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Introduction to the Sith Class[edit]

Welcome to the dark side, mortal. Here we introduce the newest (and soon-to-be greatest) Sith class from the Star Wars fandom. This class will be made based on information and powers retrieved from the successful MMORPG, Star Wars The Old Republic, as well as from numerous novels. Information will not be pulled from the movies. So if that is the extent of your Star Wars knowledge, this will all be new to you.

This class will be DPS-based (no serious tanking, or healing). You start out as an acolyte of the Sith Order. As you level and grow, you will have the opportunity to craft your own lightsaber (yes, you need to find/buy the materials), pick a specialization (path), obtain unique powers, rise up in the ranks, and more.

It is highly advised that you take the Acolyte background for this class, in order to get the full lore output of it.

Class Features

As a Sith you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per Sith level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 1d10 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution modifier per Sith level after 1st


Armor: None to start, obtained when a path is chosen.
Weapons: Finesse Weapons, Simple Weapons
Tools: Sith's Item Set (See below)
Saving Throws: Strength (if Marauder Path) or Dexterity (if Assassin Path), Charisma
Skills: Athletics (if Marauder Path), Stealth (if Assassin Path), Deception, Intimidation.


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) Quarterstaff or (b) Shortsword
  • (a) Acolyte's Armor or (b) Sith Robes
  • (a) Sith's Item Set or (b) Thieve's Tools
  • Rations-3 days
  • If you are using starting wealth, you have 1D12 x 10 in funds.

Table: The Sith

Level Proficiency
Features Force Points
1st +2 Force Push/Pull/Sith Mage Hand, Acolyte Rank 1D4+Charisma Modifier
2nd +2 Force Lightning 2
3rd +2 Creating Your Lightsaber, Shii-Cho Lightsaber Form 2
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement 3
5th +3 Choosing Your Path, Apprentice Rank 3
6th +3 Channel Hatred 4
7th +3 Force Leap 4
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement 5
9th +4 Improving Your Lightsaber 5
10th +4 Lord Rank 6
11th +4 Unlock Your Second Form 6
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement 7
13th +5 Beast Control 7
14th +5 Mind Trick 8
15th +5 Darth Rank 8
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement 9
17th +6 Battle Premonition 9
18th +6 Spirit Of The Force 10
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 10
20th +6 Dark Lord Of The Sith Rank 10

Equipment List[edit]

Acolyte's Armor

A set of black and silver robes with padded leather joints. Used by beginners at the academy, it offers the most basic protection of an aspiring Sith. Classified as clothing.

Sith Robes

Jet black hooded dual-layered robes that offer little in the way of protection, but offer freer movement than most clothes. Classified as clothing.


A tool of every Force user, the lightsaber is your most precious weapon along the Force. A lightsaber is a sword with a metal hilt and no cross-guard that contains a unique focusing crystal as well as compartments for additional power enhancement crystals. The "blade" is the length of your standard longsword, and is made purely of a plasma-like colored light that emits from the focusing crystal inside the hilt. The plasma light has the ability to cut deeper than a normal sword.

This is considered a magical weapon for DnD standards.

Lightsabers may come as a shortsword-like variant or a double-sided variant, depending on your path chosen.

Sith's Tool Set

As a Sith, you may choose this tool set to acquire a variety of tools and items to aid you. These items include:

A blank Sith Holocron: Used to record information. After recording information from one instance or moment, you roll a 1D20. If you roll a 5 or lower, it is considered full and the information must be deleted (record it onto paper first if you need the info) before you can record more.

A bottle of ink and quill.

5 pieces of parchment.

A relic from your lineage (necklace, bracelet, or book on your family line.)

20 feet of wire attached to a magnetic hook for grappling, stored in a small pouch.

The Force[edit]

As a prospective Sith, you wield the power of The Force, which is the cosmic energy that binds the universe and all living things together. The Sith have harnessed The Force into a religion known as the Dark Side, which fuels your abilities and is intensified by rage, anger, hate, pain, and other powerful yet negative emotions. The Dark Side allows you to channel out different Force abilities based on what you have learned during your lifetime.

Force Powers are used by spending Force Points, which are gained via these two ways: Either leveling up, or meditating. Leveling up passively gains you additional Force Points (see table for details). You may also choose to meditate on the Dark Side to gain more Force Points during a long rest. Meditating uses up your entire long rest and the long rest cannot be used for anything else if you chose to meditate. Doing this awards you with a +5 gain to your maximum Force Points. Force Points are replenished back to your full amount after ending a long rest.

Force Powers[edit]

As a Sith, you are able to harness The Force to use various spells called Force Powers. You can have as many Force Powers learned and prepared as desired, but you can only learn so many based on your path. Instead of deciding which ones to prepare and know like a normal spellcaster, your Force Point resource decides how many you can use before your next long rest. Plan out your Force Point usage wisely to make sure you always have the amount needed for each fight.

The Time To Choose Your Path Has Come[edit]

Upon reaching Sith level 5, your time as a mere learner comes to an end. But there is always more power and knowledge to be gained to better yourself and further your gains.

Before continuing, you choose between the three Sith paths to determine your future: Marauder, Sorcerer, Assassin.

Each has their own unique specialties and strengths. Once chosen, the decision is final. Choose wisely. See below for the full description of each path.

Path Of The Marauder[edit]

The path of the Marauder, fitted with two lightsabers and a bloodlust. You focus on decimating an enemy, using raw power instead of relying on force abilities. The power of an experienced Marauder is something to be feared, capable of decimating armies and continuing onwards unscathed.

Path Of The Sorcerer[edit]

So you've chosen the path of the sorcerer eh? The path of the Sorcerer is one walked by only the select few particularly gifted in the Force. Though on this path forsake their potential in other categories in order to become complete masters of the Force itself. You focus primarily on Force Powers, bending the Force to your will in ways others only dreamed were possible. The power at your fingertips (sometimes literally) has no equal.

Sorcerer's Items[edit]

A Sith holocron was a device used by Sith to store information. Typically, they required use of the dark side to activate. The black crystal of the Sith holocron was made up of intricate lattices and vertices, capable of storing massive amounts of information, as well as the holocron's Sith gatekeeper. The holocron was able to capture the appearance and cognitive networks of the holocron's owner, and transform this into a three-dimensional hologram.

Path Of The Assassin[edit]

The Sith assassins were unique because they preferred to ambush their intended prey from the shadows rather than engaging them in open combat. Almost always working solo or in small groups, they utilized Stealth and the rare art of Force camouflage to aid their surprise attacks. While some elite assassins fought with double-blade lightsabers, the majority utilized less remarkable melee weapons, such as force pikes. These stealth warriors were also unusual in that they drew their power from the Force presence of their prey. The stronger their targets were in the Force, the stronger the hunters became.

Sith Features/Universal Abilities[edit]

A brief description of each feature and universal ability unlocked while playing as a Sith.

Note: Some features continued in depth further down the page.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level Sith, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Force Push/Pull/Sith Mage hand[edit]

When you reach Sith level 1, you obtain the ability to push, pull, or grab an object or creature that is the same size as you or smaller (at Sith level 8, you may move a creature or object one size bigger than you. At Sith level 14, two sizes. At Sith level 20, any one creature or object regardless of size).

Moving something costs 3 Force Points at Sith level 1, 6 Force Points at Sith level 8, 12 Force Points at Sith level 14, and 24 Force Points at Sith level 20.

The object/creature must be within 45 feet of you and is pushed or pulled in any direction of your choosing at a distance of up to 60 feet.

Force push: Cost is 3 force points. Creature(s) in front of the user take XD10 + strength modifier bludgeoning damage and are pushed back 1d6 squares away. X is half your current Sith level, rounded up. X cannot be lower than 1. If the creature impacts an object smaller than it, the object is destroyed. If the creature impacts another creature, that creature takes half of the damage of the thrown creature. Creatures pushed may make a Dexterity save of 15 to be pushed half distance rolled.

Force Lightning[edit]

When you reach Sith level 2, you are able to use Force Lightning. You channel the dark energy inside you into jolts of pure lightning to a target within 60 feet of you, dealing XD10+Charisma Modifier lightning damage. X is half your current Sith level, rounded up. X cannot be lower than 1. Target may make a spell DC save for half damage. Cost is 3 force points.

Creating Your Lightsaber[edit]

Upon reaching Sith level 3, the time has come in your training to create your first lightsaber. Your first lightsaber is a basic one-handed lightsaber. Once you choose your Path later on, you will either add on to this lightsaber to create a double-bladed version (Assassin), add a unique force crystal to imbue force techniques into (Sorcerer), or create a second one to dual-wield (Marauder).

To make your lightsaber, you must gather 5 parts: Hilt, Focusing Crystal, Lens, Emitter Matrix, and Energy Cell.

Each of these pieces are dropped by enemies CR 1 or higher. Every time you kill a creature CR 1 or higher, you roll a 1D20. If the roll is 15 or higher, you then roll a 1D20 again for which piece you have found.

1-4: Hilt.

5-8: Focusing Crystal.

9-12: Lens.

13-16: Emitter Matrix.

17-20: Energy Cell.

If you find a piece (Example: Roll an 18 and get an Emitter Matrix) and roll later and it lands on a piece you already found, that instead counts as not finding a piece this time, as you cannot get copies of the pieces yet.

Note: You may also choose to purchase these materials at the vendors and prices listed here.

Hilt and Lens are bought at Blacksmiths for 100 gp.

Emitter Matrix and Energy Cell are bought at Arcane shops for 100 gp.

Focusing Crystals are bought at Arcane shops for 200 gp. See Focusing Crystal mini-section below for what you do once finding a Focusing Crystal.

Focusing Crystal

This item is the color crystal of your lightsaber as well as the main power source. Upon finding a Focusing Crystal, you roll a 1D10 to determine the color you found:

1-2: Red.

3-4: Yellow.

5-6: Orange.

7-8: Purple.

9-10: Black.

If you find a color you did not want, you may opt to destroy the crystal to instead wait to find the one you want. You cannot change the color of the crystal by any means.


Upon creating your one-handed lightsaber, here are the stats for it:

It is considered a magical longsword, and deals 3D10 Force damage. If you roll a natural 1 on your attack roll, there is a 50% that the lightsaber crystal will overload and is deactivated for 1D4 rounds.

Your lightsaber gains the ability Force Deflection: If you are targeted with a single-target non-magical projectile (such as an arrow, bullet, or bolt), and the enemy succeeds its attack roll, you may choose to spend 2 Force Points to attempt to deflect it. You roll a 1D20. If you roll a 10 or higher, you succeeded in deflecting it harmlessly into the ground near you. If you roll a natural 20, you succeed in deflecting the projectile back to its sender, dealing half of the damage you would have taken.

Lightsaber Forms[edit]

Shii Cho Lightsaber Form: The Shii Cho, also known as Form I, is the most basic and simplistic of the lightsaber forms. Upon finishing creating your lightsaber, you unlock this form for combat. It is a balance form geared towards disarming your opponent rather than going for a kill. You use this form by default, but may switch to a different form once unlocked through your path by using a bonus action. While in this form, you gain +1 to your lightsaber-based attack rolls and and have a chance to disarm your opponent instead of dealing damage. After landing an attack roll, roll a 1D20. If you roll a 13 or higher, your opponent is disarmed instead of being dealt damage.

Makashi Lightsaber Form: "The Way of Ysalamiri", or Form II, was devloped when Jedi started fighting others that hold a lightsaber as well as Sith lords. This move works on emphasizing on precision, simple footwork, and preventing disarmament. While in this form you gain advantage against being disarmed and you gain +3 to attack and damage rolls against opponents that use lightsabers.

Shien Lightsaber From: Form V, or "Way Of The Krayt Dragon", The basic style of this form is to use one strengths to defeat the opponent. While in this from you gain +5 to all attack and damage rolls, but suffer a -5 to AC.

Channel Hatred[edit]

Upon reaching Sith level 6, you gain the ability to use Channel Hatred once per day.

Channel Hatred allows you to tap into the hate and anger inside you for a temporary increase in raw power. A blood red aura appears around you. You gain +25ft speed, +10 Force Points, and +2 to your attack and hit rolls for 1d10 + Constitution modifier minutes. Once you use this ability you cannot use it until you finish A long rest

Force Leap[edit]

Upon reaching Sith level 7, you may use your move action to call upon the Force for a large leap.

Force Points: 5

You may leap to any surface within 20 feet of you, whether it be up, down, or anywhere around you. If you leap downward, you do not take fall damage.

Improving Your Lightsaber[edit]

Upon reaching Sith level 9, you may seek out an improvement for your lightsaber based on your path chosen.

Marauder: You may search along your travels for a power crystal for each of your lightsabers. Each crystal adds +1 to your lightsaber attack rolls and +2 to your lightsaber damage.

Sorcerer: You may search along your travels for a force crystal that allows you to imbue your lightsaber with various Force techniques you know for added damage. See Force Powers section to see which Force powers apply to this rule.

Assassin: You may search along your travels for a low-humming crystal that causes your lightsaber to be silent. Attacks with your lightsaber, lightsaber movements, and powering on/off your lightsabers makes no sound whatsoever.

Finding these parts follows a similar rule as if finding lightsaber parts to first make one. These parts are found on creatures CR 5 or higher. Upon slaying one of these creatures, roll a 1D20. If you roll a 15 or higher, you successfully found your part.

Unlock Your Second Form[edit]

Upon reaching Sith level 11, based on your path chosen, you will unlock a second lightsaber form unique to your path.

Marauder: Jar'Kai Lightsaber Form, while duel wielding lightsabers and in this form, your attack rolls gain damage equal to your strength modifier+2 and suffer a -2 to AC, also you can use a bonus action to make another attack but add your strength modifier to damage and suffer -4 to attack

Sorcerer: Niman Lightsaber form, while in this form It was used to combine lightsaber combat with other Force abilities, like pushes and lifts.

Assassin: Ataru or "The of Way of Hawk-Bat" Lightsaber Form, while in this form after making an attack you can use a bonus action to use the dash, disengage, or dodge action. Also your attacks rolls gain damage equal to your Dex modifier

Beast Control[edit]

Force Points: 8

Upon reaching Sith level 13, you unlock the Beast Trick ability. Beast Trick allows you to calm an animal or other beast-like creature that is hostile towards you or an ally.

Creature makes a spell DC save. If it fails, you calm the beast down and it is no longer hostile for 3 rounds.

Note: Animal Handling does not apply for this ability.

Mind Trick[edit]

Upon reaching Sith level 14, you unlock Mind Trick, a feature just as iconic as the Force itself.

Mind Trick is an out-of-combat feature that you may use once in between long rests. Mind Trick allows you to double your current Persuasion, Deception, or Intimidation score for one check. You may also reroll if you roll a natural 1.

Battle Premonition[edit]

Upon reaching Sith level 17, you gain the feature Battle Premonition. You may activate Battle Premonition once after a short rest, and requires another short rest to be completed before you can use it again.

At the end of your turn, you may activate Battle Premonition. This allows you glimpses and visions of the attacks made against you until your next turn starts. During this time period, all enemies that attack you do so at disadvantage, and you gain advantage on all saving throws.

Spirit Of The Force[edit]

Upon reaching Sith level 18, you are able to use this ability. Spirit Of The Force activates upon your death. Upon death, you still roll death saves. However, you also gain a special turn until combat is over.

When it comes time for it to be your turn, you take it as if you were alive (while making death saves). You become an ethereal Spirit Of The Force. You may target any enemy within 15 feet of your body and perform Spirit Purge. You cannot be targeted by non-holy abilities and abilities that cannot hit ethereal bodies.

This lasts until you either succeed your death saves, or until combat ends.

Spirit Purge

Spirit Purge has a range of 15 feet from where your body is. You may make an attack roll to pass through another creature, weakening them with your spirit force. If you succeed, target takes 3d10 force damage and takes 2 exhaustion points.

Sith Ranks[edit]


Sith Acolyte was a rank within the Sith Order prior to Darth Bane's reformation. The term was used to refer to Force-sensitive apprentices who had only just started on the dark path under the tutelage of a more experienced Sith Lord to rightfully bear the mantle of Sith.

This rank doesn't give any bonuses in the Empire.


A Sith apprentice was a Force-sensitive individual trained by a Sith Master to use the dark side of the Force. The age at which a Sith apprentice began their training varied.

You gain access to basic supplies in the Empire. EX: Get an Adventurer's Kit from an imperial supply drop.


Sith Lord was a title that was conferred on members of various Sith Orders who had both considerable knowledge of and strength in the dark side.

This rank is given access to the same as acolyte, except they're able to call in stormtroopers from any era that DM specifies. The troopers will be limited to dark troopers and below, nothing above. The stormtroopers will match the class listed on this wiki [1]

You're able to receive a spaceship if your master gives you one.


Darth was a title given to certain Sith Lords which preceded either their chosen Sith name, or, in some cases, their birth name.

Access to both Acolyte and Lord abilities. You're now able to call in any form of trooper, except royal guards. You're also able to take in an apprentice, which will be based off the same class. DM must approve the character before use.

Dark Lord Of The Sith[edit]

Dark Lord of the Sith was a title held by Sith Lords who were members of the ancient Sith Order. However, there was only one at a time. DM specifies if there is a current Dark Lord or not.

If the player manages to reach the rank, DM must specify if the position is empty. If it is empty, then the player may take it. They are able to do everything that the ranks before can, ontop of that they're able to call in royal guards, deploy an army consisting of however many the DM specifies. You're able to get your own destroyer class vessel, must be DM approved.

Force Powers[edit]

Marauder Powers[edit]

Assault: Inflicts 2d10+strength modifier damage due to attacking twice in quick succession, long rest required after use.Req lvl 5

Force Charge: Leaps at a distant target within 30 feet and deals 1d10+strength modifier damage. Knocks down the target. Dex save to resist knockdown. Costs 5 force Req lvl 6

Smash: Jump up two feet and slam back down using the force, dealing 4d6+strength modifier, long rest required. Costs 5 force Req lvl 8

Vicious Throw: Throws your lightsaber and guides it using the force. On success, 1D10+str weapon damage. Range 30ft. Costs 5 force points. Req lvl 10

Force Scream: Blasts the target with a Force-enhanced scream, dealing 4d12+Charisma modifier damage up to all enemies within 10 feet. Costs 12 force points to use. Req lvl 13 Damage increases to 6d12+Charisma at level 17, costs 18 force points.

Ravage: Attack with a series of lightsaber blows,each attack counts as 2 blows, with 2 separate attack rolls. Requires a long rest to use again. Req lvl 15

Force Choke: Target makes a Str saving throw versus your DC, on a failure, target is stunned and takes 4d8 damage. Requires 15 force points to cast, and another 15 points per round to maintain. While the caster is concentrating on the force choke, they can take no other actions. The target repeats the save at the end of each of it's turns, on a success, the target breaks free of the choke, on a failure, it remains stunned and takes another 4d6 damage. Req lvl 19

Intimidating Roar: Releases a terrifying shout, all enemies within 30ft of the Sith make a wisdom saving throw, on a fail they are feared for up to one minute. They can repeat the save at the start of each of their turns. Req lvl 17

Sorcerer Powers[edit]

Static Barrier: Fairly efficient, Static Barrier can be looked at as either the single fastest big heal that you possess, or a constant buffer to keep up on the tank. adds +2 to an ally defense for 1d4 rolls short rest required after use. Req lvl 5

Dark Heal: It will initially be your first heal, so there's not much to discuss there. You'll be able to chaincast it a maximum of 1d10 + Constitution modifier, short rest required after use. Req lvl 7

Chain-Lightning Strike: This is an offensive ability. jolts of pure lightning to a target within ranges dealing 1D10+Charisma Modifier lightning damage on multiple targets AOE area of 10m. Targets may make a spell DC save for half damage. short rest required after use Req lvl 9


Force Drain: This terrible power drain the life of a target to heal the Sith. Force drain have a cost of 5 and drain XD10 HP to a single victim, "X" is half of the Sith level. The Sith can't heal more than his/her original HP, however the target will suffer all the damage from the roll. Victim may make a DC save for half the damage. 1d10 long rest required after use. Reg lvl 9

Dark Infusion: This is a slow, high efficiency heal. you can use Dark Infusion as an emergency speed heal can use it twice a day. 1d10 long rest required after use. Req lvl 11


Crushing Darkness: Powerfull kinectic attack who deals damage over time to a single target. Victim suffer an agony of 1D10+Charisma Modifire kinectic damage each turn for a total of half of the Sith levels. Target may make a spell DC save for half Damage each turn. Long rest required after use Reg lvl 11

Revivification: It's your big AoE heal, best for grabbing either all the ranged, or all the melee. It has a maximum of eight targets. If you can, announce prior to its usage, as it creates a heal-over-time circle on the ground. 1d10 heath per ally. long rest required after use. Req lvl 18


Unimited Power: it's your big AoE damage, Summon a terrible Force Storm who deals +XD10+Charisma Force damage to all targets in AOE area of 20m without safe role. "X" means +1D10 damage for each targets, that means for exemple 8 targets= 8D10+Charisma damage each targets. no save rolls. Force Storm works only per 1 turn long rest required after use. Req lvl 18

Assassin Powers[edit]

Thrash - Double melee strike for moderate damage,Inflicts 2d10+dexterity modifier damage due to attacking twice in quick succession, long rest required after use. Req lvl 5

Saber Strike - Triple strike for mild damage, Inflicts 3d8+dexterity modifier damage due to attacking three in quick succession, short rest required after use. Req lvl 6

Maul - Backstab strike for high damage, Inflicts 1d12+dexterity modifier due to attacking, short rest required after use. Req 8

Surging Charge - Consumes all your available Force to charge your lightsaber with raw surging force, giving your melee attacks 50% chance to deal 1D10 internal damage and built 1 static charge. long rest required after use. Req lvl 10

Ball Lightning - Blasts the target with a ball of lightning for 1D10 energy damage. short rest required after use. Req lvl 14

Demolish - Crushes the target with devestating force, dealing 1d10 kinetic damage initially, plus an additional 1d4 kinetic damage for each round. long rest required after use. Req lvl 18

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