 100
Explosive Swordsman Just cut and blow everything to pieces 10
Furry Clad in cursed fursuits, these savage warriors are animals in their minds and abilities. 10
Gentleman, 3rd Variant Tip top, my fair lady! 10
Halfwit A hero empowered by their propensity for mistakes. 10
Multiattacker A class that attacks multiple times per turn 10
Muscle Wizard A martial mage who has taken the monk's study of the fist and enhanced it with arcane energy. Think Saitama or Major Armstrong. half 10
Rugger A rough and tumble fighter with a strong team spirit 10
Umbrella Warrior A half-brawler, half-spellcaster with some support features and an increasingly beat-up umbrella. half 10
Waifu All of the best Waifus in one place! (kind of...) 10

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