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Grave Walker[edit]

Typically clad in leather or light plate, with a longsword, bow, and dagger, cloaked in shadow and bearing light from beyond death itself, the Grave Walker hunts its enemies with an undying vigour.

Creating a Grave Walker[edit]

Credit to Monolith Productions for original idea

A Grave Walker is often a lone hunter, but can work alongside others. Due to their myriad weapon proficiencies, they can participate in both ranged and melee combat as well as stealth, and can create minions to serve at higher levels.

Quick Build

You can make a Grave Walker quickly by following these suggestions. First, Dexterity should be your highest ability score, followed by Wisdom. Second, choose the Revenant homebrew background. Third, choose a longsword and dagger, a longbow with no arrows, and an adventuring pack for your starting equipment.

Class Features

As a Grave Walker you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per Grave Walker level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution modifier per Grave Walker level after 1st


Armor: Light, Medium
Weapons: Martial, Simple
Tools: None
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Wisdom
Skills: Choose 3 from Stealth, Acrobatics, Survival, Arcana, Nature, Perception, Insight, and Intimidation


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) Longsword and Dagger or (b) Sword and Shield
  • (a) Longbow with no Arrows or (b) Shortbow with no Arrows
  • (a) Dungeoneering Pack or (b) Adventuring Pack
  • Pack of 20 throwing daggers (1d4)
  • Leather Armor

Table: The Grave Walker

Level Proficiency
Wraith Fire Features
1st +2 2 Wraith fire, Bound Wraith
2nd +2 4
3rd +2 6
4th +2 8 Ability Score Improvement
5th +3 10 Second Tier Wraith Abilities, Extra Attack
6th +3 12
7th +3 14
8th +3 16 Ability Score Improvement
9th +4 18 Third Tier Wraith Abilities
10th +4 20
11th +4 22 Extra Attack(2)
12th +4 24 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5 26 Fourth Tier Wraith Abilities
14th +5 28
15th +5 30
16th +5 32 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6 34 Fifth Tier Wraith Abilities
18th +6 36
19th +6 38 Ability Score Improvement
20th +6 40 Wraith Mastery, Extra Attack(3)

Bound Wraith[edit]

In life the wraith that has merged with your soul was truly powerful, choose one of the following crafts. This represents the craft that the wraith mastered over the course of it's life.


Master Smith[edit]

Spectral Tools

The wraith that is bound to you was an expert smith in life. As an action, you may summon spectral smith's tools which persist as long as they are within 25 feet of you. Once you are further than 25 feet from them, the tools dissipate. When you use your spectral tools for their intended craft, you may add twice your proficiency modifier to checks made with them. Other creatures may not add their proficiency modifier to checks with your spectral tools, even if they are proficient.

Runic Weapon

You may use your spectral tools to craft any weapon that you are proficient with. This weapon costs 100 gp to craft, and may be summoned to you using a bonus action and a free hand, from any distance, even from another plane. Once completed, you can use your spectral tools to mark the weapon with runes, doubling the total cost of the weapon with each rune. You may craft any number of runic weapons, and each can have up to three runes on it. For example, crafting your runic weapon would cost 100 gold. The the 1st rune would cost another 100 gold, while the second would cost 200 gold, and the 3rd rune would be 400 gold. You must take the appropriate amount of crafting time and spend the required gold to add runes to your weapon.

Each rune adds abilities to your weapon:

1st rune: Your runic weapon ignores resistance to non-magical damage. After reaching 10th level, this runic weapon is now indestructible.

2nd rune: When you land a critical hit with your runic weapon, you deal double your ability modifier as damage, in addition to doubling the damage dice as normal. After reaching 15th level, increase the damage die of your runic weapon by one size (1->d2->d4->d6->d8->d10->d12->2d6->2d8->2d10->2d12).

3rd rune: Any time you use your runic weapon to attack with advantage, if both rolls would hit, regain 1 expended wraith fire. After reaching 20th level, you also regain 1 expended wraith fire each time you deal a critical hit to a creature.

Master Alchemist[edit]

Master Artificer[edit]

Spectral Tools

The wraith that is bound to you was an expert artificer in life. As an action, you may summon spectral tinker's tools which persist as long as they are within 25 feet of you. Once you are further than 25 feet from them, the tools dissipate. When you use your spectral tools for their intended craft, you may add twice your proficiency modifier to checks made with them. Other creatures may not add their proficiency modifier to checks with your spectral tools, even if they are proficient.

Ingenious Invention

You may use your spectral tools to craft an invention from the following list. You are considered proficient with all of these items once you have crafted them. The cost to craft each invention is shown in the table below. Once completed, you can use your spectral tools to upgrade your invention, doubling it's total cost with each upgrade. You may upgrade your invention up to three times. You may create additional Ingenious Inventions, paying the listed cost for each. You must take the appropriate amount of crafting time and spend the required gold to upgrade your invention.

Ingenious Inventions
Name Gold Description
Clockwork Armor 500 AC 14 + Dex (Max 2), Medium armor, Advantage to athletics

Overcharge: Spend Wraith Fire as a reaction when attacked (up to your proficiency modifier) in order to gain bonus AC equal to the Wraith Fire used until end of turn. When worn by a creature with no available wraith fire, this becomes heavy armor, AC 14 (no dex) which requires 15 Str and gives disadvantage to athletics, acrobatics, slight of hand, and stealth.

Reaper 2,000 Bolt action rifle which requires attunement, (2d12 + Dex Force damage, Range 200/800, Ammunition, Two-handed, Reload 1, Misfire 3 (see reaper round)
Reaper Round 5 Each round holds 1 charge, which is expended when fired and recharges each day at dawn. On a misfire, the round disintegrates, leaving Reaper empty.
Wraithjammer 20,000 Gargantuan flying vehicle (50ft by 20 ft), Pilot: While attuned to a wraithjammer, a creature may not spend wraith fire, but may use their action each turn to move the ship up to it's current maximum speed with up to one turn of no more than 90 degrees. While a creature is attuned to a wraithjammer, the ship itself creates a pocket of breathable air that extends 20 feet out from the vessel and travels with it, as well as gravity oriented to the deck. Both the air and the gravity are comfortable and normal for the pilot. See below for additional details.
Spellbox 100 Spellboxes are firearms (usually pistols), enchanted to launch cantrips instead of using ammunition. Any cantrip which requires a ranged attack roll may be imbued into a spellbox.

Spell Launcher: As an attack, make a ranged attack roll using dexterity or your spell attack modifier (your choice). On a hit, deal damage based on the cantrip imbued. If you used a spell attack modifier for the attack, you may add it to the damage as you would with desterity. If the spellbox is a rifle, the imbued spell's range is doubled.


Piloting requires attunement by a creature with available wraith fire

This small ship looks much like a sailing ship, but has no main sail or mast. It has small folding wings and is powered by wraith fire. Normally with two wraith cannons on either side, this ship can fit several more people than it's full crew because the ship is attuned to the pilot.

AC: 17, Hit Points: 250, Damage Threshold: 10 (damage from any spell, attack, or spell attack must exceed 10 damage or the Wraithjammer takes no damage)

Crew: 1 pilot up to 4 gunners, Passengers: 10, Cargo: 1 ton, Speed: a number of feet equal to twice the pilot's available wraith fire rounded down.

Damage Immunities: poison, psychic, necrotic

Condition Immunities: blinded, charmed, deafened, exhaustion, frightened, incapacitated, paralyzed, petrified, poisoned, prone, stunned, unconscious.

Pilot: While attuned to a wraithjammer, a creature may not spend wraith fire, but may use their action each turn to move the ship up to it's current maximum speed with up to one turn of no more than 90 degrees. While a creature is attuned to a wraithjammer, the ship itself creates a pocket of breathable air that extends 20 feet out from the vessel and travels with it, as well as gravity oriented to the deck. Both the air and the gravity are comfortable and normal for the pilot.

Wraith Cannons: An arcane weapon, any creature may operate a wraith cannon as an action, using their dexterity or spell attack modifier to launch a bolt of energy. On a hit, the wraith cannon deals a number of d12 damage dice equal to your proficiency modifier as necrotic damage.

Armored Plating

Add +2 bonus armor to the invention.

Reinforced Frame

Double the Hit Points of the invention. (Reaper rounds will survive one misfire before disintegrating, wraithjammer has 500 Hit Points)


Advantage to stealth checks (armor, wraithjammer) or disadvantage to opposing perception checks (reaper, wraithjammer) when using the invention.

Targeting Assist

+1 bonus to attacks with the invention.

Wraith Fire[edit]

From using your bow to fire ethereal arrows, to throwing daggers of light and bursting aflame to ruin your enemies, Wraith Fire is a measure of your ability to pull some power from the void beyond death and visit it upon the world. Many abilities are powered by Wraith Fire. You don't naturally regain expended wraith fire; you regenerate all expended wraith fire when you kill a creature of greater level (or CR) than yourself. If you do not get the killing blow but assist in killing such a creature, you instead regain 2 wraith fire (up to your current maximum). You may also regain expended wraith fire when you perform a ritual at an appropriate place (graveyard, old battleground. etc). This ritual requires concentration, and may only be attempted at a given location once every seven days.

Alternatively, you can drain the very life from a living, intelligent creature (Intelligence 4 or greater). Such a creature must either be willing, or suitably restrained. Over the course of one minute, you carefully deal the creature damage equal to the amount of wraith fire you wish to regain. If the creature doesn't die, you regain the wraith fire at the conclusion of the ritual, then deal an equal amount of psychic damage to the creature. If such a ritual is attempted on the same creature again, the grave walker takes the same amount of psychic damage as the creature did when the ritual was last performed on it as the ritual begins, possibly breaking concentration and stopping the ritual. If the ritual is not completed for any reason, seven days must pass before an attempted ritual at that location can succeed.


Beginning at 1st level, your soul is forever tethered to the mortal realm through the wraith attached to it, and when you die by any means other than old age, your body is recreated at the nearest graveyard or battleground to your death. A week passes before you are remade, having only tattered traveling clothes when you return to life.


Once you reach 2nd level, your Wraith can speed up your mental faculties, allowing you to perceive the world at a crawling pace. Expend 2 wraith fire as bonus action in order to take an extra action this turn.

Twin Soul,

When hit by an attack, you may roll a counter attack with the incoming attack roll as the AC. If you hit, your wraith steps out of your body to block the incoming attack, preventing all damage to you. You must complete a short or long rest before you can use this again.

Hit Streak

Every consecutive hit you land increases your weapon damage by +1, to a maximum of +5. If you take damage, this bonus is reduced to zero. When the hit streak reaches maximum, your connection to the Wraith World is channeled through your weapon, lighting it up with ethereal flames, shedding bright light for 20 feet and dim light for another 20 feet as long as the weapon is wielded unsheathed.

Wraith World

By slipping partially into the void beyond death, the Grave Walker can perceive things long washed away by time, especially things that left a lasting impact on the world, or hold great power. Artifacts associated with great emotion or far-reaching events may carry with them whispers, at times just ramblings of no import, at others, clues towards greater secrets. Seeing into the Wraith World allows the Grave Walker to perceive the souls of others and identify enemies across great distances, even through physical barriers. By shifting his body into the Wraith World, the Grave Walker takes no damage from falls, no matter the height, and is immune to fires and explosions.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Wraith Mastery[edit]

Once you reach 20th level, the Grave Walker and the Wraith are functionally one soul with two minds in perfect sync. The Wraith remembers its entire past life, and has regained the knowledge that it held before its death. The Grave Walker can now draw upon the greatest mind of its time to craft an artifact of unparalleled power. See your DM for acceptable artifact options. The Grave Walker can only create one such artifact, as it is the Wraith's magnum opus, the culmination of all that the two know, have learnt and have triumphed over. The artifact will cost a minimum of 25,000 gold in materials, and takes a month to craft.

Grave Walker Abilities List[edit]

Each level you gain two ability points, to unlock two abilities that enhance or add to the Grave Walker's abilities. These abilities come in five Tiers, with more tiers being unlocked as time goes by.

Tier One

-Execution: When your hit streak is at maximum, you may use an action to instantly execute a creature with discernible anatomy of Large or smaller size, as long as it has only one head, and no legendary actions. Make an attack roll. On a hit, the creature must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw with a DC equal to your attack roll or be killed instantly, which consumes your hit streak.

-Impact: Enemies within melee range that are blocked by Twin Soul are knocked back 5 feet and stunned for one turn. If they cannot move at least 5 feet back, they are knocked prone and stunned for one turn.

-Strike from Above: Attacking an unaware enemy of Large size or smaller from above deals 3d6 + 1d6 per grave walker level, barring exceptional Strength, Constitution or Dexterity rules.

-Wraith Swiftness: You can travel over difficult terrain with the assistance of your wraith, costing 1 wraith fire each turn you use your wraith this way. Each time you travel over difficult terrain with your wraith assisting you, you may do so at normal speed and increase your hit streak by 1.

-Detonate: Shooting a flammable substance or fire with Wraith Fire causes it to explode, dealing 8d6 + 1d6 per [Grave walker level, min 1].

-Wraith Stun: Releasing a burst of Wraith energy (doesn't consume Wraith Fire) at an enemy concusses them, allowing the Grave Walker and their partnered wraith to spend a turn striking the stunned enemy in rapid succession, hitting the enemy four times each, dealing a quarter of normal damage with each strike, culminating in an stunning blow, opening an enemy up for execution.

-Dominate Beast: By grabbing a beast of large size or smaller's head, the Grave Walker may attempt to dominate it, upon failing a Wisdom saving throw of DC 10 + [Grave Walker Level, min 1], the beast is dominated and obeys all commands from the Grave Walker.

-Last Chance: Upon being taking lethal damage, the Grave Walker can roll against a DC 10 + their Dexterity ability modifier. Upon success, the Grave Walker recovers one hit point and deals normal attack damage to the opponent. Can only occur twice per long rest. Also applicable to Beasts of Large size or smaller.

-Interrogate: The Grave Walker can spend a turn to delve into an enemy's mind upon the enemy losing a Wisdom Saving Throw, DC 10 + [Grave Walker Level, min 1]

Tier Two

-Critical Strikes: Attacks that score 18 or higher on a d20 roll to hit increase the Hit Streak by two as opposed to one. Also applies to Wraith Daggers.

-Lethal Last Chance: Upon scoring 18 or higher during a Last Chance Struggle and succeeding, the opponent takes lethal damage, barring exceptional Strength, Constitution or Dexterity rules. Not applicable to Beasts.

-Wraith Dagger: The Grave Walker can tap into the Wraith's power to throw a homing ethereal dagger dealing 1d4 piercing damage. The dagger will always hit the target, unless blocked by a physical object like a shield or wall, and staggers the enemy back slightly, forfeiting their movement in the next turn. Enemies of medium size and lower will always be staggered, barring exceptional Strength, Constitution or Dexterity rules.

-Brutalize: By sneaking up on an unaware enemy, the Grave Walker can savagely maul the enemy, the screams of which cause all allies of the brutalized enemy in the close proximity to roll a Wisdom saving throw of 10 + [Grave Walker Level] or flee in terror. The brutalized enemy takes lethal damage, barring exceptional Constitution rules.

-Shadow Strike: The Grave Walker steps through the Wraith World to a distant enemy, and knocks it down, consuming two Wraith Fire.

-Pin in Place: Shooting an enemy's leg with a Wraith Arrow roots them to the ground for two turns, barring exceptional Strength rules.

-Wraith Flash: When the Hit Streak is charged, the Grave Walker can release the energy in a burst of otherworldly flame, stunning all enemies in a five meter radius and dealing 2d5 fire damage, bypassing fire resistance.

-Stealth Drain: When approaching an enemy from stealth, the Grave Walker can quickly drain the enemy, causing a guaranteed drain, and, upon the enemy failing a first Dexterity Saving Throw of 15+[Grave Walker Dexterity Modifier], the Grave walker can drain the enemy again, leading to a third Dexterity Saving Throw against the same DC. The enemy dies after the third drain, barring exceptional Constitution rules.

-Brand: All Drains now Brand the target, the target must succeed a Wisdom Saving Throw of 10 + [Grave Walker Level] to avoid becoming a slave to the Grave Walker, and take 10d8 on passing the Saving Throw.

Tier Three

-Swift Finisher: Can now perform executions against stunned and knocked down opponents as a bonus action, opponents can still attempt a Dexterity Saving Throw, DC 15 + [Grave Walker Dexterity Modifier].

-Vault Stun: Upon passing an acrobatics roll, DC 10 + [Opponent Dexterity Modifier], the Grave Walker can vault over an enemy and blast them with Wraith energy, leaving the enemy open to a flurry attack as per Wraith Stun.

-Brace of Daggers: Three Wraith Daggers can now be thrown in the same action. Deals 1d4+2 damage each to fleeing enemies.

-Shoulder Charge: The Grave Walker boosts their speed and strength with the Wraith's power to bash into an enemy after charging them, damaging shields, dealing 1d4 impact damage and knocking enemies down.

-Lethal Shadow Strike: Shadow Strike can now be used to instantly kill enemies, for the same Wraith Fire cost as Shadow Strike (Two).

-Wraith Blast: The heads of victims of fatal Drains and Flurry attacks explode, causing all allies of the victim in the close proximity to roll a Wisdom saving throw of 10 + [Grave Walker Level] or flee in terror.

-Combat Drain: When the Hit Streak is charged, the Grave Walker may perform a drain as a normal attack, instead of forfeiting the next turn.

-Beast Master: The Grave Walker can attempt to dominate stunned Huge creatures, same Intelligence Saving Roll as Dominate Beast applies.

Tier Four

-Blade Master: Hit Streak charge is reduced from five to three, damage bonus increases to two per counter, [1=+1,2=+3,3=+5] to the same maximum as before [5]. This affects all abilities that use hit streak charge.

-Resilience: Can now take one hit per streak without disrupting the Hit Streak.

-Fire Arrow: When the Hit Streak is charged, the Grave Walker can unleash a flaming ethereal arrow, dealing 2d10 fire damage, ignoring fire resistance. Explosions caused by Fire Arrows are twice the size of normal ones, and deal lethal damage to anything of large size or smaller.

-Wraith Finisher: Upgrades Wraith Stun to cause all enemies in a cone behind your target to be stunned as well. Cone size starts at 3 meters and increases by a 1/2 meter per point in the Hit Streak, to a maximum of 10 meters.

-Beast Hunter: Attacking beasts can be countered if the Grave Walker succeeds a Dexterity saving throw of 10+[Beast Dexterity-10]. Countered beasts are stunned, allowing the use of Beast Domination. Allows Lethal Last Chance struggles against beasts of Large size or smaller.

-Shadow Mount: Instantly teleport atop a beast of Gargantuan size or smaller, allowing the Grave Walker to attempt Domination without having to stun the Beast first. Same DC applies, costs two Wraith Fire to use. Allows the domination of Gargantuan size beasts.

Tier Five

-Double Critical Strikes: Critical strikes now apply to all hits rolled above 15, and hits on 19 and 20 now instantly gain three Hit Streak charges.

-Flame of Vengeance: Melee attacks with the Hit Streak at or above three now deal double weapon damage, in addition to the +5.

-Double Charge: When the Hit Streak is charged (at max) the Grave Walker can now use two abilities that drain it. (Execution, Combat Drain, Fire Arrow, etc.)

-Shadow Strike Chain: The Grave Walker seamlessly pounces through the Wraith World, killing multiple enemies in rapid succession. Each Shadow Strike still consumes two Wraith Fire.

-Quick Draw: The Grave Walker can now rapidly fire their bow, allowing two shots in one action.

-Wraith Burn: The Grave Walker can now use a charged Hit Streak to devastate the surrounding area (10 meters), instantly killing any knocked down or stunned enemies and setting others alight for 3d10 fire damage, ignoring fire resistance. Enemies caught in the effect and not killed must pass a Wisdom Saving Throw, DC 15 + {Grave Walker Level/4] or flee in terror.

-Dispatch: The Grave Walker decides that his minion's time has passed, and instantly kills whichever minions he desires. picking dispatch grants release at no charge

-Release: the gravewalker decides that his minion has served long enough, and safely releases them from service. minion keeps all strength gained under the gravewalker, but loses memory of service. enough magic remains so the minion is friendly towards you,without knowing how or why they know you.


Upon Multiclassing into this Class, the character gains +2 Strength, Dexterity and Constitution, as well as proficiency in Martial Weapons.

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