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Fell Rider[edit]

They themselves do not see the world of light as we do, but our shapes cast shadows in their minds, which only the noon sun destroys; and in the dark they perceive many signs and forms that are hidden from us: then they are most to be feared.
The Fellowship of the Ring, by J. R. R. Tolkien

Fallen Kings[edit]

They were once men; great kings of men ... the darkness gave them power and slowly changed them, leaving the kings spectral, invisible to all but those who could see into the Ethereal Plane. The fell riders' own weapons included long swords of steel and daggers. Their leader possessed a powerful black mace as well. Their arsenal of deadly armaments was not confined to physical means; they also had powerful voices, which brought terror into the hearts of mortals and a general aura of dread. They wore hauberks of silver mail and had enhanced senses of hearing and smell. They were also amazing riders that could ride and tame almost anything with their dark power.

Creating a Fell Rider[edit]

Nazgul, from Lord of the Rings

A fell rider is a melee fighter and fights well on a mount, but fallen from the eyes of normal warriors. What changed you from being just a normal rider to one of dread and despair? Did your codes of chivalry fall on the wayside in pursuit of a greater power?

Quick Build

You can make a fell rider quickly by following these suggestions. First, Strength should be your highest ability score, followed by Charisma and Constitution. Second, choose the Urchin or Criminal background.

Class Features

As a Fell Rider you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per Fell Rider level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution modifier per Fell Rider level after 1st


Armor: All armor, shields
Weapons: Simple weapons, martial Weapons
Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution
Skills: Choose two from Intimidation, Athletics, Perception, Insight, Stealth, Survival, Arcana, and History.


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

Table: The Fell Rider

Level Proficiency
1st +2 Black Breath, The Fell Rider
2nd +2 One With Night
3rd +2 Ways Of The Nine
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement
5th +3 Extra Attack
6th +3 Black Breath improvement
7th +3 Ways Of The Nine feature,
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement
9th +4 Wraiths Heart
10th +4 Ways Of The Nine feature
11th +4 The Morghul-Blade
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5 Wraiths Heart improvement
14th +5 Voices Of The Dead
15th +5 Ways Of The Nine feature
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6 Wraiths Heart improvement
18th +6 Ways Of The Nine feature
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement
20th +6 The Fell Beasts Arise

Black Breath[edit]

They are surrounded by an aura of terror and death, which is poisonous to mortal beings. This darkness seemed to issue forth from their very exhaust, and so fell riders were known as the ones breathing black breath. Merely being in the vicinity of one of them could cause disorientation and illness. Intense exposure could be lethal. You have an aura which emits out to 5 feet of yourself. When a creature ends their turn within 5 feet of you, you may expend a reaction and force them to attempt a Wisdom saving throw of DC 8 + your Constitution modifier. On failure, they become paralyzed until the end of their next turn. On success, they are unaffected and are immune to this feature's effect for the next 24 hours. You must finish a short or long rest to use this feature again.

Starting 6th level, your breath emissions are toxic towards other creatures. Creatures which end their turn within 5 feet of you take poison damage equal to your Constitution modifier.

The Fell Rider[edit]

The term "rider" is applied a bit loosely here. You are essentially a force which sweeps by like one rides a steed, gone with the wind, a trail of carnage left behind. You have a riding horse among your starting equipment. You can decide how this horse looks. This horse is your faithful companion and steed. It will fight for you with all of its might as you both ride off gallantly in the battlefield together. If your horse is ever slain, you will need to buy a new steed to replace it.

One With Night[edit]

Starting at 2nd level, you go forth with the obscuring darkness emanating from your body and leaching your senses, giving you greater affinity and sense with darkness. You gain advantage on attack rolls and Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight when you, the target of your attack, or whatever you are trying to perceive is in darkness.

Ways Of The Nine[edit]

At 3rd level, you may now decide what dark lord you shall become as a fallen king. Choose either Shadow Lord or Dark Marshal Lord, all detailed at the end of the class description. Your choice grants you features at 3rd level and again at 7th, 10th, 15th and 18th level.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Extra Attack[edit]

Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

Wraiths Heart[edit]

Beginning at 9th level, your heart and body degrade to become like nebulous darkness. Slowly, but surely, you transcend biological constraints. You gain resistance to poison damage. You additionally gain advantage in saving throws against sleep and diseases, as well as being poisoned.

This power that courses through your body grows stronger as you delve deeper into the mystique that is the fell rider. Starting 13th level, you also gain advantage in saving throws against being blinded or charmed.

Starting 17th level, you gain fuller control of this of this spiritual body and your mental faculties sharpen. You gain advantage in saving throws against being petrified or paralyzed.

The Morghul-Blade[edit]

Starting 11th level, your tempered inner wraith powers your weapons. As a bonus action, you may make a special attack with your weapon, making it glow with negative energies. The weapon you use must be one you are proficient in. You make this special weapon attack with advantage and deal necrotic damage equal to Xd10, where X equals your proficiency bonus, instead of the weapon's normal damage die. This attack is magical for all purposes and bypasses resistance and immunity. You must finish a short or long rest before using this feature again.

Voices Of The Dead[edit]

Starting 14th level, the voices of the departed give you wisdom and agility to escape from traps and other situations. You have advantage on Dexterity saving throws against effects that you can see, such as traps and spells. To gain this benefit, you can’t be blinded, incapacitated.

The Fell Beasts Arise[edit]

At 20th level, you reach the pinnacle of the fell rider, attaining at last a steed truly worthy of you to ride and spread terror with. As part of a short rest, you may sacrifice a Medium or larger mount that you have tamed and control as part of a 1-hour ritual. At the end of the ritual, the mount molts its original form and becomes a fell beast. This creature is friendly to your and others friendly to you and will do its best to obey your commands. It rolls its own initiative and acts on its own turn. When the beast drops to 0 hit points, it crumbles into dust, leaving behind the skeletal remains of the original creature sacrificed to summon it. You can only have one fell beast at a time.

Design Note: If your DM does not allow flying combat for you or your world, you can use this variant feature instead:

The King Returns

They were once men, great kings of men... Now your powers of being a great king returns. You gain advantage in death saving throws. Additionally, if you should drop to 0 hit points, you may instead drop to 1 hit point. You must finish a long rest before using this feature.

Shadow Lord[edit]

You are an enigmatic figure who does not necessarily need a mount. You are able to utilize the power of your inner wraith at will to disorient enemies with dark power.

Voices From The Shadows

Beginning at 3rd level,the spirits from the shadows speak to you and tell you when a attack is incoming. No attack roll has advantage against you while you aren’t incapacitated or unconscious.

Ethereal Walker

You cease to have weight, instead having a ghastly presence. starting 7th level, you are immune to the effects of difficult terrain and you do not take damage from falling.

Wraith Blade

Your blade is now wispy and ethereal too. It can pass through enemies, slicing only their vitals. Starting 10th level, your critical hits now land on rolls 19-20.

We Are Not Men

Fell riders are difficult to slay, as weapons which strike them have chances of being rusted or weakened, and their users, drained. When a creature successfully attacks you with a melee weapon attack, you may use your reaction to force them to make a Wisdom saving throw against a DC of 8 + your Constitution modifier + your proficiency bonus. On a fail, any damage they deal is halved until the end of their next turn, and their next attack rolls are made with disadvantage. You may use this feature a number of times equal to your Strength modifier, regaining use when you finish a long rest.

Sight into the Planes

You can now see everything clearer, while everyone else is clouded by shadow. You gain truesight for up to 120 feet. You also gain 30 feet of Ethereal Sight, allowing you to see into the Ethereal Plane when you are on the Material Plane, and vice versa.

Dark Marshal Lord[edit]

You are a rallying cry for yourself and others, bringing them under you and your steed.

Marshals Maneuver

Up on your mount, you are able to scout out danger much easier to bolster defenses. Starting 3rd level, you get a +2 bonus to your Armor Class when mounted.

Voice Of Kings

Beginning 7th level, your power shows as a form of encouragement for others. As an action, you may give a mental shout of rally to a creature within 60 feet of you. The creature gets a bonus to their next ability check or attack roll, equal to the sum of your Strength modifier and Charisma modifier.

Rider of the Undead

Beginning at 10th level, you have advantage on melee weapon attack rolls against any unmounted creature whose size is smaller than your mount. Your mount has become just as much of a force on the battlefield as you have. Your mounts instincts are so honed that you have advantage on initiative rolls while mounted.

Riding King

Beginning at 15th level, if you are surprised at the beginning of combat and you are not incapacitated, you can act normally on your first turn so long as you are mounted.

Marshal of the Wraiths

Beginning at 18th level, you may target a humanoid within 30 feet of you which has died wince your last turn that you can see. As an action, you may raise that humanoid as a specter under your control. The specter will attack any creature which ends its turn within 5 feet of it. You may expend your bonus action to command the specter to move or use one of its actions on your own turn. You can only have as many as X specters, where X equals your Charisma modifier.


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the Fell Rider class, you must meet these prerequisites:Strength 13 and Constitution 13

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the Fell Rider class, you gain the following proficiencies: Simple weapons, Martial weapons, and All armor,

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