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Rider is one of the seven standard Servant classes summoned for the Holy Grail War. Servants placed within this Class are those known for riding mounts, whether living beasts or human constructs, during their lives.

Creating a Rider[edit]


What historical hero were you? Were you known for wearing a legendary mount? In you past life you may be a knight in the service of a king or a lord, even you may could be a king. In your past life you did a great feat on the back of your mount,be it good or bad your name you is remembered by history for your feat. Now you have been call upon by your master to make a difficult task

Quick Build

You can make a Rider quickly by following these suggestions. First, Charisma should be your highest ability score, followed by strenght or dexterity, depending on which Path you want to choose. Second, choose the Folk Hero background.

Class Features

As a Rider you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per Rider level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution modifier per Rider level after 1st


Armor: Light armor, Medium armor
Weapons: simple and martial weapons
Tools: one of your choice
Saving Throws: Choose one from: Strength, Inteligence, Charisma. Choose one from: Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution.
Skills: choose 3 from all skills


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) one martial melee weapon or (b) two simple melee weapons
  • studded leather armor
  • explorer's pack

Table: The Rider

Level Proficiency
Features Noble Phantasm Points
1st +2 Cantrips, Natural Rider, Rider Path 0
2nd +2 Riding, Riding Style 0
3rd +2 Noble Phantasm 1+Charisma bonus
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement, Riding (2) 1+Charisma bonus
5th +3 Extra Attack 1+Charisma bonus
6th +3 Beast Master, Beast Charge 2+Charisma bonus
7th +3 Rider Path Feature 2+Charisma bonus
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement, Riding (3) 2+Charisma bonus
9th +4 Mounted Fighter 3+Charisma bonus
10th +4 Accel Turn 3+Charisma bonus
11th +4 Rider Path Feature 3+Charisma bonus
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement, Riding (4) 3+Charisma bonus
13th +5 Extra Attack(2) 4+Charisma bonus
14th +5 Rider Path Feature 4+Charisma bonus
15th +5 Magic Resistance 4+Charisma bonus
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement, Riding (5) 4+Charisma bonus
17th +6 Rider Path Feature 5+Charisma bonus
18th +6 Mounted Warrior 5+Charisma bonus
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 5+Charisma bonus
20th +6 Rider Path Feature 5+Charisma bonus


As a heroic spirit you have access to all Cantrips but can only know up to 2. charisma is your spell-casting modifier.

Spell and class feature save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your charisma modifier
Spell attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + charisma modifier

Natural Rider[edit]

At 1st level, you are proficient with all mounts, you can cast the find steed spell without spending spell slot. Once you use this feature, you must finish a long rest before you can use it again.

Rider Path[edit]

At 1st level, you must choose a Rider Path. You may choose between the Conqueror, Gorgon or Paladin paths, all listed at the end of this class.

Rapid Riding[edit]

When you reach 2nd level, and again at 4th, 8th, 12th and 16th level, you increase your mount speed by 10ft.

Riding Style[edit]

At 2nd level you can choose which way you fight and thus gain a bonus to that way of fighting.

Mount Defender

You give +2 to the AC to your mount

Fast Protector

When an ally is attacked at 10 feet or less of your you can spend your reaction to take the damage instead.

Fast Dodge

If you are 20 feet or more to an enemy who makes you a distance attack, the enemy gets a penalty of 2 to the attack roll.

Mobile Attacker

If you move at least 10 feet before make an attack you you gan a +3 bonus to the attack roll in the first atack you make.

Agressive Mount

When you move 5 feet next to an enemy that enemy receive 3 bludgeoning damage, a enemy cannot suffer this effect two times or more in your same turn.

Noble Phantasm[edit]

At 3rd level, you gain use of a Noble Phantasm. Your Noble Phantasm is unique to your Rider Path, and you can do it once,you must finish a long rest before you can use it again.You have noble phantasm points equal to the points listed in the noble phantasm column. You regain all Noble Phantasm points at the end of a long rest.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Extra Attack[edit]

Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

The number of attacks increases to three when you reach 13th level in this class.

Beast Master[edit]

At the 6th level, whenever you defeat a creature that could be a mount(DM's discretion) there is a chance it could be swayed to your side. Roll 1d20+charisma modifier and on a roll of 18 or higher it regains it’s maximum hit points and is charmed by you permanently. You may repeat this three times before being permanently unable to charm that creature.

You can only have a number of creatures under your control equal to your proficiency bonus from this feature.

Beast Charge[edit]

When you use your action to dash, you an use your bonus action to make one melee attack. If you move at least 5 feet in a straight line inmediately before taking this bonus action, you gain a 5 + your dexterity or strength bonus to the attack and damage roll, also you make this attack with advantage. You can't use this feature if you are not mounted.

Mounted Fighter[edit]

When you reach 9th level, when you are on a mount you receive the following boons.

  • You have advantage on attack rolls against any unmounted creature.
  • You deal an additional damage die when mounted.
  • You can force an attack targeted at your mount to target you instead.
  • If your mount is subjected to an effect that allows it to make Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, it instead takes no damage if it succeeds on the saving throw, and only half damage if it fails.

Accel Turn[edit]

Starting at the 10th level, when you are subjected to an effect that allows you to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, you instead take no damage if you succeed, and half damage if you fail.

As a reaction to a creatures disengage action, you can move up to half your movement speed and if within range make one weapon attack. If hit the creature is knocked prone.

Whenever you take an attack of opportunity on a creature if the attack hits the creature is knocked prone.

Magic Resistance[edit]

At 13th level, magic is less effective against you.

  • You gain advantage on all Saving Throws against magic.
  • You have resistance to damage from spells.
  • Enemy Spell Attack rolls have disadvantage against hitting you.

Mounted Master[edit]

At 18th level, you become one with your mounted companion.

  • You gain Temporary HP equal to the total amount your creatures you have. These creatures you control through the 6th level feature “Beast Master”.
  • You gain a bonus to attack rolls and saving throws equal to the creatures under your control through “Beast Master.”
  • You can never be unmounted from your mount unless your incapacitated.
  • You have a mount as legendary as you, your mount cannot drop to 0 HP while you are mounted on it and have at least 1 Hp.
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Rider Paths[edit]

Path of the Conqueror[edit]


A charismatic king who commands his followers, in the past you manage to conquer and make a great empire with the help of your allies

Splendid Carriage

In the past you traveled great distances and created a great empire with your conquests, you require something to move far away. When you choose this path, your mount is a carriage pulled by one or more mounts, your carriage can accommodate up to 6 medium-sized creatures and you count like 2 sizes bigger, you can summon and un-summon the carriage at will but you cannot have more than 1 at a time.

Ionioi Hetairoi (Noble Phantasm)

Thanks to your immense magical power, you are able to create a dimension and transport all the creatures within 60 feet of you and the objects they carry into said dimension. Through your magic, you can recreate the army of followers you had in life. You may summon 1d8 + charisma number of soldiers to a unnocuped space up to 30 feet of you, this soldiers are friendly to you and your allies and will fight for you (DM characteristics) every soldier moves after your turn and attacks once. You can expend noble phantasm points when you use it to improve your noble phantasm you can select this options:

  • You can expend noble phantasm points to summon extra soldiers,you use 1 point for 1 every extra soldier you summon.
  • You can expend noble phantasm points to give for every point you expend +1 in every attack roll you soldiers make.
  • You can expend 2 noble phantasm points to make this dimension difficult terrain for your enemys.
  • You can expend noble phantasm points to give for every point you expend +1 in every damage roll you soldiers make.
  • You can expend 3 noble phantasm points to make your soldiers make magic damage to overcome enemy resistance.
Formal King

In the past you were loved by all your subjects, remembered like the king you were, by this reason you now how you have to treat people to follow you.Increase your charisma score by 2 (This upgrade cannot exceed 20)


Your presence inspires your allies to fight with you being more effective in battle than alone. All your allies within 20 feet of you can add your charisma bonus to their damage rolls if they are not incapacitated.

Electric Conqueror

When you do the charge action you can add an additional d6 of electric damage, this damage increases by an extra d6 when you gain a new characteristic of the conqueror.


In your past life you forged a great empire, you fought with numerous enemies and defeated them all thanks to your allies and your way of commanding them. When an ally within 15 feet of you takes damage due to an enemy attack, you can use your reaction to have that ally make an attack against the creature that attacked them.

Subjugation Strategy

Fighting together strengthens bonds and makes a more effective army, you know how to make you and your allies fight better together taking advantage of team tactics. You and your allies within 15 feet of you gain advantage on attack rolls if an ally is within 5 feet of an enemy have advantage on attack rolls against that creature.

Path of the Gorgon[edit]


In the past you were a half-human half-gods creature, perhaps cursed by a cruel god with superhuman abilities such as his powerful eyes, his fighting style requires less use of the mount and also you have not a clear noble phantasm but you can make better your abilities.

Munei Tanken (Noble Phantasm)

You are able to summon a unique weapon that only you possessed in life, too complicated to be used by normal warriors, only you are competent with this weapon, this weapon looks like two giant needles linked by a long It has the following characteristics:

  • 1d6 of piercing damage
  • range 20 feet
  • throwing weapon
  • light weapon
  • fine weapon
  • two hands weapon

-Special: you can catch a enemy at 20 feets of you using athletics with dextery Count as if you carry a weapon in each hand.

Independent action

You have become used to fighting without a mount making you more agile and fast, gain 1 dexterity (cannot exceed 20) and 10 feet of extra movement.

Mystical eyes of petrification

In the past you were known to have eyes capable of petrifying who you looked at As an action you can look at a creature 30 feet from you to make it make a Dc roll of wisdom against your Dc of spell, if it fails it will be petrified for a minute, at the end of each of its turns it can repeat the roll of salvation to stop being petrified. You can use noble phantasm points to improve this hability.

  • You can expend 1 point to make it a 15 foot cone.
  • You can expend points to increase cone range by 5 feet for each point you use.
  • You can expend 1 point to make this ability in reaction to an attack.
  • You can expend 2 point to make the Saving throw with disadvantage.

You also have you have a mask to cover your eyes and not turn someone to stone by mistake, while wearing it you are considered blind but you have blind vision of 60 feet.

Summon Bellerophon

You can summon this pegasus of your last life, it has the stats of the pegasus but it can't attack, when you ride this pegasus your beast charge can make 3d8 more of damage of the weapon you wear in that moment, you can also expend noble phantasm points to ad 1d8 more of damage for each point you expend

Fallen Divinity

In the past you were cursed by a cruel god leaving you like a monster on a formless island, even so part of that power you can use to infuse your weapons with a bit of the divine energy that you have left even if it is cursed. Your weapons count as magic, you can make 1d6 extra of necrotic damage and you have +2 noble phantasm max points

Andromeda's Blood Fort

You know how to perform a ritual to extract the vital energy and the magical power of living beings You make a field of 60 feet in diameter centered on you that lasts 1 min, you can finish it earlier as a free action, the creatures you choose will suffer 4d6 necrotic damage at the beginning of their turn,a creature that dies in this field will disintegrate and you will absorb all its vital energy recovering noble phantsm points. You can expend noble phantasm points to improve the ability.

  • You can expend points to add 1d6 extra for each point you expend,exemple if you expend 2 points the area will make 6d6 for the duration.
  • You can expend points to add 10 feets for each point wasted.
  • As bonus action you can expend 1 point to remove a spell slot of 5th level or lower starting with the highest slots from a creature, this no works with creatures without spell slots.
Munei Taken Improve

You have become a master of this weapon. You can make an extra attack with this weapon if you are not in a mount, also you can try to grap creaturas as a free action instead of as a bonus action.

Path of the Paladin[edit]


A beautiful and strong knight who served cherlemagne and fights together with his flying mount to help his friends

Monstrous Strength

As the paladin that you were, you have had a special training that now as a heroic spirit is reflected in your superhuman strength.When you choose this path you gain 1 strength (you cannot exceed strength 20 with this ability) and the ability to lift, push, etc. You also gain an advantage by avoiding being pulled from your mount.

The Black Moon (Noble Phantasm)

With your magical power you are able to conjure magical objects that you had in life, you summon the black moon one of the most powerful of those you had in life. In a 30ft radius, all the enemies take 4d8 thunder damage and makes the same effect of the spell dispel magic as 9 level. You can expend noble phantasm points when you use it to improve your noble phantasm you can select this options:

  • You can expend noble phantasm points to increase the damage,you use 1 point for 1 every extra d8 you make.
  • You can expend noble phantasm points to increase the radius,you use 1 point for 1 every extra 10ft you increase.
  • You can expend 1 noble phantasm point to force the enemy to make a constitution throw against your DC or be deafened on a failed save, you use 1 point for every +2 you increase the DC.
  • You can expend 3 noble phantasm points to grant temporal hit points equal to the damage you make with the noble phantasm.
Summon Hippogriff

In the past your mount was a hippogriff and now as a heroic spirit you can ask it to return to you to be your mount. When you use find steed spell you can sumon a Hippogriff instead and mount it in the same action. The hippogriff has its own turn after yours.

Argelia Trap

You were a specialist in hand-to-hand combat in the air and could deliver dangerous charges to enemies on the ground. If you use Beast Charge while flying and hitting the target, it is treated as a critical hit

Enchanting Presence

You are so beautiful that your allies try harder in your presence You can use your reaction to add your charisma bonus from an ally to their skill or attack saving throw.

Casieur De Logistille

In the past you had a book capable of counteracting any type of magic. Once per long rest,as an action, you create a 40 foot anti-magic field that lasts for a number of rounds equal to its Charisma bonus, unless you terminate it earlier by will. Once it ends, your magic resistance improves to the point where Magic Missil has to roll to hit for 1 minute and any ranged magic attacks made against you will have a disadvantage.

Powerfull Resistance

When you fail on a saving throw, you can choose to succeed it instead. You have a number of uses equal to half to your strength bonus (rounded up), regaining all the uses at the end of a long rest.

Variant Rules[edit]

Player Familiars[edit]

Servants are the greatest form that magical familiars can take and, as such, can not survive in the material plane without a master. When creating a Heroic Spirit, a player must choose a separate humanoid creature, typically a spell caster, to be their “Master”. If either the player or their “Master” is considered dead, they die instantly and can not be resurrected by any means, including the Wish spell, until a time set by the DM.

The "Master" also will also get 3 command stamps, they are like a tattoo that can be seen on his hand the master can use this command to make different effects to the servant. You can use it to regenerate health equal to all the servant's hit dice. You can use it to recover all Noble Phantasm uses and Noble Phantasm points, and you can use it to make the servant make any possible action you want, he can't refuse that order but he will be aware while he do it.

All this uses cost 1 command spells, when you expend all of it the servant will cease to be yours and he will disappear in 8 H unless he signs a contract with another spellcaster to be his Servant, in that case that new Master will gain 3 command spells, a master who has lost his Servant by spending all the command spells will not be able to re-sign a contract to be his Master again.

If you play a campaign with the theme of the war of the holy grail, the judge or the servant ruler can give commando seals as rewards to missions that they send to the master, but the number of commando seals a master can have will never be greater than 3


You can Multiclass into the Heroic Spirit class unless you are already another Heroic spirit.

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