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Ghouls are biologically identical to a member of any humanoid species, with a few exceptions. Firstly, they are exclusively able to consume raw flesh, coffee, and water; any other food tastes as foul as rotten trash and offers no nutritional value. Secondly, they bear a sac-like organ somewhere within their body that converts nutrients into RC cells, which in turn cause them to become almost immune to conventional weapons, and grants them their own natural weapon.

Creating a Ghoul[edit]

Were you always a ghoul, or were you implanted with a kakuhou later in life? Do you only eat when needed, or do you hunt humanoids for pleasure? Do you sulk in the shadows, or hide in plain sight? Have you lost any ghoul companions to prejudice, or do you operate alone?

Quick Build

You can make a Ghoul quickly by following these suggestions. First, Constitution should be your highest ability score, followed by Dexterity or Strength. Second, choose the Hermit background.

Class Features

As a Ghoul you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per Ghoul level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution modifier per Ghoul level after 1st


Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Simple Weapons
Tools: Disguise kit
Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution
Skills: Athletics, Acrobatics, and Intimidation or Stealth


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • Mask and coat (Common Clothes)
  • Two simple Weapons of your choice
  • Disguise kit
  • Explorers pack

Table: The Ghoul

Level Proficiency
Features RC Cells Kagune Damage Dice
1st +2 Hunger, RC cells, Kagune, Unarmored Defense 0 1d4
2nd +2 Regeneration, Thick skin, RC Flurry 1 1d4
3rd +2 Ghoulish Blood 3 1d4
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement 5 1d4
5th +3 Extra Attack 7 1d6
6th +3 Ability Score Increase 9 1d6
7th +3 Kagune Feature 11 1d6
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement 13 1d6
9th +4 Kagune Feature 15 1d8
10th +4 Heightened Sense 17 1d8
11th +4 Inhuman Strength 19 1d8
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement 21 1d8
13th +5 Deceptive 23 1d8
14th +5 Full Regeneration 25 1d10
15th +5 Improved Critical 27 1d10
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement 29 1d10
17th +6 Rare Ability 31 1d10
18th +6 Incognito 33 1d12
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 35 1d12
20th +6 True Ghoul 50 1d12


As a Ghoul, your diet is comprised of three things, Flesh, Coffee, and Water. Ghouls require one raw meal (meat, specifically) per 6 + your Constitution modifier days, otherwise, they will attack the nearest living creature (excluding undead and constructs) and attempt to kill and eat them on sight.

Ghouls usually wear a mask when hunting in order to keep their identity a secret. When your Kagune is out or you're eating or hungry, Your sclera (White part of the eye) turns black and your iris turns blood red. If you fail to meet your hunger requirements, you lose the ability to use your Kagune until you eat. If you consume food beyond your ghoul diet, you must succeed a DC 18 Constitution saving throw or vomit, and regardless of the outcome it does not count toward your food requirement.

RC Cells[edit]

RC Cells are the fuel for Kagune. You have a maximum number of RC Cells equal to the number listed in the RC Cells Column + your Constitution modifier. You regain all RC Cells during a short rest.


At 1st level, your above-average RC Cell count manifest into added deadly limbs, granting you a natural weapon which replaces your unarmed strike (it counts as magical at 6th level for the point of overcoming resistances). Kagune's can be dismissed as a bonus action. Kagunes use your constitution for attack rolls and damage.

You have the choice between Rinkaku, Koukaku, Bikaku, and the Ukaku at first level. Kagunes deal slashing damage equal to the dice on the Kagune table, which scales with level.

You are now always under the effect of the jump spell.

Unarmored Defense[edit]

At 1st level, your hardened skins provide defense against most types of trauma, granting you an Unarmored Defense of 10 + Constitution modifier + Dexterity modifier. You cannot use a shield to gain this effect.


At 2nd level, ghouls have a natural ability to regenerate. As a bonus action, you can spend 1 RC Cell to regain a number of hit points equal to the amount listed in the Kagune Damage Dice table + your Constitution modifier. Spending 2 RC Cells lets you double your Constitution modifier when healing yourself. You can spend a number of RC Cells equal to double your proficiency bonus per long rest.

Thick Skin[edit]

At 2nd level, while you have at least 1 RC Cell, you gain an amount of temporary hit points equal to your Tokyo Ghoul class level per long rest.

RC Flurry[edit]

At 2nd level, when you take the attack action with your Kagune, you can spend 2 RC Cells to make two attacks with your Kagune as a bonus action.

Ghoulish Blood[edit]

At 3rd level, the RC Cells have mutated your blood to the point where it augments your attacks. By rolling a die according to your current damage on the Kagune damage table, you take damage to the damage rolled, and for one minute, you gain a bonus to your Kagune's damage equal to one die lower than your damage on the Kagune die table. ( At level 1-4, this damage remains at 1d4 as it cannot go any lower. )

Ability Score Increase[edit]

At 4th level, and again at 6th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Extra Attack[edit]

At 5th level, whenever you take the attack action, you can attack a second time.

Heightened Senses[edit]

At 10th level, you can detect the location of living Humanoids within 30 ft. of you for one minute. You cannot use this feature again until you finish a short rest.

Inhuman Strength[edit]

At 11th level, due to the power of your mutated RC Cells, you are considered to have the Powerful Build feature and are counted as one size larger when determining you ability to carry, push, pull or lift objects.


At 13th level, you spend time looking into how to keep your identity a secret. When you summon your Kagune, you can instead use a reaction to dismiss your Kagune. You gain proficiency in the deception skill, and if you already have proficiency, you gain expertise in this skill. In addition, when you talk to a creature to one minute or more, you can make a deception check versus their insight. On a successful roll, the target treats you as a trusted ally.

Full Regeneration[edit]

At 14th level, you can choose to regain missing or damaged limbs or body parts during a short or long rest for 3 hit dice. You regain those spent hit dice on your next long rest, not the current one (if done on a short rest, it is regained the long rest after next).

Deadly Strikes[edit]

At 15th level, you now critically succeed on 19 and 20 rolls.

Rare Ability[edit]

At 17th level, you develop a special ability unique to you alone. You gain one of the following:


Your Kagune can generate kinetic energy rapidly. For 10 RC Cells, every creature in a 20 ft. radius sphere up to 100 ft. from you must succeed a DC 8 + Constitution Modifier + your Proficiency bonus Constitution saving throw or take 8d6 fire damage.


Your Kagune can conduct electricity. For 10 RC Cells, every creature in a 100 ft. line must succeed a DC 8 + Constitution modifier + your Proficiency bonus Constitution saving throw or take 8d6 lightning damage.

RC Blast

Your Kagune can release a blast of force without any form of light production. For 10 RC Cells, every creature in a 25 ft. cone must succeed a DC 8 + Constitution Modifier + your Proficiency bonus Constitution saving throw or take 8d6 thunder damage.


Your Kagune can expel RC Cells to repair damaged tissue, allowing you to spend 10 RC Cells to heal one creature of your choice within 5 ft. of you for 8d4 hit points.


Your RC Cells can copy DNA samples perfectly. As an action for 10 RC Cells, you become identical to a humanoid who's DNA you've digested for 1 hour. You do not gain any features or actions that humanoid had, but you cannot by physically or magically distinguished from the original unless they can read your mind. You can turn back to your original self for no cost.


At 18th level, your days in hiding have left you with the ability to hide exceptionally well. When someone makes a Perception check (Sight) to discern your location, they make it with disadvantage. When something is searching for you, you gain advantage in stealth checks to remain hidden from their sight.

True Ghoul[edit]

Your prowess as a ghoul has shined throughout your hiding days, giving you access to new abilities for a short amount of time. For one minute, the damage dice of your Kagune is doubled, the range of it's attacks increases by 30ft, and enemies hit by your Kagune must make a strength saving throw equal to 12 + your Constitution Modifier + your proficiency bonus or be knocked prone. You cannot use this ability again until you finish a long rest.


The Rinkaku takes the form of spider-like legs/ tails originating from the base of the spine. The Rinkaku gives its users powerful strikes and regenative abilities,both excelling Superior striking power and brute strength, while having a very brittle frame.

Weapon information

Once per short rest, you can attack with the Rinkaku twice instead of once. It takes a Bonus Action to release this Kagune, and you can have up to 2 tails at 3rd level, gain 1 more at 5th, 1 more at 9th, 1 more at 12th, 1 more at 15th, and 2 more for a total of 8 at 18th. Each tail gives you 2 temporary hit points at the start of combat. You can also use this kagune to stand 10ft from the ground ignoring difficult terrain.

Urban Adept

At 7th level, while your Kagune is active, you gain a climbing speed equal to your movement speed + 10 ft.

Advanced Rinkaku

At 9th level, you gain one of the following:


For any athletic or acrobatic check, you can spend 2 RC Cells to gain advantage and double your proficiency bonus for that roll, and you can spend 3 points to automatically pass a grapple check to grapple or resist being grappled.


When a creature misses an attack against you, as a Reaction, you can spend 2 RC Cells to move 10 feet back. This movement does not provoke opportunity attacks.


The Koukaku takes the form of a hard shell-like carapace, forming from the shoulder blade, spiraling around the arm as a shield, to end as a drill, spike, or hammer near the hand. While having high defense, this Kagune is incredibly heavy. slowing down it's user in combat.

Weapon Information

It takes a Bonus Action to release this Kagune. Your Kagune's hard shell like carapace provides a great shield. When it is released, at 3rd you gain a +1 To AC, at 10th you gain a + 2 to AC, and at 16th level you gain a +3 To AC.

Offensive Koukaku

At 7th level, On a hit, you can spend 2 RC Cells as a bonus action to force a creature you attacked to make a Strength save of 14 + Your Strength modifier save or be knocked prone and take an additional 1d8 damage.

Improved Koukaku

At 9th level as a reaction for 5 RC Cells, you can turn one critical hit against you into normal damage.


The Bikaku takes form of a tail-like appendage originating from the tailbone/coccyx. Known to not have any major weakness or strength, it is often referred as the "Trump card" Kagune, being useful in all situations.

Weapon information

It takes a Bonus Action to release this Kagune. By spending 2 RC Cells, you gain an extra 1d8 of damage when attacking for one minute, and while your Kagune is active, you gain advantage on acrobatics checks.

Lengthy Tail

At 7th level while your Kagune is active, you are able to interact with objects up to 15 feet away from you.

Advanced Rinkaku

At 9th level, you gain one of the following:

Bikaku offensive ability

By spending 4 RC Cells as a bonus action, you stretch out your Kagune, increasing its range of attack to 15 ft. for 1 minute.

Bikaku defensive ability

For 2 RC Cells, you can attempt to disarm someone of whatever they're holding as long as they're within 15 ft. as outlined in DMG 271.


The Ukaku takes the form of hard, bloody, crystallized wings coming out of the upper back. This Kagune enhances its user's speed while firing hardened shards out of its wings with great precision, taking out its prey from afar. This Kagune puts a strain on the user, tiring them out quickly if it is used too long.

Weapon Information

As an action for 2 RC Cells, you can fire 3 shards out of your Kagune at a range of 60/200 ft. as attacks, each dealing 1d4 slashing or piercing damage. The number of shards you can fire increases to 4 at 5th level, 5 at 10th, and 6 at 15th, and 7 at 18th. If a creature is within 5 ft of you or the environment is restraining your full wingspan (your height times 2) you have disadvantage on attack rolls against that creature. It takes a Bonus Action to release this Kagune.

Advanced Ukaku

At 7th level, you gain one of the following:

Ukaku offensive ability

As an action for 4 RC Cells, you unleash a torrent of Crystals fired out of your Kagune. Each creature you choose within a 15 ft. cone starting from you must attempt a DC 8 + your Constitution modifier + proficiency Constitution saving throw, taking twice the amount of damage as shards you can fire, or half as much on a success.

Ukaku defensive ability

For 4 RC Cells, as a bonus action or reaction, you can wrap your Kagune around you and any creatures of your choice within 5 ft., redirecting all damage in that range onto you until the beginning of your next turn.

Beautiful Wings

At 9th level, while your Kagune is active, you gain +5 ft. to your movement speed and a flying speed equal to half your total movement speed. Creatures cannot benefit from cover less than total cover if you are in the air when attacking them. You do not gain any of these benefits if you are wearing medium or heavy armor.


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the Tokyo Ghoul class, a Constitution of 13 or higher.

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the Tokyo Ghoul class, you gain the following proficiencies: Athletics and Acrobatics

Design Note: If you want more TG class material, check out Cannibal Ghoul (5e Class).

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