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Runic Warrior[edit]

Stormy waters crash over the deck of a notorious pirate crew as they steer their vessel toward a small trading ship. Suddenly a gust of wind heralds the arrival of a man glowing in turquoise markings as he plunges out of the sky, knocking down men all around him as the sea itself seems to rise to his call. The shocked pirates begin shouting as they all lunge at him, but as they try to pass through the misty air he spins around and delivers a swift kick to the first Pirates stomach without even looking. A crossbowman in the crow's nest tries to notch an arrow, but the stranger raises his sword and a bolt of lightning cracks the lookout in two and boring a hole in the deck. As the water begins pouring out of the hole the man smiles, red lights flickering across his face as the mast above him is ablaze from the lightning strike. As desperate pirates begin abandoning ship he simply hops off the deck and into the roiling waters. Landing gracefully on the surface of the water, he breaks into a sprint across the waves themselves, gusts of wind pushing him ever onward.

A lone dwarf holds up the tip of his axe in a dark cavern. Its golden handle reflects the lights shimmering from the blade which dances off the wall around him. Glowing blue and red markings pockmark the axe's handle as the dwarf finds the ancient inscriptions he was looking for. The symbols glow off the wall with an unnatural light as his weapon draws near it, and his axe begins to quiver in excitement. He casually tosses it into the air, but rather than crashing into the ground it flies up next to him. With a few quick darting motions, it glances at the writing, its metal blade singing in anticipation, and with a quick spin, it flies down the ancient stairs ahead of the grizzled dwarf. With a grunt, he pulls out another equally ornate Warhammer and follows after, hints of flames licking the head of it.

An ogre approaches a woman in the forest, a giant club in his hand. He's hungry and fully prepared to cook this morsel, and confidently he reaches for her. A series of turquoise markings flair to life as the woman grabs the ogre's wrist and flips him onto his side. Confused, the ogre looks up where the woman stands, glowing tattoos piercing the dark forest as she pulls out her twin daggers. Roaring with anger, the ogre leaps to it's feet and charges her. She ducks around it, and before the ogre knows what's even happened she's rained down multiple blows on the beast. It's blood boils with anger as it turns to face her, but it finds itself stumbling, unable to stand straight. It's vision blurs as the poisons work it's way into it's veins. It tries to swing at her again, but the wooden club simply breaks on her chest as the markings glow fiercely yet again. She swings her daggers yet again, glowing green in the night, and the monster finds itself no longer able to stand. Flat on it's back it struggles to understand what happened, but it doesn't have long, and as it's vision goes dark the last thing it sees is the brilliant turquoise stripes winding around her shoulders and down her arms...

Runic Warriors were forged from a simple need. The Dark Island lived apart from the rest of the world for many centuries in the middle of the ocean. As they faced down various aquatic threats, they found themselves needing warriors, but the heavy armor was more of a liability. Instead, they turned to a new tactic, creating a type of ink that could gather ambient magical energies from the air to be used by a skilled fighter. Highly reactive to magical energies, a trained warrior could augment their strength, allowing them to take a blade as though fully armored, or leap from boat to boat to fight off invaders. Over time these markings were applied to their weapons as well, which they could activate by pouring the magical energies into various runes on them. Although initially designed to be used at sea, these fighters and crafters became highly versatile and can hold their own in any given situation.

Creating a Runic Warrior[edit]

Quick Build

You can make a Runic Warrior quickly by following these suggestions. First, Strength should be your highest ability score, followed by Wisdom. Second, choose the Soldier background.

Class Features

As a Runic Warrior you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per Runic Warrior level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 1d10 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution modifier per Runic Warrior level after 1st


Armor: Light, shield
Weapons: Simple
Tools: Tattoo Kit, Smithing Tools
Saving Throws: Strength, Wisdom
Skills: Arcana and two from Athletics, History, Insight, Investigation, Perception, Survival, First Aid


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) Two simple weapons of your choice or (b) One melee weapon of your choice and a shield
  • (a) Shortbow with 20 arrows or (b) One light crossbow with 20 bolts
  • (a) Scholar's pack or (b) Dungeoneer's Pack
  • Tattoo Kit and Smithing Tools

Table: The Runic Warrior

Level Proficiency
Features Runic Power Weapon Rune Limit (Engraver) Tattoo Limit (Inker) Weapon Rune Limit (Rune Master) Tattoo Limit (Rune Master)
1st +2 Craftsman,Tattooed Defense,Runic Weapon Class Focus 4 1 1 1 1
2nd +2 Fighting Style 6 1 1 1 1
3rd +2 , 10 2 1 1 1
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement 14 2 2 1 1
5th +3 Attack of the Ancients 18 3 2 2 1
6th +3 26 3 3 2 2
7th +3 Runic Strike, Runes 35 4 3 2 2
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement 43 4 4 2 2
9th +4 46 5 4 3 2
10th +4 Additional Attunement 50 5 5 3 2
11th +4 52 5 5 3 3
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement 54 6 5 3 3
13th +5 56 6 6 4 3
14th +5 Aether Retrieval 58 6 6 4 3
15th +5 60 7 6 4 4
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement 62 7 7 4 4
17th +6 63 8 7 5 4
18th +6 65 9 8 5 4
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 67 9 8 5 4
20th +6 Runic Overload 70 9 8 5 4

Runic Warrior Class Features[edit]

Runic warriors empower themselves using runes placed on their weapons. Each weapon can hold a set number of runes on them which can be activated when the Runic Warrior activates them. How they activate them can be decided by the player, but such methods could be by running their finger along the rune on their blade, selecting specific arrows from their quiver, or just using mental commands.


Runic warriors gain proficiency in using both the Smithing Tools and Tattoo kit.

Runic Power[edit]

Runic Warriors don't use spells like normal casters do. Instead of using incantations and hand gestures, they use runes that have been inscribed onto their blade, as well as specialized tattoos dipped in magical inks that allow them to use specialized abilities. These do not last forever, however. Both ink and runes draw magical power from the world around them, and once consumed need time to replenish their power. As they are used more and more, these markings adapt to the constant influx and outflow of energies, and over time gain increased reserves of runic power. Each level, the Runic Warrior gains additional power as listed in the chart above. These can be used on several abilities that consume certain amounts of power. Some of them even gain additional effects based on the amount of power used. The amount of runic power you have will replenish only after a long rest. However if you are knocked below 0 hit points then you will only be able to access half of the runic power points that you should at that level, you will only gain full use of the runic power points after a week spent in meditation. This process involves sitting in isolation for one full day without doing any other tasks.

No magic![edit]

Since the tattoos on a runic warriors body absorb ambient magical energy from the world around them, runic warriors are incapable of using spells cast in more traditional ways. Attempting to do so would cause the tattoos to drain their own life's essence in the process. As such, runic warriors cannot multi-class into other classes that would grant them magical capabilities. Attempts to cast a spell learned through other means cause them to take 1d4 damage for each level of the spell being cast, and an additional point of damage for each level in the runic warrior.

Tattooed Defense[edit]

A series of tattoos on your body, increasing your natural defenses. Your unarmored AC becomes 10 + wisdom + dexterity/strength (choose). These tattoos require exposure to the air to work and wearing any sort of armor or even tight clothing stops them from working. They can, however, still use shields.

Runic Weapon[edit]

At 1st level, you may choose any non-magical weapon in the game to use as your runic weapon. These weapons are attuned to you, you have proficiency with it even if you normally wouldn't, and you always know exactly where it is at all times. Should you be separated from your weapon, you may have it teleport into your hand. You may choose one of the runes listed later in this guide to be inscribed upon your weapon. You may choose a different weapon to become your runic weapon later, but you must remove the runes on the original one before doing so.

Class Focus[edit]

At level 1, you may select a class focus, taking the path of the Engraver, Inker, or Rune Master.

Fighting Style[edit]

At 2nd level, you adopt a style of fighting as your specialty. You may take one of the following options. You cannot take a fighting style more than once.


You gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls you make with ranged weapons.


When you are wielding a melee weapon in one hand and no other weapons, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with that weapon.

Great Weapon Fighting

When you roll a 1 or 2 on a damage die of an attack you make with a melee weapon that you are wielding with two hands, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll. The weapon must have the two-handed or versatile property for you to gain this benefit.

Two-Weapon Fighting

When you engage in two-weapon fighting, you can add your ability modifier to the damage of the second attack.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Attack of the Ancients[edit]

Beginning at 5th level, whenever you take the attack action, your weapon runes siphon power. Each time you land a successful attack, roll a d10. On a 10, the enemy takes 2d6 force damage, and you gain 1 RP.

Runic Strike[edit]

At the 7th level, you may use a bonus action to imbue your weapon with energy, increasing the damage dealt by your next successful strike by 1d6 per runic energy spent.

Additional Attunement[edit]

At level 10, you may attune yourself to one additional magic item.

Aether Retrieval[edit]

Starting at level 14, in addition to being able to teleport your runic weapon back to your hand, you may now also teleport to your runic weapon if you are not holding it.

Runic Overload[edit]

At level 20, your tattoos have gathered more ambient energy than you know what to do with. You may choose to expend ALL remaining Runic Power to activate one of the following effects:

  • Tattoo Overload: Your tattoos go into overdrive, flinging magical energies in all directions around you. When the effect is activated, gain one charge for every Runic Power spent. Enemies within 10 feet at the beginning of your turn must make a Dex save of 10 each turn or take 1d6 damage, expending a charge with each attack. In addition, your tattoos provide a defensive cover, adding 1d4 to your AC each turn, and expending charges each time you are attacked. Each time a charge is expended in this way, also re-roll the damage reduction die. Charges are additionally dispersed at a rate of 2 at the beginning of each of your turns. When the charges run out, the effect ends.
  • Runic Overload: Your Runic Weapons blaze with power, and will begin floating around you, keeping you safe by attacking any enemies who come within range. The weapons cannot travel more than 5 feet away from you in this manner. They will attack any enemy that comes in striking distance. All runes are considered active during this time, and you do not need to be holding your weapon to use them. Charges are expended at a rate of 2 for each Runic Weapon used in this way at the start of each of your turns, as well as each time one of your weapons attacks an enemy. You may choose to grab one of your weapons at any time and begin using them as normal, reducing the charges consume each turn. Letting go of one of these weapons will make them start hovering around you again.
  • Song of Battle: Your tattoos and weapons work in tandem, granting bonuses to your entire party. Each weapon held by your allies is imbued with the power of one of your weapon runes, and they receive +2 to AC and DC saves. Your Runic Weapon gets a +2 bonus to both attack and damage. The 'Steely Partner' rune acts for all allies as though they already had the'Sentient Weapon' rune on their weapon. Charges are expended at a rate of 2 on each of your turns for each ally affected by this ability.

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Class Focus[edit]

Most Runic Warriors tend to focus on different aspects of their training as they get more comfortable with their skills. At level 3 you may choose to focus on one of the three branches: The Engraver, who works to make his weapon as powerful and unique as possible; the Inker, who works on carving the most intricate defenses into his skin; or the Rune Master, who works with both tattoos and weapon tunes to create a dangerous combination of the two.


Engravers choose to focus on strengthening the markings on their blade rather than the tattoos on their bodies. This leads to powerful weapons that are the thing of legends, wading into battle and cutting down enemies with ease. Their weapons become more powerful, unleashing damaging blasts that can send multiple enemies flying!

Weapon Runes[edit]

Starting at the first level you craft runes into your weapon, allowing you to access their abilities. Each rune has a passive effect as well as abilities that change based on the runic power used to activate them. These runes tend to be offensive, allowing you to batter down your opponents with a combination of magical and physical assaults. By default, a 2-handed runic weapon can hold up to 3 different runes on them, whereas 1-handed weapons can each hold 2. Shields may hold 2, but only specific runes can be placed as such.

Rune Master

You may equip up to a maximum of 9 runes on a two-handed weapon, 5 runes on a 1-handed weapon, and 5 runes on a shield. You can equip new runes onto your weapon at level 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 17, and 18.


After some battles, the magic seeping into your blade has granted it sentience. At level 3 your weapon is self-aware with an intelligence, wisdom, and charisma of 8 and the ability to communicate telepathically with the runic warrior.

Elemental Affinity

Once you reach level 6, if your runic focus is set to fire, ice, lightning, water, wind, force, poison, radiant, or blood, you may have your weapon deal damage as though it was magical. However, you can't add your strength or dexterity to any of the attack rolls until you reach level 6.


You may now add minor effects to your allies weapons. At level 8, you may choose an ally's weapon and apply a +1 bonus to the attack/damage modifier. This goes up to +2 at level 16.

New Creation

At level 10, you may pick one 2-handed weapon or two 1-handed weapons to use as additional runic weapons. You may place 2 etchings on them to start, and then again at 15 and 20. These new weapons may be a different element from your original runic weapon, and if they are both one handed weapons then each one may be a different element. If you choose 1-handed weapons, the number of engravings you place on them is shared, so each time you can etch something into your weapons you can't do it to both of them.

Enhanced Focus

At level 12, if your focus includes an ability that you may use 1-7 RP on, you may treat each attack as though you were spending 1 RP on that ability without spending its Runic Point cost. You may still use your-your RP abilities on top of that.

Elemental Mastery

At level 18, your skill with elemental weaponry allows you to add additional enhancements to your weapon based on its elemental affinity.

  • Fire
    Clothes, as well as light and medium armor, ignite when hit by your weapon. They burn for an additional 5d4 damage on this turn and their next turn. This damage stacks on each hit. Heavy armor instead begins to melt under the onslaught, reducing it's AC by 1 points per hit, and lasting until your next turn. Additionally, you may expend 3 Runic Power to emit a thick smoke cloud that conceals anything inside of it. Attacking somebody inside the cloud, or attacking someone from inside the cloud, counts as being blinded. With the exception of the runic warrior, anybody inside the cloud must make a Constitution saving or take 3d6 damage and an additional 3d6 damage each turn until they leave the cloud, stacking each time. Units that do not breath are unaffected by this ability.
  • Ice
    Gain +1 armor, though this can be melted by fire, and requires an action to reapply once gone. On a successful hit by your blade, you may freeze an enemy in place unless they make a successful Strength saving throw. They will be unable to move each turn until they make a successful Strength saving throw. Frozen enemies cannot dodge, and lose their dexterity modifiers for their AC. They do, however, gain +1 AC from the layer of ice surrounding them. You may use this ability a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier. You also may spend an action to coat the ground within 10 feet of you in a sheet of ice, causing the difficult terrain effect. You are not affected by this. Again, you may use this action a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier before needing a long rest.
  • Lightning
    You now also attack faster, and can attack three times each turn instead of twice. Enemies made of metal or wearing metal armor who are struck by weapon must now make a Dex save or they become temporarily paralyzed and may only attack once on their next turn.
  • Water
    You may now conjure water from your weapon. You may use an action to conjure a cloud of fog that obscures a target area for one minute. Fighting inside the cloud, or trying to fight someone outside of it, gives creatures disadvantage on rolls. The cloud is 25 cubic feet and lasts until blown away. In addition, you may use a reaction to dissipate into a fine mist, allowing you to move 30 feet away without provoking an opportunity of attack. You may use each of these abilities a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier before needing a long rest. Also, you may now drink from it. Yum!
  • Radiant
    Your weapon shines with energy, granting an aura to you and any allies within 30 feet. The aura lasts until your next short or long rest, after which you may choose to replace which one you have active. The aura is as follow:
  • Defense: Gain +1 to both AC and all saving throws.
  • Offense: All allies gain +2 to both attack and damage values.
  • Utility: Allies within 30 feet have their movement speed increased by 10 feet. In addition, all skill values are increased by half of your wisdom score.

In addition, you may fill your weapon with holy energies, forcing enemies hit by your runic weapon must make a DC save of 15 or take 5d4 damage and be blinded until the end of their next turn. Enemies with darkvision must make a DC save of 20. You may use this ability a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier before needing a long rest.

  • Poison
    Your toxic decay adds two stacks on a successful hit instead of one.
  • Force
    Create a shockwave of pure energy around you, pushing foes back 10 feet and knocking them prone unless they make a successful Strength check. Additionally, you may increase the gravity of your weapon, increasing your damage dealt by the next successful attack by an additional roll. These abilities may be used a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier.


Any creation can be considered a work of art, and tattoos are no different. Inkers focus on the intricate patterns they weave into their skin. They focus on defense rather than offense, and their tattoos allow them to take a massive beating.

Increased Vitality

Your tattoos have increased your resilience. When you choose this path, gain 3 hit points. Gain 1 additional hit point with each subsequent level.

Runic Tattoos

At the first level, you may choose a tattoo for an arm or leg taken from the selection later on in this guide. At level 6, you may choose an additional arm or leg tattoo. At level 8, you may choose a head tattoo. At level 9 you may select an additional tattoo for your arm or leg. At level 12, you may choose an additional arm or leg tattoo. At level 15 you may select a tattoo on your back. At level 18, you gain a tattoo on your chest. You may only use the abilities of one tattoo per turn, and must switch between active tattoos as a bonus action. You may have no more than two tattoos of one body part. (So you cant have three arm tattoos, it maxes out at two)

Threatening Presence

Your tattoos glow menacingly. At level 4, you may use up to 7 Runic Power to do one of the following as an action: Cause an enemy within 10 feet of you to choose you as their target next turn, or cause an enemy to try and run away from you instead. Targets can resist the effect with a Charisma saving throw. The value needed to resist is increased by 1 for each Runic Power used. You may select an additional target for each Runic Power used as well.

Elemental Resistance

At level 6, you may pick an element of your choice. After spending one hour of concentration as you apply the tattoo, you gain resistance to the element you have chosen.

Enhanced Defense

You've learned to weave smaller, more intricate patterns into your skin. At level 10, increase your AC by 1 point. At level 18, it increases by an additional point.

Essence Drain

Grabbing a target with a tattooed arm lets you use Runic Power to leech vitality from them if you can successfully grapple them. Gain 1d4 health per Runic Power spent, increased by your intelligence modifier. If the target is a caster class, gain back half the runic power you spent rounded down.

Varied Enhancement

Your tattoos also increase your natural abilities. At level 12, you may gain +2 to any attributes of your choice, or add +1 to two different attributes.

Party provider

At level 12, you may apply a tattoo to one of your companions each day after focusing on your work for an hour. This tattoo can provide your choice of +1 AC or +1 attack/damage. This increases to +2 at level 18. If you wish to apply this to another companion, you must spend an hour wiping the tattoo off the first one. At level 20, you may add this to a second, different party member. If a companion with your tattoos on dies and their body cannot be recovered, the magic will naturally return to your tools after 48 hours.

Titanic Defense

At level 16, pick a damage type from bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing. You gain resistance to that damage type.

Rune Master[edit]

Rune Masters take a balanced and careful approach, rather than specializing in one field, tattoos or weapon runes, they pick from the best of both worlds

Bonus Runes

The rune master can now equip a maximum of 6 runes on a two handed weapon, 3 runes on a one handed weapon, and 3 runes on a shield. At levels 6 and 15, the rune master can equip new runes onto their weapon

Bonus Tattoos

The rune master is adept at learning the basis of the runes, and transforming them into what suits their needs. You can choose to change two tattoo’s body parts to a different one (for example, you may place one arm tattoo on the legs.) Also, at the 10th level, you may also have either two arm tattoos or two leg tattoos at once. You gain a bonus arm or leg tattoo at level 6, and a bonus chest/back tattoo at level 15

Hidden Tattoos

Starting at level 6, you may have all of your tattoos turn invisible and fade into your skin while not in use. You still gain the abilities of your passives, but the tattoos are hidden until you invoke their properties

Early and Unstable Magic

Starting at level 10, you may choose to use more runic power than an ability calls for, thereby increasing the damage or healing or number of dice rolled. You must spend double the rp for each extra rp exceeding the limit (For example, if a feature lets me use 1-7 rp, but I want to use 10 rp, I spend the normal 7, plus two times the extra 3, which totals up to 13 rp). You may only do this on an ability that improves with additional rp (usually [1-7] abilities). You may do this up to your wisdom mod each day, but you need to roll a con save each time you do. The DC is 16+number of times used since last long rest +1 for each extra rp exceeding the limit. On a successful save, you successfully use the extra rp, and cannot use this feature again for 1 minute. On a failed save, you gain a level of exhaustion and take 5d10 fire damage as the rune you used releases a fiery explosion, throwing you back 10 ft. You may no longer use this rune or benefit from its passive again until you spend 4 hours working on repairing the rune.

Quick Shift

You have gotten very good at shifting between runes in the midst of combat. At level 12, it only costs your bonus action to change your weapon focus

In Touch

You are more in touch with the power of your runes, and know how to recover the power faster. Once per day, starting at level 14, you may take a short rest to recover 1/4 of your max rp.

Tattoo Surge

You can draw out all of the energies inside your tattoos in order to pretect yourself. Starting at level 18, this manifests as the ability to cast shield and shield of faith at will.


Using Runes
You may engrave different runes into your weapon, granting you access to different abilities, as well as passive enhancements unique to each rune. However, only one rune may be active at a time. The active rune can be switched at any time, but it requires the Runic Warrior to use an action to do so.

Deflection ward[edit]

Runic Bonus
+1 AC.
Runic defense (1-7 RP)
As a reaction, gain +1 AC for each RP spent. This effect lasts until your next turn. The bonus can be applied to the triggered attack.
Blade ward (2 RP, melee only)
As a reaction, gain +3 AC for all attacks coming from the front until your next turn. However, you also suffer -2 AC to any attack made from behind. Any melee attack made against you from the front that misses can be retaliated against with a normal weapon roll, minus any modifiers or weapon abilities.
Concealing arrow (2 RP, ranged only)
Fire a quick arrow at the ground, letting off a blinding flash of light that dazzles enemies within 10 feet, giving you +2 AC to melee attacks.
Perfect Defenses (7 RP, conc. 10 minutes)
Gain advantage against ranged attacks. Targeted spells may be deflected with a successful dex roll. On a successful deflection, roll an attack dice with -5 modifier. On a successful hit, deal the effects of the spell back to the attacker.

Mystic Guidance[edit]

Your weapon can be thrown and guided using the power of your mind.

Runic Focus
This weapon can be thrown up to 30 feet as though it were a thrown weapon, after which it will then return to the warrior. If your weapon was already ranged, you may ignore disadvantage on any ranged attack rolls. If disadvantage would normally apply to the roll, that roll can't benefit from advantage.
Enhanced throw (1-7 RP)
As a bonus action, imbue your weapon with magical energies. The next time you hit a target this turn, deal an extra 1d10 damage per RP spent.
Course Correction (2 RP)
As a reaction when you miss with a ranged attack, you may repeat the attack roll against the same target.
Weapon retrieval (4 RP)
You may teleport yourself to the location of your weapon or arrow instead of having them teleport to you. If you find yourself close to an enemy after the teleport, you may roll an additional attack against them. As your move is so fast, you also gain advantage against them unless they can make a successful intelligence DC of 10.

Blazing Glory[edit]

Flames dance across your weapon, giving you access to multiple fire abilities.

Runic Focus
Your weapon ignores resistance to fire damage. Additionally, your weapon is hot to the touch. While a typical weapon strike hits so fast that the flames barely register, prolonged contact with the weapon (such as pressing it against somebody's skin) causes 1d6 of damage for every three seconds, or each turn, that it is held there. This rune also provides resistance to cold and freezing attacks, as well as slow or root effects caused by ice abilities.
Molten Steel (1 RP)
As a bonus action, your weapon becomes fire incarnate. Your attack ignores armor, and the enemy must instead make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, the target takes full damage and suffers its full effects. On a successful save the target only takes half damage and no additional effects.
Burning Slash (1-7 RP)
Your next successful attack deals an additional 1d10 fire damage per RP spent.
Cauterize Wounds (2 RP)
If a creature is dying from blood loss due to an open wound, you may use a bonus action to place this weapon against their skin. This will stop their bleeding and stabilize them, though they probably won't thank you for it right away.
Smokescreen (5 RP)
As an action, you emit a cloud of smoke with a size of 25 cubic feet, obscuring the area and granting disadvantage to attacks made to and from all targets inside the smoke. Creatures inside the smoke take damage each turn they end inside the cloud equal to 1d6 unless they make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save they take 1d6 additional damage on top of the damage they took from the cloud the turn before. On a successful save they only take the same amount of damage from the cloud the turn before. You are immune to the choking effect so long as you have this runic focus activated. Enemies who do not breathe are immune to the damage aspect of this affect.
Eruption (5-7 RP)
As an action, slam your weapon into the ground, causing an explosive wave of fire to slam into your enemies. It deals 7d10 fire damage to all enemies within 15 feet of you as well as an additional 1d10 for each RP spent on this ability, and are knocked prone unless the enemy makes a Strength save. On a successful save, they only take half damage and are instead pushed back 5 feet. Flammable objects within range are ignited, ice is melted, and items weighing less than 30 pounds are flung a total of 40 feet.

Lightning Affinity[edit]

Your blade crackles with electricity.

Runic Focus
Your movement speed is increased by 10 feet.
Conductive Strike (1-7 RP)
Use as a bonus action at the start of your turn. You gain advantage on attacks against targets who are either wearing metal armor or made of metal. Additionally, deal an additional 1d8 per RP used on this ability on each strike.
Lightning Volley (1-7 RP)
On a successful hit, deal 1d6 damage for each RP spent on this ability. Each lightning bolt may select a different target, though any target other than the first may make a Wisom save to avoid the damage. Enemies wearing metal armor have disadvantage.
Electric Barrage (4 RP, 1 min., conc.)
Use the power of lightning to enhance your speed. Gain an additional single weapon attack on your turns, and increase your movement speed by an additional 10 feet.
Chain Lightning (7 RP)
Point the weapon at an enemy within 30 feet and deal 8d10 lightning damage to them as well as up to 7 other targets within 20 feet of the initial target. Each target after the first takes 1d10 less damage. The initial target may make a Wisdom save to take half damage, whereas the additional targets may make a Wisdom save to avoid it completely.

Illusionary Blade[edit]

Your blade sometimes appears to be in two places at once...

Runic Focus
You gain advantage on Charisma (Deception) checks, as well as +2 to your Charisma attribute.
Illusionary strike (1-7 RP)
Use a bonus action at the start of your turn to charge your blade with power. On your first successful attack this turn, the target takes 1d10 psychic damage per RP spent. Additionally, the target becomes convinced that it seems a more threatening creature nearby, and will try to attack it if possible. Until the end of your next turn, it can't use reactions, and melee attack rolls have advantage against it. It can make a Wis check as an action on its next turn to try and break the effect, but if it fails it will begin attacking the imaginary target, which will always seem able to dodge your target's attacks. The Wis cost to break free is increased by +1 for each RP spent.
Confusing Strike (5 RP)
Charge your blade with a bonus action at the beginning of your turn. If you land a successful hit this turn, the charge from your blade temporarily disrupts the targets cognitive functions. He believes his friends are his foes and vice versa. For up to one minute, the target will use each of it's turns to attack his friends using whatever means available. On each of it's turns it may try and end the effect by making a successful Intelligence saving throw.
Duplicate (5 RP)
Perform a series of spins with your weapon as the air seems to shimmer around you, creating three illusionary copies of yourself. These duplicates move on their own but will copy your actions, shifting position so it’s impossible to track which image is real. You can use your action to dismiss the illusory duplicates.

Each time a creature targets you with an attack during the spell’s duration, roll a d20 to determine whether the attack instead targets one of your duplicates. If you have three duplicates, you must roll a 6 or higher to change the attack’s target to a duplicate. With two duplicates, you must roll an 8 or higher. With one duplicate, you must roll an 11 or higher. A duplicate’s AC equals 10 + your Dexterity modifier. If an attack hits a duplicate, the duplicate is destroyed. A duplicate can be destroyed only by an attack that hits it. It ignores all other damage and effects. The spell ends when all three duplicates are destroyed. A creature is unaffected by this ability if it can’t see, if it relies on senses other than sight, such as blindsight, or if it can perceive illusions as false, as with true sight.

Forceful Anger[edit]

Your blade shares it's power with you, expanding your mind and granting you powerful mental abilities.

Runic Focus
Gain +2 strength. Your strength attribute may reach 22 while using this focus. Also, gain advantage with athletics.
Forceful Strike (1-7 RP)
On a successful strike, deal 1d6 damage and knock back the target by 5 feet for each RP spent.
Telekenetic Blast (3 RP)
Attack the space in front you. Enemies who come within 10 feet of your weapon or arrow are knocked back 10 feet unless they make a successful strength save.
Telekenetic Crush (5 RP, con., 3 turns)
Use telekinesis to lift your opponent into the air unless they make a successful strength save. Once lifted, proceed to deal damage to them each turn, bypassing their defenses. Deal 4d10 the first turn, 6d10 the second turn, and 9d10 on the final turn. During this time you cannot move or attack, and neither can your target. Moving or attacking will break the effect. They may attempt to make a Strength saving throw on each of their turns to take half damage from that turn and escape your grip.
Telekenetic Wave (7 RP)
With a wave of your hand, send out a wave of energy up to 30 feet in a cone in front of you, knocking back enemies 15 feet and dealing 8d10 damage unless they make a successful strength save.

Aquatic Assault[edit]

Water flows down your weapon, granting you water-based abilities.

Runic Focus
You provide an aura that grants nearby party members a swim speed equal to their walking speed, as well as the ability to breath underwater.
Scour (1-7 RP)
Blast a targeted enemy with a blast of concentrated water, dealing 1d8 damage as well as pushing them back 5 feet for each RP spent unless they make a strength saving throw. On a successful save they only take half damage and their knockback is only 2 feet per RP.
Whirlpool (3 RP)
Create a spiraling current of water with you at its center. All enemies within 20 feet take 2d6 damage and are pulled toward you unless they make a Strength saving throw. On a successful throw, they only take half damage. If you pull in multiple enemies, they crash into each other upon reaching the center of the whirlpool, and each takes an additional 1d6 damage for each enemy pulled in this way from a distance of greater than 5 feet.
Boil (5 RP)
Boil all water within 20 feet of you, dealing 5d10 damage to all enemies who have either gotten wet or been hit with one of your water attacks in the last minute and giving them third degree burns unless they make a successful wisdom DC. On a successful save, they only take half damage and do not suffer any additional effects. On a failed save they are burned, reducing their movement speed by half and giving them disadvantage on any attacks made on their next turn. After using this ability, all affected enemies are now dry.
Freeze (5 RP)
Freeze all water within 20 feet of you, dealing 6d6 damage to all enemies who have either gotten wet or been hit with one of your water attacks in the last minute, freezing them in ice unless they make a successful wisdom save. On a successful save they only take half damage and have their movement speed slowed to 10 feet. On a failed save they are also encased in ice, rooting them in place and removing any AC gained from dexterity. However, they also gain +2 AC from the thick ice. On their next turn, they may use their action to try and break out with strength saving throw. While frozen they suffer from the drowning effect, taking 1d6 damage the first turn. 2d6 the next turn, and so on. They also suffer from the restrained condition, however they cannot make weapon attacks while frozen. Any fire spells will melt the ice, ending the effect.

Radiant Might[edit]

Your weapon is like a stream of bat's piss; it shines out brightly when all else is dark.

Runic Focus
Your weapon glows brilliantly, creating light within 60 feet of you.
Restorative Strike (1-7 RP)
On a successful hit, your weapon deals 1d6 radiant damage per runic power spent. Damage dealt this way heals you for half the damage dealt.
Blinding Strike (3 RP)
On your next attack unleashes a brilliant blast of light, dealing 2d6 damage and blinding the target unless they make a wisdom save. Blinded targets have disadvantage on their next attack.
Way of the Penitent (7 RP)
Slam your weapon into the ground, dealing 5d10 damage to all enemies within 15 feet unless they make a successful Wis DC save. Damage dealt in this way can be converted to healing for allies within 15 feet, split evenly among them.

Poison Blade[edit]

Your blade drips with toxins, and emits a vile smell. Runic Focus: You have advantage against poison effects and immunity to YOUR poison effects.

  • Poison abilities do not affect enemies without blood or with poison immunity.
Toxic Decay (1-7 RP)
On your next successful hit, deal 1d6 damage per runic focus divided as evenly as possible over the enemy's next 6 turns. Each time this is used on the enemy, the damage stacks and the duration is refreshed.
Poisonous Fog (3 RP)
Create a cloud of toxic fog centered on you that is 25 cubic feet in size. Enemies caught inside the cloud have their vision obscured. Every turn they end in the cloud grants them a stack of Toxic Decay unless they make a Constitution saving throw. The cloud lasts until it slowly dissipates over ten minutes, or until the wind blows it away.
Noxious Fumes (7 RP)
Your body has become accustomed to your poisons, going so far as to absorb them into your system. You may spend an action to breathe a thick cloud of poisonous smoke in a cone in front of you at enemies within 30 feet. This poison causes multiple effects, each of which needs a successful Constitution saving throw to resist. The effects are as follows:
  • A stack of Toxic Decay
  • Weakness - Disadvantage on attack rolls unless lasts until their next turn
  • Paralysis - May only make one attack on their next turn
  • Poison

Foe Hewer[edit]

Your blade pierces armor with increased effectiveness.

Runic Focus
Enemy AC values are 1 less against your runic weapon.
Armor piercer (1-7 RP)
As a bonus action, reduce the target's AC rating by 1 for each RP spent to a minimum of 10 for the remainder of your turn. Their dexterity may still be counted toward their AC, but only so far as their armor would normally allow.
Sweeping Strike (2 RP)
If two enemies are standing within five feet of each other, you may designate a primary and secondary target. The primary target takes the attack like normal, and you may roll to hit the second one as well. The roll for the secondary target does not receive any bonuses from the attack modifier and must use a dice that is one size smaller than normal. If this would bring your weapon damage below 1d4 then you cannot use this effect.
Steel Slicer (5 RP)
As a bonus action before you attack, you may imbue your weapon with energy. Your next successful hit this turn cuts a hole in the enemy's armor permanently reduces the targets AC provided by their armor by 2. This lasts until it is mended. If the target's armor ever becomes so low that it would provide 0 AC bonus, it is considered broken, and they add their full dexterity modifiers to their natural armor instead.

Blood Drinker[edit]

Your blade thirsts...

Runic Focus
Your weapon seeks out living creatures to satiate it's appetite. Because of this, enemies seem to glow, allowing you to see them within 30 feet even in dark or dim lighting, as well as behind up to 1 foot of cover with ease.
Rend (1-7 RP)
On a successful hit you may make your opponent bleed, dealing 1d4 damage per RP each turn for the next four turns. Each time the enemy takes damage from this, you are healed for an equal amount.
Leech (4 RP)
Draw life essence from an enemy on a successful hit, bolstering your own essence in the process. You gain +2 to attack and damage rolls until your next turn, and the affected enemy suffers disadvantage on their next attack.
Vampiric Aura (7 RP, 1 min. Conc.)
Enemies who end their turn within 10 feet of you have their life force drained each turn. Unless they make a wisdom saving throw they suffer 4d6 damage, healing you for the amount of damage dealt.

Mage slayer[edit]

Now your weapon thirsts for magic...

Runic Focus
Your weapon thirsts for magic, providing you with the ability to detect magic within 30 feet. This effect also allows you to see creatures or creations which wield or were created by magic even in dark or dim lighting, as well as behind up to 1 foot of cover within 30 feet.
Scour Magic (1-7 RP)
On a successful hit, deal 1d4 damage for each RP spent this way. If the target is a caster, magical creature, or magical construct, deal an additional 1d4 damage for each RP spent, and you gain back half your RP rounded down.
Arcane Disruption (1-9 RP)
You attempt to interrupt a creature in the process of casting a spell. If the creature is casting a spell of the amount of RP you spent or lower, its spell fails and has no effect. If it is casting a spell of higher then you spent, make an ability check using your Wisdom. The DC equals 10 + the spell’s level. On a success, the creature’s spell fails and has no effect.
Befuddle (3 RP)
On a successful hit against a spellcaster, the cost of their next spell is increased by 2 spell levels. For example, a level 1 spell would expend a level 3 slot. Cantrips would cost a 1st level slot instead. If the modified value of the spell would bring it over a 9th level spell, that spell cannot be cast.
Feedback Loop (6 RP, 1 minute, conc.)
Your blade soaks in an increased amount of ambient magical energy. Any spell that targets you does so with disadvantage. If a spell successfully hits you, gain +attack/damage equal to the spell level on your next attack. Once absorbed magical energy is expended in this way the ability ends, and you must re-use it to regain its effect.

Winds of War[edit]

Your weapon seems to sing when you move it through the air.

Runic Focus
You can treat any weapon as light, and can be wielded with one hand. (However, it cannot be dual wielded.)
Rushing Strikes (1-7 RP)
Your attacks are fast and light. When you land a successful hit, deal an additional half of the damage dealt for each RP spent on this skill.
Rush of Air (2 RP)
Your weapon carries you forward in a sudden burst of wind. Move 30 feet without provoking attacks of opportunity. If you hit an enemy while running forward, deal unarmed damage to them and carry them with you unless they make a successful Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save they have only moved half the distance and take half the damage. Additionally, enemies you rush past within 5 feet of must make a successful dex save of be knocked prone.
Vortex (4 RP)
A sudden whirlwind descends around you. Enemies within 10 feet must make a Dex saving throw or take 3d10 damage and be tossed 20 feet in different directions.
Sandstorm (6 RP, con., 1 min.)
Blow up a powerful wind 50 cubic feet in size, with the center located on you. The sand obscures the vision of creatures trapped inside, and they take 4d8 damage each turn they are inside unless they make a successful dex save. Creatures inside the sandstorm have their movement speed halved, and each turn must make a Wisdom save or be disoriented and wander back toward the center of the storm. You cannot see through the sand any better than the others, but you aren't slowed down, don't take damage, and can't be disoriented by the effects of it.

Spacial Trickery[edit]

Your weapon appears as a fine mist when sheathed, only revealing it's true form when you ready it for battle.

Runic Focus
If you haven't moved by the end of your turn, teleport to a point on the battlefield up to 30 feet away.
Teleportational strike (1-7 RP)
Rapidly teleport around the battlefield, dealing 1d8+Strength from your main-hand weapon for each RP spent on this ability. Your ending position is where you launched your final attack from, at a range of no more than 40 feet from your target.
Beacon (2 RP)
You may plant a beacon on any object or on a living target if you make a successful hit. The beacon is invisible and fades after 8 hours. No matter how far away the target is, so long as the beacon is active you may teleport yourself and one other ally to the target. Alternatively, you may teleport the target to you, providing it's size is no larger than 20 cubic feet.
Draw out (3 RP)
If you can successfully grapple your target, you may move yourself and the target up to 60 feet away from your current location, providing you have a clear line of sight to your destination.
Switcheroo (3 RP)
You and an ally within 100 feet switch places, providing you have a clear line of sight to them. Alternatively, you may choose two enemies within 50 feet of each other and make them switch places unless they make a successful wisdom save.
Omnislash (7 RP)
You may only use this once until you take a long rest. On a successful hit, launch an enemy target into the air for an additional 3d6 damage. Once in the air, teleport rapidly around them, and make a weapon attack for each RP spent in this way. You may not trigger any additional abilities that you or your weapon may have on any of these hits, and your strikes don't benefit from any damage enhancements, though attack bonuses still count. If you spent the full 10 RP, your final strike knocks the target into the ground dealing an additional 3d6 damage and knocking them prone.

Steely Partner[edit]

  • Etcher Only!
  • Melee weapon only!

Increase the abilities of your runic weapon.

Runic Focus
Gain +1 to attack/damage rolls. Additionally, your weapon may now float and attack it's own accord. At level 6, during this time you may conjure a 1-handed energy blade you are considered proficient with that deals 1d6 damage and has finesse. If your hands are otherwise free, treat this as increasing the range of your attacks by 30 feet. If you choose to equip any other weapons while doing this, then your weapon may make one attack for you each turn. However, it receives no additional modifiers until level 14, and it can't use any other abilities associated with it, including this runes non-focus abilities, until you are once again holding it. You may have your blade use its abilities with a bonus action rather than using one of your attacks for it.
Blade Spin (1-7 RP)
Your blade quickly spins around you, dealing 1d6 damage per RP spent to all enemies within 10 feet of you unless they make a successful dexterity save.
Coordinated Strike (2 RP)
As a bonus before your next attack, your weapon will flank your enemy, forcing them to decide who to defend against. Whoever the enemy turns away from gets advantage on their attacks. You and your weapon also both attack at the same time as though it was one attack action.
Unrelenting Assault (6 RP)
Activate this ability as a bonus action at the start of your turn. Rather than taking your normal attack action, you and your blade launch into a series of blisteringly rapid attacks. You gain one additional attack this turn, and your blade makes an attack each time you do. With each successful attack, the target is battered back, reducing AC by 1 each time it takes damage until the end of your turn.
Bladestorm (7 RP per turn, up to 1 min., conc.)
Your weapon goes into overdrive, spinning around you at breakneck speed. During this time your movement speed is reduced to 10 feet. Enemies within 10 feet of you must make a dexterity saving throw or take weapon damage each turn. You gain +2 to AC while your blade defends you. Your runic weapon may make an attack roll against any enemies that try to attack you in melee range.


Tattoos, unlike Runes, can only be placed on certain parts of the body. You may have one tattoo for your legs, one tattoo for your arms, and one tattoo for your body. If you are an Inker, you may have one tattoo on each arm, one tattoo on each leg, one tattoo on your chest, and one tattoo on your head. Also, tattoos do not require 'attunement', and as such, they maintain all of their passive bonuses at any given time, and their abilities can be used without needing to focus on them. The tattoos images can vary, but generally speaking, they reflect the abilities they confer upon the user.



A series of delicate spiderwebs criss cross your arms.

Gain advantage on Strength checks when grappling a target. Additionally, your climbing speed becomes your walking speed.
Stick Webs (1-7 RP)
You may use your action to launch a spray of webbing in a cone in front of you that extends for 20 feet. Enemies caught in the webs must make a Wisdom saving throw or be immobilized. If they are caught in the web, they may make a Strength saving throw on each of their turns to try and break themselves free. The webs last until broken. The value needed to break through the webs is increased by +1 for each RP spent this way. Enemies caught within 5 feet of each other may choose their ally with the lowest initiative. They may all sacrifice their actions to make a collective saving throw on the turn of their ally with the lowest initiative.
Traversal (2 RP, 1 hr., conc.)
You may take a bonus action to be able to crawl on ceilings as well as walls. If the ceiling is over 20 feet high, gain an advantage on stealth rolls. Additionally, you may throw the web out to 20 feet in any direction. It is strong enough to hold 400 lbs at a time and lasts until your concentration ends.
Float (2 RP)
As a reaction to falling, you may create a parachute out of webbing, slowing your fall.
Steal Weapon (5 RP)
As a bonus action, you may coat your hands in webbing. You may double your proficiency roll on grapples. Additionally, you may try to disarm an enemy by touching the weapon with your hand while you make an unarmed attack. If you hit, and unless they make a successful Strength check, you may rip the weapon away from them.


Unarmed attacks now do 1d8 damage.
Powerful Strike (1-7 RP)
As a reaction to hitting a target with your unarmed attack, deal an additional 1d6 damage per RP spent on this ability.
Blade Catch (3 RP, 1 min., Conc.)
Activate as a bonus action. Your senses hone in on the weapon of a target enemy. You gain +2 AC against that target for as long as this is active. If they attack you but miss, you may make a grapple attempt on their weapon. If you succeed then the enemy is disarmed of that weapon and the concentration ends. You may also use this ability to catch arrows, though the concentration will only end if you successful steal the enemy's weapon.
Pressure Points (3 RP)
You make a quick jab at a sensitive area on an enemy's body. Use a bonus action before your attack. If you succeed in hitting the target, they take 3d6 damage and are paralyzed until they can make a successful Constitution saving throw, which they can make on each of their turns.
Five Fingered Palm of Death (5 RP)
Use a bonus action before making this attack. Roll a single attack. If it lands, deal 4d6 additional bludgeoning damage to the target. The enemy feels decidedly sick until they make a successful Constitution saving throw. Until then, their movement speed is reduced by half, they take 3d6 damage for every five feet they move in a single turn, and if they move more than five feet in one turn they gain disadvantage on any attacks they make that turn.


You have advantage on ability checks using strength.
Ground Pound (1-7 RP)
You punch the ground, causing all enemies within 10 feet to take 1d6 damage per RP spent and are knocked prone unless they make a Strength saving throw. Add +1 to the value they need on the saving throw for each RP spent.
Earthen Barrier (4 RP, 10 min., Conc.)
You cause walls of solid stone to emerge from the ground on a point you see within 120 ft. This functions as the spell Wall of Stone.
Upheavel (4 RP)
The ground begins to tremble, creating waves out of the dirt and rock itself. Enemies within 20 feet must make a Strength saving throw or be knocked prone and take 6d6 bludgeoning damage.
Fissure (7 RP)
As an action, slam your weapon into the ground forming a deep fissure that erupts in a line in front of you that extends 50 feet. At the point where your weapon hit the ground the fissure is only 5 feet wide. It's width gradually increases by 5 feet for every 10 feet the fissure travels. Creatures caught on top of the fissure fall into the crack unless they make a successful Wisdom saving throw. Every 10 feet a creature falls, they may make a Strength saving throw to try and grab onto the walls of the fissure. If they fail all saving throws then they take falling damage equivalent to 40 feet. Once they stop falling, they may try to climb up the walls on their turn. On your next turn, you may choose to spend another 7 RP to close the fissure. Enemies caught inside take 12d10 unless they make a successful Strength saving throw. On a successful save they only take half damage. If the target has 30 health or lower, they are immediately killed as the wall crushes them into a paste. If there are no enemies left alive in the fissure at the end of your turn, the ground is sealed up.


Water is fluid and ever changing. It can be frozen into resilient ice, boiled into porous steam, or blasted at full force to scour things clean.

Gain access to multiple passive effects. However, you may only use one of them per turn and must declare at the start of the turn which one you are going to use. Effects do not stack.
You may choose on a weapon attack to reduce your attack roll by -5. If you do, increase your damage roll by +10.
You may choose on a weapon attack to remove all modifiers from your damage roll. If you do, increase attack roll by +10.
At the start of your turn, you may take a -2 reduction to AC. If you do, teleport in any direction up to 15 feet. Your movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity this turn. These effects last until the start of your next turn.
At the start of your turn, you may take a speed reduction of -15 feet. If you do, gain +1 to AC. These effects last until the start of your next turn.
If you make a successful attack with a 19 or 20 on an attack roll, you will deal critical damage.

Holy Light[edit]

These runic markings give a gentle, pulsing white glow.

Runic Focus
You may use a bonus action to allow a creature within 30 ft of you with 0 hit points to stabilize.
Healing Runes (1-7 RP)
As an action, you may touch a creature to restore hit points equal to 1d8 per RP spent, as well as adding your wisdom modifier.
Cure (3 RP)
As an action, touch one creature and remove one of the following conditions from it: blinded, deafened, paralyzed, or poisoned. Alternatively, you can remove a disease from the creature.
Return to Life (5 RP)
As an action, touch one creature that has died in the last minute. The creature returns to life with 1 HP. This cannot revive a creature that has died of old age, nor can it restore a creature missing any vital body parts.
Vitality Restoration (7 RP)
As an action, touch one creature and choose one of the following: remove any reductions to one of it's ability scores, remove one effect that reduces its hit point maximum or reduces its exhaustion level by one.


Sea Legs[edit]

Gain Advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks.
Focused Leap (1-7 RP)
Your tattoos enhance your leg muscles. As an action, you may choose to leap into a target to deliver a mighty shoulder tackle. Deal 1d8 damage and move 10 feet for each RP point spent on this ability unless they make a successful Strength saving throw. On a successful throw, they only take half damage.
Knock back (1-7 RP)
You may activate this ability as a reaction after landing a successful hit. Your target must make a successful Strength saving throw or be knocked back 10 feet per RP spent. If they hit an object, the movement ends and they take 1d6 bludgeoning damage per psi point spent
Enhanced Leap (1-7 RP)
As part of your movement, you may jump an additional 20 feet per RP spent. If used alongside Focused Leap to hit a target, deal an additional 1d8 damage per RP spent/
Might (2 RP)
As a bonus action, gain +5 to Strength checks until the end of your next turn.

Gust of Wind[edit]

'Passive: Your speed increases by 10 ft.

Speed boost (1-7 RP)
Fly up to 20 feet per RP spent as part of your movement this turn. If you end your turn in the air, and nothing is holding you aloft, you take fall damage.
Feather on the Wind (5 RP, 10 min., Conc.)
As a bonus action, you gain a flying speed of 60 feet, which lasts until your concentration ends.
Words on the Wind (1 RP, 1 hour, conc.)
You may communicate with allies within 100 feet as though you were whispering in their ears.
Swirling Vortex (3 RP, 10 minutes, conc.)
As a bonus action, the air itself begins to wrap around you. Until your concentration ends attack rolls against you have disadvantage, and when a creature you can see misses you with a melee attack you can use your reaction to force the creature to repeat the attack against itself.


You gain an advantage on saving throws against traps triggered by walking over them. Additionally, gain proficiency with and advantage on rolls using the stealth skill.
Fade to shadows (2 RP)
As an action, fade from sight until the end of your next turn. You become completely invisible, and any attacks made before you become visible again gain advantage.
Shadow Field (3 RP, 1 min., Conc.)
As an action, cloak yourself from sight. You may cloak one additional creature for each additional RP you spend on this ability. Selected targets must be visible to you and within 60 feet of you. Each target remains invisible until your concentration ends, or immediately after it targets, damages, or otherwise affects any creature with an attack or other ability.
Continued Invisibility (7 RP, 1 min., Conc.)
As a bonus action, you turn invisible until your concentration ends. This functions as the spell greater invisibility.

Storm Clouds[edit]

Increase your movement speed by 10 feet.
Whirlwind (2 RP)
As an action, you spin rapidly in a circle, creating howling winds in a 20-foot radius sphere centered around you. Each creature besides yourself in the sphere must succeed on a Strength saving throw or take 1d6 bludgeoning damage and be moved to an occupied space of your choice in the sphere. Any loose objects in the sphere are moved an unoccupied space of your choice within it if the object weighs no more than 100 pounds.
Electrified Path (6 RP; con., 10 minutes)
As part of your movement this turn you may travel an additional 20 feet. This may be in a straight line or any pattern you choose. You do not provoke attacks of opportunity while you do this. While you are running, a wall of lightning pops up behind you, following the path you took. The wall is 15 feet high and 1 foot thick. The wall lasts until your concentration ends. Every foot moved through the wall costs 1 extra foot of movement. When a creature moves into the wall's space for the first time on a turn there, that creature must succeed on a Strength saving throw, or it takes 6d6 thunder damage, is pushed in a straight line up to 30 feet away from the wall, and is knocked prone. Metal constructs, creatures holding metal weapons, and creatures wearing heavy armor take disadvantage on this roll.
Thunder Clap (7 RP)
As an action, stomp down on the earth with tremendous force. Lighting crashes into the ground in a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on you. Each creature besides yourself must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, that creature takes 8d6 thunder damage and is stunned until the end of your net turn. On a successful save the creature takes half as much damage.


Dragon Crest[edit]

A dragon's wings expand outward across your chest.

Passive bonus
Gain +1 AC.
Dragon Claws (1-7 RP)
Your fingers become large claws for an instant and make a melee weapon attack against one creature within 5 feet. On a hit, this deals 1d10 slashing damage per RP spent.
Draconic Transformation
As a bonus action, you alter your physical form to gain different characteristics of a dragon. When you use this ability, you can choose one or more of the following effects. Each effect has its own RP point cost. Add them together to determine the total cost. This transformation lasts for 1 hour until you die, or until you end it as a bonus action.
  • Water Dragon (3 RP): You gain gills and can breathe both air and water. Additionally, your swim speed becomes your walking speed.
  • Dragon Senses (2 RP): Your eyes and ears are more sensitive. Gain advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks.
  • Enhanced Senses (3RP): Your keen smell and instincts sense invisible creatures and objects within 10 feet of you, even if you are blinded.
  • Flight (5 RP): Wings sprout from your back, giving you a flying speed equal to your walking speed.
  • Scaly Hide (2 RP): Your skin grows hardened scales. Gain +2 AC.

Demon's Visage[edit]

Passive Effect
Gain advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks.
Terrorize (2 RP; conc., 1 min.)
Choose a creature you can see within 60 feet of you. The target must succeed a Wisdom saving throw or become frightened of you until your concentration ends. Whenever the frightened target ends its turn in a location where it can't see you, it can repeat the saving throw, ending the effect on itself on a success.
Frozen in Fear (1-7 RP)
The demon's face seems to come to life, it's horrid eyes peering into an enemy's soul. As an action, one creature you can see within 60 feet must make a Charisma saving throw. On a failed save, it takes 1d8 psychic damage per RP spent, and it can't take reactions until the start of its next turn. On a successful save it takes half as much damage.
Horror (7 RP; con., 1 min.)
As an action, choose up to 6 creatures within 60 feet of you. Each target must make a Charisma saving throw. On a failed save, a target takes 8d6 psychic damage, and it is frightened until your concentration ends. On a successful save, a target takes half as much damage. While frightened by this effect, a target's speed is reduced to 0, and the target can use its action, and any bonus action it might have, only to make melee attacks. The frightened target can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success.


Any enemy within 5 feet of you that makes a melee attack roll against a creature other than you does so with disadvantage.
Victory Rush (1-7 RP; Conc., 10 min.)
As a bonus action, inspire your allies on to victory. Until your concentration ends, you and your allies gain strength when an enemy is felled. Whenever an enemy you can see has its hit points reduced to 0, you and each of your allies within 30 feet gain temporary hit points equal to double the RP spent to activate this effect.
Retaliation (5 RP; conc., 1 min.)
Cause a creature to become reckless in his assaults, allowing your allies an opening to attack. As a bonus action, choose one creature you can see within 60 feet of you. The target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or, until your concentration ends, any creature within 5 feet of it can use a reaction to make a melee attack against it whenever the target makes a melee attack. The Save automatically saves if the target is immune to being charmed.
Coordinated Battle (6 RP; conc., 1 rnd.)
As an action, you and up to five creatures you can see within 60 feet of you each get one extra action to use on your individual turns. The action goes away if not used before the end of your next turn. The action can be used only to make one weapon attack or take the Dash or Disengage action.

Glorious Visage[edit]

You may spend one hour of concentration to select one of the passive abilities. Once selected, you must take a short rest to change the passive ability selected.
Inspire Determination - Provide all allies within 40 feet with +1 to both AC and saving throws.
Inspire Courage - Provide all allies within 40 feet with +1 to attack and damage rolls.
Inspire Honor - Provide allies within 40 feet with temporary hit points each turn equal to your Wisdom modifier, split in any manner among allies of your choice.
Passive; Inspire Calm - Pick a damage type from among the different elemental types, magic, psychic, or poison. Gain resistance to that element.


Steel Plating[edit]

+1 to AC.
Metal Skin (1-7 RP)
As a reaction when you are hit by an attack, you gain +1 bonus to AC for each RP spent on this ability. The bonus lasts until the end of your next turn. This bonus applies against the triggering attack.
Iron Defense (2 RP)
As a bonus action, you gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage until the end of your next turn.
Steel Resistance (7 RP; conc., 1 hr)
As an action, you gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage (your choice), which lasts until your concentration ends.

Angel Wings[edit]

Get +2 to Charisma checks
Holy Aura (1-7 RP)
As a bonus action, choose up to three creatures you can see within 60 feet of you. Each target gains 3 temporary hit points per RP spent on this effect.
Soothing Presence (2 RP; conc., 1 min.)
As a bonus action, choose up to three allies you can see (you can choose yourself instead of one of the allies). Until your concentration ends, each target can roll a d4 when making a saving throw and add the number rolled to the total.
Flight (3 RP; Conc., 8 hours)
Using an action, angelic wings unfold from your back, granting you flight speed equal to your walking speed.
Vitality Aura (5 RP)
As a bonus action, you and up to five allies you can see within 60 feet of you can immediately make saving throws against every effect they're suffering that allows a save at the start or end of their turns.


You have resistance to poison and acid damage.
Toxic Blood (2 RP)
Your blood is filled with latent toxins that you have become immune to but would still hurt anybody unaccustomed to it. As a reaction, supercharge the toxins in your blood. Any time an enemy deals piercing or slashing damage, you cause poison to spray from your wound; each creature within 5 feet of you gains a stack of Toxic Decay, taking 1d6 poison damage divided over the target's next six turns. Each time the enemy is affected by Toxic Decay they add another 1d6 poison damage to the stack and refresh the duration of the effect.
Tainted Touch (2 RP)
As an action, you may touch a liquid or a meal. Doing so causes it to become poisoned. Anybody who eats or drinks it takes 1d6 damage every turn for three turns until they fall unconscious unless they make a Constitution saving throw. On a successful save they only take the 1d6 damage, but don't fall unconscious.
Viper's Kiss (4 RP)
As a bonus action on a grapple, you may breathe a stream of toxic gas into your target's mouth. The target takes an initial 3d6 poison damage and gains a stack of Toxic Decay unless they make a successful Constitution saving throw. On a successful save the target doesn't take the initial poison damage, but still, gains a stack of Toxic Decay. After the Toxic Decay is applied, the target takes an additional 1d6 damage for each stack of Toxic Decay present.


Third Eye[edit]

While focused on this discipline, natural and magical darkness within 30 feet of you has no effect on your vision
Tremorsense (2 RP, 1 min., Conc.)
As a bonus action, you gain tremor sense with a radius of 30 feet, which lasts until concentration ends.
Unwavering Eye (2 RP)
As a bonus action, you gain advantage on Wisdom checks for 1 minute.
Piercing Sight (3 RP; Conc., 1 min.)
As a bonus action, you gain the ability to see through objects that are up to 1 foot thick within 30 feet of you. This sight lasts until your concentration ends.
Truesight (5 RP; conc., 1 min.)
As a bonus action, you gain truesight with a radius of 30 feet, which lasts until your concentration ends.

Open Mind[edit]

Gain proficiency in your choice of one language, toolkit, or skill.
Wandering Mind (2-6 RP; con., 10 min.)
You unlock hidden potential as magical energies flood your mind. If you concentrate on this ability for the full duration, you gain up to three of the following skills (one skill for every 2 RP spent): Animal Handling, Arcana, History, Medicine, Nature, Performance, Religion, and Survival. The benefit lasts for 1 hour, no concentration required.
Detect History (3 RP; conc., 1 hr.)
By focusing on an item you can pick up traces of any magical energies radiating off of it. If you concentrate on this item for the full duration while staying within 5 feet, you gain the benefits of an identify spell cast on that item.
Translation (5 RP)
As an action, magical energies flood your mind. For 1 hour you gain the ability to understand any language you hear or attempt to read. Additionally, when you speak, all creatures that can understand a language understand what you say, regardless of what language you use.
Mental Projection (7 RP; conc., 1 hr.)
As an action, you can send part of your consciousness out to explore your surroundings. This projection lasts until your concentration ends. it is invisible and hovers in the air. You can mentally receive visual information from it, which has normal vision and darkvision with a range of 60 feet. The projection can look in all directions. As an action, you may move the projection up to 30 feet in any direction. There is no limit to how far away it can move, but it can't enter another plane of existence. It can move through solid objects, but cannot end its movement in one. If it does, the effect immediately ends.

Arcane orb[edit]

You gain expertise on Arcana checks.
Magical Discharge (2 RP)
As a reaction, you can emit a flash of magical energies, imposing disadvantage on an attack roll against you if you can see the attacker. If the attack hits anyways, they take 2d10 magic damage.
Arcane Deflection (1-7 RP)
As a reaction when you make an Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma saving throw, you gain a +1 bonus to that saving throw for each RP you spend on this ability. You can use this ability after rolling the die but before suffering the results.
Arcane Ward (5 RP; conc., 10 min.)
As an action, you create a field of protective magical energy. Choose any number of creatures within 30 feet of you. Until your concentration ends, each target has resistance to your choice of either one type of elemental damage, psychic damage, or magic damage, as well as gaining an advantage on Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws.

Aura Sight[edit]

Gain advantage on Wisdom (insight) checks.
Examine Enemy (2 RP)
As a bonus action, you analyze the aura of one creature you see. You learn its current hit point total and all its immunities, resistances, and vulnerabilities.
Sense Emotions (2 RP)
As a bonus action, you learn a one-worded summary of the emotional state of up to six creatures you can see, such as happy, confused, afraid or violent.
See Aura (3 RP; conc., 1 hr.)
As an action, you study one creature's aura. Until your concentration ends, while you can see the target, you learn if it's under the effect of any magical or psionic effects, its current hit point total, and its basic emotional state. While this effect lasts, you have advantage on Wisdom (Insight) and Charisma checks you make against it.
See the Unseeable (5 RP; conc., 1 min)
As a bonus action, you gain the ability to see auras even of invisible or hidden creatures. Until your concentration ends, you can see all creatures, including hidden and invisible ones, regardless of lighting conditions.


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the Runic Warrior class, you must meet these prerequisites: 13 strength, 13 intelligence

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the Runic Warrior class, you gain the following proficiencies: Arcana

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