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A flash of light as he blasts a wall of swordsman from his sight, moving at the blink of an eye, a group of spear-men crumble against the weight of his blows. He scales the wall of the battlements with ease surprising the archers above, a wave of power sends them tumbling to the battlefield below. An elf, still as a tree. Breath so slow he is nearly imperceptible, before his foes can notice he is there, a flurry of strikes leaves them stunned.

Their comrades dumbfounded as they notice his presence too late are felled by his swift strikes. Strong as the mountain, a dwarf blocks the explosion of a fire ball with his face without flinching, a powerful barrier surrounding him and his comrades. The use of Reiki is extremely versatile, and the Reishi is a master of its use and manipulation.

Reishi dedicate their mortal lives to the study of the energy that flows through all life, Reiki. Any creature that can consider itself among the living has Reiki flowing through it. Reishi can harness and manipulate this energy to bolster their own strength, defense and senses, to create powerful attacks that extend from their bodies, and destroy others, or heal them. The more experienced a Reishi becomes the better control over Reiki a Reishi has.

To utilize Reiki to its fullest potential a creature must have their limiters opened. There are multiple ways to do this, but the most common way is to have a Reishi master unlock it for you. Due to this, many Reishi gather together to train and teach each other.

Creating a Reishi[edit]

As you make your Reishi character, consider how this creature came about unlocking its Reiki. Did it learn from a master, was it attacked by a spirit beast? What is your Reishi’s goal? To take vengeance on a spirit beast that killed its parents? To become the strongest there ever was? To protect it’s loved ones?

Quick Build[edit]

You can make a Reishi quickly by following these suggestions. First, Strength or Dexterity should be your highest ability score, followed by Constitution or Wisdom. Second, choose the hermit background. Third, choose a short sword as a weapon.

Class Features

As a Reishi you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per Reishi level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution modifier per Reishi level after 1st


Armor: none
Weapons: Simple Weapons, long swords, short swords
Tools: none
Saving Throws: Strength, Wisdom
Skills: Choose two from Athletics, Acrobatics, Perception, Survival, Insight and Stealth


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) a short sword or (b) any simple weapon or (c) a Caestus or Brass Knuckles
  • (a) a dungeoneers pack or (b) an explorer's pack
  • If you are using starting wealth, you have 1d4 x 10gp in gold in funds.

Table: The Reishi

Level Proficiency
Reiki Martial Arts Unarmored Movement Features
1st +2 2 1d4 - Reiki, Unarmored Movement, Martial Arts
2nd +2 4 1d4 +5 ft Reiki Armor, Focused Strike
3rd +2 5 1d4 +5 ft Class Archetype
4th +2 6 2d4 +5 ft Ability Score Improvement, Slow fall
5th +3 7 2d4 +10 ft Extra Attack, Spirit Focus, Unarmored movement improvement
6th +3 8 2d4 +10 ft Form Spirit Weapon
7th +3 9 2d4 +10 ft Spirit Detection
8th +3 10 3d4 +10 ft Ability Score Improvement, Spirit Endurance
9th +4 11 3d4 +10 ft Spirit Gun
10th +4 12 3d4 +15 ft Unarmored Movement improvement, Spirit Shotgun
11th +4 13 3d4 +15 ft Spirit Focus Improvement, Spirit Wave
12th +4 14 4d4 +15 ft Ability Score Improvement, Form Spirit Weapon Improvement, Spirit Fortitude, Spirit Pressure
13th +5 15 4d4 +15 ft Spirit Gun Improvement
14th +5 16 4d4 +20 ft Reiki Healing, Unarmored movement improvement
15th +5 17 4d4 +20 ft Extra Attack
16th +5 18 5d4 +20 ft Ability Score Improvement
17th +6 19 5d4 +25 ft Timeless Body, Unarmored movement improvement
18th +6 20 5d4 +25 ft Spirit Gun Improvement, Form Spirit Weapon Improvement
19th +6 21 5d4 +30 ft Ability Score Improvement, Harden Resolve
20th +6 22 6d4 +50 ft Final Blow


The inner power that fuels all living beings. This spiritual energy is harnessed to bolster the user in a variety of ways. Starting at level 1 you have unlocked the ability to tap into this source of power. If your Reiki points reach 0 you must make a constitution saving throw, on a successful roll, take 1 level of exhaustion on a failed roll take 1 level of exhaustion and be knocked unconscious for up to 1 hour. If you expend double of your maximum Reiki level you must make a death saving throw, on a failed save you die. Every time you use Negative Reiki without knocking yourself out you must make a constitution saving throw before using the Reiki. Negative Reiki costs 2 times the amount of normal Reiki, before using it. If you try to use an attack that costs more than the Reiki you have you must roll with disadvantage. Every time you use negative Reiki, at the end of every instance of using Negative Reiki, reduce your constitution ability score by 1 for 5 days.

Martial Arts[edit]

Your practice of martial arts gives you proficiency in unarmed combat. You gain the following benefits while you are unarmed or wielding appropriate weaponry.

• You can use Dexterity instead of Strength for the Attack and Damage Rolls of your unarmed strikes

• You can roll a d4 in place of the normal damage of your Unarmed strikes

Unarmored Movement[edit]

Starting at 1st, and again at 5th, 10th, 14th, 19th and 20th level your speed increases by 5 ft while you are not wearing armor or wielding a medium or larger shield. This bonus increases when you reach a certain Reishi level, as shown in the Reishi table. At 9th level, you gain the ability to move along vertical surfaces and across liquids on your turn without falling during the move.

Reiki Armor[edit]

Starting at 2nd level you can exude your Reiki around your body to protect yourself and soften the damage of blows. While you are wearing no armor and not wielding a shield, your AC equals 10 + your Dexterity modifier + your Constitution modifier

Focused Strike[edit]

Starting at 2nd level as a bonus action you can expend 1 Reiki point to strengthen the power of your strikes for up to 1 minute. Gain +1 on all physical attacks. Starting at 10th level, your mastery of Spiritual Energy allows you to maintain a layer of Reiki around your body. Your fists count as magical weapons.

Paths of the Spirit Warrior[edit]

At 3rd level you chose a path of Reiki training to focus on. Choose between, Way of the Heavy Fist, Way of the Iron Wall, Way of the Running Stream, or Way of the Quiet Mind. all detailed at the end of the class description.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Slow Fall[edit]

Beginning at 4th level, you can use your reaction when you fall to reduce any falling damage you take by an amount equal to 5 times your Reishi level.

Extra Attack[edit]

Starting at 5th level you can attack twice instead of once whenever you take the attack action on your turn. At 15th level you gain an additional attack, making it 3.

Spirit Focus[edit]

Starting at 5th level, you can spend 1 minute to focus your mind and channel your Reiki, doing so allows you to temporarily (for up to 10 minutes) gain +2 from your Focused Strike, +5 ft to unarmored movement, and immediately gain +2 Reiki points, you can only use this once before completing a short rest. At 10th level, this time increases by 10 minutes and +4, at 20th level this time increases to 1 hour and +5. Starting at 13th level, during a short rest, instead of healing HP you can expend your hit dice to regain Reiki.

Form Spirit Weapon[edit]

Starting at 6th level you choose a weapon of your choice, each day you must spend at least 1 hour of your long rest focusing on this weapon. Through your training and focus you are able to create this weapon out of pure Reiki. You can do this as a bonus action by expending 5 Reiki points. Maintaining this spirit weapon requires concentration. The DC saving throw for maintaining this weapon is Constitution. While wielding this spirt weapon you have proficiency with it. You can expend 2 Reiki points to extend the spirit weapon up to 10 ft instantaneously. Starting at 12th level, you have gained the ability to reshape the spirit weapon into almost any shape you choose (at will) at the cost of 3 Reiki, possibly more depending on the size of the spirit weapon. You no longer need to spend an hour during a long rest focusing on your spirit weapon as well.

Spirit Detection[edit]

Starting at 7th level, your mastery of Reiki channeling has allowed you to detect the spiritual energies of those around you. You can detect any living creature around you for up to 30 feet, and have advantage on detecting creatures 60 feet around you. The check for Spirit Detection is a DC 15 Wisdom check. You have disadvantage on detecting creatures up to 120 ft around you. While detecting these creatures you only know their general area. You can choose to focus on one of the creatures at a time, as a bonus action and know their battle capabilities, and or Reiki level. At 14th level the DC Wisdom check for this ability becomes 10. At 20th level it becomes 5.

Spirit Endurance[edit]

Starting at 8th level, your training in Reiki has allowed you to strengthen your constitution, you have advantage on all constitution saving throws. If your HP would go below 0 you can expend 5 Reiki to keep it at 1.

Spirit Gun[edit]

Starting at 9th level your advanced Reiki training has allowed you to release large sums of Reiki from your body at will. You can spend 1 action to charge a ball of Reiki into the tip of the finger on one of your empty hands, this costs 8 Reiki points. As a bonus action you can shoot this ball of Reiki at a target. The range for the spirit gun is (120/320). The Spirit Gun does 3d10 + your Reishi level psychic damage. The damage of the Spirit gun increases by 1d10 at 12th and then again at 16th, 18th and 20th level. You can choose to double the Reiki points you expend for this attack to add +3d10. If doing this reduces your Reiki points to 0 you will gain the usual effects of using all of your Reiki plus an extra level of exhaustion.

Spirit Shotgun[edit]

Starting at 10th level, you can choose to shoot multiple smaller Spirit bullets in a cone (60/90) This costs 8 Reiki points. The targets within the cone must make a DC 15 dexterity saving throw on a failed throw take 2d8 psychic damage, on a successful one take half as much.

Spirit Wave[edit]

Starting at 11th level, you can let loose a wave of Reiki that can go through walls and barriers. This attacks in a cone and has a range of (30/60). Any creature within this cone must succeed a DC 15 constitution saving throw or take 2d10 + your Wisdom modifier Psychic damage. You can double the Reiki points expended to increase the range to (60/90) or the damage to 4d10 + your Wisdom modifier

Spirit Fortitude[edit]

Starting at 12th level, any creature below your level that can detect Reiki, upon detecting your Reiki level, becomes afraid of you and must succeed a Wisdom check.

Spirit Pressure[edit]

Starting at 12th level, you can exude your Reiki from your body in an intimidating fashion. You expend 1 Reiki point to unleash a wave of Reiki around you in a 60ft radius. Any creature that can detect Reiki must succeed a DC 10 intelligence saving throw or become afraid of you for 1 minute. You can resist someone else’s spirit pressure by succeeding a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw. You can expend additional Reiki to increase the range of this ability. +1 Reiki point per 5ft.

Spirit Healing[edit]

Starting at 14th level due to your advanced training in Reiki you gain more HP from taking short rests. Gain an additional hit die. Taking a short rest recovers 1d6 Reiki. Outside of combat, you can choose to expend 6 Reiki points and touch a willing creature, that creature gains 1d10 + your Wisdom modifier temporary HP. During combat you can use 1 action to expend 8 Reiki points and gain 1d10 + your constitution modifier HP, you can only use this once before a short rest.

Timeless Body[edit]

At 17th level, your Reiki sustains you so that you suffer none of the frailty of old age, and you can’t be aged magically. You can still die of old age, however. In addition, you no longer need food or water. Your mastery of Reiki extends your life span by 2d10 + your constitution modifier years.

Harden Resolve[edit]

Your mastery of Reiki has enabled you to bolster your total living ability. Starting at 19th level you gain 3 Death saves. You can continue to fight even while below 0 HP. However, when you fail all of your Death Saves, instead of dropping dead, your body disintegrates into dust.

Final Blow[edit]

Starting at 20th level you have mastered Reiki, you can spend 1 turn focusing your Reiki and readying an attack. Expend 10 Reiki to add 10d10 + your Wisdom Modifier to your readied attack. If you attack this way and lower the target’s HP to below half, the target must succeed at DC 15 constitution saving throw or have the damage it took doubled.

Path of the Heavy Fist[edit]

Learn to focus your Reiki to increase the power of your blows.

Heavy Fists

Starting at 4th level, add an additional 1d4 to your unarmed strikes, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 20th.

Heavy Strike

Starting at 3rd level, you naturally infuse your strikes with more Reiki, increasing the strength of your blows, the target must make a DC 10 strength saving throw or take an additional 1d4 damage. You can extend this Reiki into the weapon you are wielding as well.

Rhinos Barrage

Starting at 4th level, immediately after you take the Attack Action Your Turn, you can spend 2 Reiki points to make two unarmed strikes as a Bonus Action.


Starting at 6th level, you focus the Reiki into your legs, expend 4 Reiki points and stomp at the ground, using your Reiki focus you direct the Reiki transmitted into the ground up to 20 feet away from you in a straight line towards a target of your choice. It must make a DC 15 Dexterity check to dodge or take 1d10 bludgeoning damage. The path that the attack took becomes difficult terrain. You can extend the range of this attack by 5 feet for every 2 Reiki you spend.

Tigers Roar

Starting at 8th level, you can focus your Reiki, expend 4 Reiki and let out a mighty roar, any living creature around you in a 60 feet circle that can hear this roar must make a DC 15 constitution saving throw, on a successful check it takes half damage, on a failed check it takes 1d10 + your strength modifier and is stunned until the end of its next turn. You can increase the range of this attack by 10 feet for every additional 2 Reiki you spend.

Pressure of the Strike

Starting at 10th level, your attacks are strongly imbued with Reiki, if a melee attack roll misses and the roll was a 18 or 19, that creature must make a DC 10 dexterity saving throw or take 1d4 Psychic damage from the resulting air pressure of your blows.

Mountain Thrust

Starting at 12th level, upon a successful unarmed strike on a creature, you can spend 6 Reiki to imbue another unarmed strike into your target as a bonus action. If that strike is successful, that creature must make a DC 15 Strength saving throw. On a successful save the creature takes half damage, on a failed save the creature takes 3d10 Psychic damage. A creature struck by this attack is pushed back 20 feet and must make Dexterity saving throw or land in a prone position. You can make a DC 20 strength check, if successful, double the damage, on a failed check, take 1d6 damage from the strain.

Meteor Impact

Starting at 18th level, you focus your Reiki into your fists, expend 10 Reiki to unleash an unarmed attack that rivals the Gods. This attack is used with such strength that the air pressure it generates alone is powerful enough to attack with. If this attack makes direct contact with a creature, it takes 6d10 bludgeoning damage. If this attack is shot into the air, it travels in a straight line up to 60 feet, a creature hit by this attack takes 3d10 Psychic damage. You can extend the range of this attack by expending an additional 2 Reiki points per 5 feet.

Way of the Iron Wall[edit]

Learn to focus your Reiki to increase your own defensive capabilities.

Greater Spirit Armor

Your natural Reiki Armor is strengthened by your training. Increase Reiki Armor by +1 AC. This Increase increases to +2 at level 10 and +3 at level 15, and by +4 at level 20.

Spirit Cloak

At 4th level, you can touch a willing creature and grant it your Reiki Armor for a temporary amount of time. Expend 2 Reiki points to touch a willing creature and increase its AC by 2. Strengthen this Reiki Cloak by 1 for every 4 Reiki points spent.

Spirit Barrier

At 6th level, you can expend 6 Reiki points to extend your Greater Reiki Armor into a 40-foot dome around you and any friendly creatures within it. This dome has 10 AC and 10 HP + your constitution modifier. At 12th level this has 15 AC and 15 HP + your constitution modifier. At 16th level this dome has 15 AC and 20 HP + your constitution modifier. At 18th level the dome has 20 AC and 25 HP + your constitution modifier. At 20th level this dome has 20 AC and 30 HP + your constitution modifier + your Wisdom modifier. Unfriendly creatures cannot conjure magic within the dome from outside of the it. This dome requires concentration to maintain. At the end of each of your turns, make a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw to maintain the barrier, on a failed throw, the barrier disperses. At the start of each of your turns you can expend 3 Reiki to increase the HP of your barrier to its maximum. When an attack breaks this barrier and inflicts damage to a creature that was within it, subtract the damage amount from the barrier first, then subtract any remaining damage to the creature.

Reiki Repel

At 8th level, when an enemy successfully lands an attack on your barrier, after damage calculation, if the barrier still has HP left, reflect the attack back to its source, the target must make a DC 15 dexterity saving throw if it can, on a failed throw, inflict damage to that target double the damage that was inflicted on the barrier. On a successful throw, halve the damage (rounded down). If it was a physical attack, inflict the damage as Psychic damage. If it was a projectile, reflect the projectile. If it was a magical attack, reflect the spell.

Spirit Immunity

At 10th level, your mastery of Reiki flowing through you makes you immune to disease and poison.

Spirit Durability

At 12th level your mastery of Reiki grants you proficiency in all saving throws. Additionally, whenever you make a saving throw and fail, you can spend 1 Reiki to reroll it and choose the highest result.

Spirit Shield

Starting at 16th level you can project a barrier to any point that you can see within 60 feet of you, you cannot project them within unwilling creatures. When a creature within 60 feet of you is targeted for an attack, as a reaction make a DC 20 Wisdom check, on a successful check you can project a barrier around that creature before the attack. These barriers have 10 AC and 10 HP. At 20th level these barriers have 15 AC and 10 HP + your Wisdom modifier.

My Body is Reiki

Beginning at 18th level your mastery of the Reiki armament has granted you the ability to halve all physical and Psychic damage (rounded down) that you take at the cost of 1 Reiki per attack.

Way of the Running Stream[edit]

Learn to focus your Reiki to increase your own speed and agility.

Splash Step

Beginning at 3rd level, you focus your Reiki and as a bonus action expend 2 Reiki points to immediately move up to your maximum speed, a creature that can see you move must make a DC 10 Wisdom check to see your movement. Beginning at level 10 this becomes a DC 15 Wisdom check, at level 20 it becomes a DC 15 + your Dexterity modifier. You must be unarmored.

Super Current

Starting at 4th level, you can use a bonus action to disengage from an enemy near you, the enemy must make a DC 15 Dexterity check, on a failed check you can disengage without taking an attack of opportunity.

Mirror Image

Beginning at 6th level your Reiki training has allowed you to move so fast that a vague mirror image of yourself is left behind after using Splash step. Any creature that sees your movement gains disadvantage on the DC Wisdom check it is needed to see your movement. On a failed check, they think the mirror image is your true self.

Rain Fall

Beginning at 8th level, immediately after you successfully land an attack, you can expend 2 Reiki points to make an additional attack on another creature within 5 feet of you. Immediately after a creature attacks you, you can expend 2 Reiki points to make an unarmed strike against it as a reaction, the creature must make a Dexterity saving throw, upon a failed roll you can roll the attack with advantage.

Greater Splash Step

You have reached a greater level of Splash Step, beginning at 10th level you can, as a bonus action, expend 6 Reiki to move twice, 8 Reiki to move three times or 10 Reiki to move four times with Splash Step. Alternatively, you can expend 6, 8 or 10 Reiki to increase the range of your Flash Step to 40, 50 or 60 feet respectively. A creature that sees you move must make a DC 15 Wisdom check to see your movement. Once at level 20 this becomes a DC 15 + your Dexterity modifier. You must be unarmored. Each of these movements leave a Mirror Image behind.

Like Water

Beginning at 18th level, any creature that attempts to attack you has disadvantage.

God Speed

At 20th level, you gain an extra attack.

Way of the Quiet Mind[edit]

Learn to focus your mind to increase the abilities of your Reiki.

Deflect Missiles

Starting at a 3rd level you can use your reaction to deflect or catch a projectile when you are hit by it. When you do so, the damage you take from the attack is reduced by 1d10 + your dexterity modifier + your Reishi level. If you reduce the damage to 0 you can catch the projectile if it is small enough for you to hold in your hands. You can expend 2 Reiki points to make a ranged attack with the projectile in the same reaction, you make this attack with proficiency regardless of your weapon proficiency and the projectile counts as a Reishi attack.

Stunning Strike

Starting at 5th level, you can disrupt the flow of your opponent’s Reiki. When you hit another living creature with a melee weapon attack, you can spend 3 Reiki point to attempt an unarmed Stunning strike. The target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or be stunned until the end of your next turn.

Sound Mind

Starting at 6th level, you are immune to being Charmed or Frightened.


At 7th level, your instinctive agility allows you to dodge out of the way of certain area effects, such as a blue dragons lightning breath or a fireball spell. When you are subjected to an effect that allows you to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, you instead take no damage if you succeed on the saving throw, and only half damage if you fail.


Starting at 10th level, the calmness of your mind has allowed you to enter a Zen state in combat. In combat you focus on one opponent. If you fight that same opponent for at least 1 minute. You gain advantage on all your attacks, and that target gains disadvantage on all their attacks against you.

Uncanny Dodge

Starting at 12th level, when an attacker that can see you hits you with an attack, you can use your reaction to halve the attacks damage against you.

Spirit Sense

Starting at 14th level, due to your advanced training in Spirt Detection, you can detect the location of any living creature within 120 feet of you with Advantage.

Slippery Mind

At 15th level you have greater mental Strength. You gain proficiency in Wisdom saving throws.


At 18th level, no attack roll has advantage against you while you aren’t incapacitated.

Reiki Charge

At 20th level, you gain the ability to siphon the Spiritual energy of your opponents should they have any. Every successful blow you land on a target drains 1 Reiki point from the creature and grants you 1 Reiki point. When you do this to a creature that is below half its HP it must make a DC 10 constitution saving throw, on a failed roll you gain +2 Reiki points per successful hit. If a creature loses more than 10 Reiki points this way, the DC becomes 15, if a creature loses 15 or more Reiki points this way the DC becomes 20. A creature that loses 20 or more Reiki points this way must make a Death Saving throw, on a failed throw the creature dies.


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the Reishi class, you must meet these prerequisites: 13 Constitution and 13 Wisdom

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the Reishi class, you gain the following proficiencies: Short/Long sword

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